21 May, 2018

Free & Bargain Books Linky – 21/05/2018

If you’re an avid reader on a budget, you’ll find loads of free and bargain books on this linky, plus all the new releases from Beck Valley Books.  Yes, it’s my day to host the weekly book linky from Beck Valley Books.

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Photo by Emily Marie on Unsplash

It’s a gloriously warm day today and we’re hoping the sunshine is going to last for Whitsun and our voyage to Devon.

It’s a chance for the whole family to relax together and hopefully spend time on one of our favourite beaches at Bantham. I also enjoy it because I get to stay in a beautiful house that doesn’t need any DIY or cleaning.  Bliss!

Obviously, I’ll have a fully stocked medicine chest in case of any typically Devon illness such as Beri Beri or the Bubonic Plague because you can’t be too careful, can you?  And, of course we’ll make sure we have the full travel sickness kit for the kids!

It’s still revision season so if your kids are going through the stress of exam revision, you’ll find this post about revision and this post about coping with the stress useful.

And, even though Mental Health Awareness Week is over it’s still important that we keep talking about our mental health and encourage others to open up about their struggles.  You may find these posts useful OCD, social anxiety and coping with anxiety generally.  Check them out if you feel as if you’re in the same boat.

As usual, there are some great books on the linky – and don’t forget you can always add your own to spread a bit of book love.

Don’t forget that I still have plenty to be won on my giveaways page and don’t forget my weekly problem page here.

Happy hunting for your free and bargain books on this link.

Have a great week!

free and bargain books

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  1. I love reading and I’m always scanning the free and 99p books for my Kobo, or I love passing paperbacks around amongst friends. Mich x

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