27 July, 2018

Adding Artwork To Your Home On A Budget

Who wouldn’t want to improve their home decor with some beautiful artwork for the home? Having works of art adorning the living room wall sounds great, and adds that touch of uniqueness to your interior. It also sounds, for all the world, like something that is likely to set you back some serious money.

Artwork for the home - beautiful oil painting of poppies in a field

If you want to go out and buy a Monet, then, of course, it will. But the great thing about art is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are plenty of ways to add those finishing touches that allow your personality and that of your family to shine through, and they don’t have to cost the earth. Adding some great artwork for the home is entirely doable – even on a budget. It’s also a great way to make more of your student accommodation when you’re away from home at college or uni.

Prints open up the world of art

If your tastes lie in the conventional, and you want some traditional pictures by recognised artists, you can simply log on to a site like EXHIBITION A and get shopping. They sell signed prints from a wide variety of artists from across the globe. The quality is impressive, and all you need to do is buy online, then pop into your local department store and buy a nice frame.

Unleash your inner artist

There’s no better way of putting your personal stamp on the wall than by using your own artwork. In fact, why not have your very own art gallery? Get every member of the family to create their own piece – even if you think you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you’ll be amazed at what you can bring to life using creative software on the PC. Then all you need is an inkjet printer and some cartridges from Printer Inks, and you are good to go!

Shop locally

Every town has a thriving art scene if you know where to look. You will often see prints from local artists on sale in libraries and cafes, so keep an eye open. If there is a gallery close by, you might see a local artist is having an exhibition. Those who are just starting out professionally will not be charging the earth for their artwork – you’ll have something that is truly unique and special. And you never know, if they hit the big time, it just might be worth a fortune in 20 years’ time!

artwork for the home - abstract print in greys and pinks.

Check out the thrift store

One person’s junk is another’s treasure. You hear stories all the time of priceless works of art that are sold off following house clearances. These might be more based in urban legend than fact, but the truth is you never know quite what you are going to find. Something that is a little older and sepia-toned becomes a work of art in its own right, as it has its own history and story to tell, if only it could talk. Ideal for an older home.

Embrace technology

A new TV might not sound like a work of art, but today, anything is possible. Home electronics giant Samsung has an innovative TV called The Frame that displays works of art when you are not using it for conventional viewing purposes. You can even choose the frame design to fit in with the rest of your décor. If your TV is due for an upgrade anyway, it is well worth a look.

Artwork for the home is accessible to all, if you know where to look.  What type of artworks have you added to your space?

2 responses to “Adding Artwork To Your Home On A Budget”

  1. Helen Moulden says:

    I did this too recently. I did some seascape paintings for our kitchen. Much cheaper than buying them from someone else and they’re an original. Don’t look half bad! (if I do say so myself :))

  2. Susan Smith says:

    I wish i had this talent to paint, i have a couple of paintings which i brought from a carboot, i really like them and they set my living room off

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