Could Your Home Use More Metal Decor?

Look around the room you’re in right now, can you see any exposed metal? Is it reflecting the natural and or centre light well?

metal decor - industrial style living space

Exposed metal can be seen as a little too grungy, a bit industrial and bare. Yet just like we use mirrors to make our rooms like larger than they are, we can use metals to throw light all around the room. Exposed metals, polished, unpolished, stainless or not, are seen in so many interior design styles.

The obvious type of metal decor is the industrial style because it’s about taking the look and feel of an abandoned warehouse. Minimalist styles are also using exposed metals as part of their philosophy because when you believe in less is more, you don’t have time to use elaborate materials. But eclectic, Swedish and modern styles also use metals to manipulate light around the home.

Since metal is a sturdy material, we also feel comfortable with smaller items that are perhaps a little dainty to be made from steel, iron, copper, and platinum. Here are a few ideas to get you started if you love the look and feel of metal decor.

Smooth and straight

Is your home really modern? One way you can check is to see what kind of legs your current furniture has. The legs of the sofa, chairs, coffee and dining tables, stools, and even the legs of your bed can be made out of metal. You can’t just fit metal legs to these things you already have, so it means you will need to gradually start to replace some of the more easier items.

Start with the coffee or dining table. These metal legs are going to be smooth and straight, and long as the day is old. They may not be spindly and thin, they can be a modern framed or girder-style legs that are thick and square. Stainless steel is a good option, but you can also have metallic iron if you don’t want as much of a shine.

On the other hand, you can go all out and pick a table with platinum legs. This metal is called the ‘little chrome’ as it possesses excellent qualities of reflecting light.

Long and thin

The modern shower and bathroom are where you see the most amount of metal. It’s easy to produce, cheap for the builders to buy in bulk. It’s resistant to heat and stains, and that’s why you have more stainless steel in one room than anywhere else. But that’s boring no? We’re all used to the steel shower and toilet flush handle.

At Tap Warehouse, they have long and thin modern showers made from solid brass bodies but with a great polished chrome finish. Look out for the Butler & Rose Elizabeth thermostatic rigid riser shower. You’ll find traditional showers with polished chrome taps but also modern styles that have railed-adjustable taps, much like a dimmer switch.

Perhaps we should drop the notion that exposed metals are beyond rustic and perhaps just a too industrial. Modern homes are full of metal features but they often get hidden away. Splash the chrome and the platinum carefully and you can start a dance with the light that fills the whole room.


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