What’s Involved In Turning Your Blog Into A Business?

If you have been blogging regularly for some time now, and you would like to try and turn it into a genuine profitable business, there are many things you will need to do to make that happen. Although it is not going to be an overnight thing, the truth is that it is also not going to be extremely difficult to get your blog set up as a business and start making you some money.

Let’s look at some of the essential things that you will need to take care of at the start to ensure that it really works out for you. As long as you are focused on these issues, you will be sure that your blog is going to be a successful business, no matter whether you have any experience in running a business or not.

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If you don’t put any effort into spreading the word about your blog, then it is much less likely that it will actually gain the readership you need to make money from it. This is worth bearing in mind, especially as it is something which is so easily done these days with the Internet and so on. But what is actually involved in marketing a blog? The truth is that the most important part of it happens online. First of all, you want to try and raise some interest in online forums and so on. Then you should try to build up a following for your email newsletter, as that is one of the most powerful ways to spread the word consistently. You should also consider talking about your bog in real life, however, as you never know who in your life might be interested in reading it. As long as you market your business you can be sure that it is actually going to be a business and not just a hobby.


As with any other business, you are also going to have to know how to keep the books, as if you don’t it can mean financial ruin for yourself in the long run, or at least that your blog is not going to be successful. Bookkeeping is a difficult skill to master so it is a good idea to take an online course in it if you want to really get good at it. Besides, you will find that with practice you are able to improve your bookkeeping skills over time too. Taking care of the financial side is always going to be important, so make sure you bear this in mind.

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You need to ensure that you are updating your blog regularly if you are going to make money form it, so if you have so far only been doing it as a hobby you might be surprised at the sudden workload. However, it is only with consistency that you will get anything done, so it is absolutely something that you need to focus on early on. Get this right, and you are setting up your business well.


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Clara Sais

Thank you for this post. Doing all those things but feel like I’m constantly battling to be noticed! Can be very demoralising at times.

Kim Styles
Kim Styles

it is much more complicated than I realised. do you use an online accounting software for your book keeping ?

mia vine
mia vine

great item, very helpful

Casey Garvey
Casey Garvey

I am blogging for fun at this point. Can you recommend the best places to start a blog? I also agree consistancy is key!