Catering For Your Baby’s Christening Or Naming Ceremony?

Are you currently facing a catering dilemma for your little one’s Christening or naming ceremony? If you’re wondering how many sausage rolls you’ll need to buy then stop right there! Your child’s Christening is the perfect opportunity to express your family’s quirks and personality for everyone to enjoy! You’re not bland and ordinary – so why should the food be?  Here are some great tips for catering for your baby’s Christening.

catering for your baby's Christening - pink baby booties

Stuck for some ideas? Don’t worry, here you’ll find some catering ideas perfect for your next event.

Hog roast

If you’re heading to a large venue after the ceremony or you have a large outdoor space at home, then why not consider hiring a hog roast? Hog roasts are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, parties and other celebrations. With minimal clean up required, you won’t need to put your vacuum through its paces once everyone has gone home. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a hog roast to get your guests salivating and excited for the food to be ready!

Sharing platters

If you’re thinking of a more laid-back approach, then consider some sharing platters. These are a great way to get everyone talking when they “pass the spoon”, it can also be pretty inexpensive. Think ploughman’s style platters with local cheeses and chutneys galore. Plates layered with Italian antipasti, cured meats and olives, or delicious seafood platters with pots of tartare sauce and wedges of lemon at the ready.

If you can source some of these items locally then it’ll make the catering even more special.

Food bars or stations

Why not offer your guests the choice of many different foods? Allow guests to graze means that everyone is likely to have a great culinary experience. Food bars are a great way to wow your guests with stunning displays too. But don’t worry, we’re not talking champagne oyster bars – something simple like an ice cream bar would delight younger guests, and something like a cheese deli station would be a treat for everyone!

Afternoon Tea

A firm favourite with guests young and old. Afternoon tea is an old tradition that’s experiencing a renaissance with younger generations. It’s pretty simple to put together, as long as you have time on your side. Think cucumber sandwiches, and a variety of other fillings all crust-free and cut into triangles, a selection of cakes, a scone with jam and cream and maybe even a pastry or two.

Add to this some delicate china cups and saucers, dainty cake stands and even a pretty tablecloth and you’ll want afternoon tea every day!


Why not fire up the BBQ? If the weather is on your side, you have the room and someone willing to keep an eye on the burgers then a BBQ is ideal. Don’t forget you can load your side tables with dips and sauces, salads, jacket potatoes, and so much more! BBQ’s are a great way for families and friends to get together and talk about the day’s events – hopefully, you won’t need an umbrella!

Catering for your baby’s Christening needn’t be a struggle if you think outside the box.

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