Five Awesome Things about Sailing as a Family

Embarking on the sailing trip of a lifetime is an item many people have on their bucket list. If you’re not a fan of being on the sea, like me, you might view it as not only dangerous but also expensive and complicated. If you yearn for a life on the ocean waves, though, why not learn how to sail and make your dream come true. In fact, learning to sail can be a great confidence booster and a family sailing holiday is a fantastic way of bringing you closer together.

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Learning to sail is easy and fun. This is mainly because there is something new to learn every time you get on the boat. It is possible, however, to make the process even more exciting by learning to sail as a family or group instead of doing it on your own.

You could invite your friends, colleagues, or family members to join you in the sailing lessons. When you bring friends and family along, you get to learn lessons other than sailing: teamwork, patience, endurance, and leadership skills. There are plenty of family learn to sail holidays you could sign up for.

So, what are the awesome things about sailing as a family? They include:

Improves Overall Health

When you book a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, you could do it as a mere recreational activity. However, there is more to sailing than having fun and enjoying being in the water. For instance, when done in the right way, sailing improves the overall health of your body. Those who view sailing as a dangerous and risky activity may have a hard time believing this, but it has various health advantages such as:

  • Increases agility – some of the tasks involved in sailing such as hoisting sails and pulling lines can help improve agility and flexibility. This also enables you and your loved ones to develop better hand-eye coordination skills in other activities.
  • Adding strength and endurance to the muscles – some of the activities involved in boat sailing such as pulling and hoisting the sails to manoeuvre a yacht or boat are good exercises for your muscles. They help to strengthen the muscles of your shoulders and back.
  • Lowering levels of stress – when sailing with your family or friends, or on a family sailing holiday, you get to have more bonding time and fun together. During this time, each of you tends to forget most of the thoughts that weigh you down in daily life. Additionally, the rhythmic movement of the boat – the splashing, swooshing of water, and sounds in the sail – can affect the patterns of your brainwave. This helps to soothe and relax your brain, which could be stressed and worn out.
  • Improving concentration – with the busy schedules that most people have, concentration has become very important, especially for the multi-taskers. While the primary goal of sailing is staying safe, it helps everyone to remain focused on the sea even when involved in other activities.
  • Ensuring mental wellness – the water and salt of the sea will put you in a good mood. This is because the salt contains ions that help the body to absorb oxygen, thus balancing your serotonin levels. With balanced serotonin levels, you will be much happier and this will enhance your mental wellness.

Strengthens Bonds and Enhances Teamwork

Though teamwork and proper bonding are necessary for a happy family, it is unfortunate that most families fall short in these departments. This is mainly due to the current technology and digital platforms, which have made it easier to avoid face-to-face communication. As a result, the quality of family bonding has suffered.

A family sailing holiday is a great opportunity to recover the family bond. During this time, you get to interact with each other and share experiences and ideas. This can also be an excellent time to reconcile in case some people in the family had not been on good terms.

Moreover, you will get to know each other better while sailing as you share ideas, memories, and jokes. This moment will enable each one of you to forget any discouragements, failures, or misfortunes that you could have faced before. This will not only help to strengthen your bond but also the trust between the family members.

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Gives Room for Adventure and Balance

Adventure is one of the best experiences that your family can have, especially for young children. Learning to sail and getting involved in boat sailing is a free ticket to a world of adventure and loads of fun. Adventure will help to increase the imagination and creativity of your kids.

Additionally, without physical activity, your kids will always be glued to their books and electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and computer games. However, sailing will make it possible to create a balance between the digital computer world and the natural world. For the grown-up who is always in the office, sailing will help you get a break from your usual daily routine.

This will help you to develop a great work-life balance. As a result, you and your family members will be more effective when it comes to your tasks because your brain will be fresher.

Improves Communication and Organization Skills

Communication and organizational skills are some of the necessary skills in life that most people lack. Sailing would be a perfect way for you to enhance these skills among your family and loved ones. While in the boat, everything needs to be in shipshape to ensure safety. This will help you to be more organized, which is a lesson you can take away from the sea.

Being more organized will boost your motivation in various parts of life and increase the desire to improve your quality of life. Additionally, communication is vital when sailing. Almost everyone on board has a role to play in keeping the boat afloat. Therefore, without proper communication, your lives will be in danger.

For this reason, sailing makes it necessary for you to communicate properly. This is especially true when it comes to non-verbal communication. At the end of the sailing excursion, you will all have acquired communication skills that will you in other areas of your daily lives.

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Helps to Discover Interests

While you are learning to sail for recreation, you should know that others sail to earn a living. In the same vein, when you are out with your family and friends sailing for fun, this may be an opportunity: people, especially kids, can discover their interest in marine bodies, boat technology, or other water-related careers. Furthermore, your kids might grow up to become professional sailors and earn a living through sailing.

Learning to sail for recreational purposes before you turn it into a career could make you more confident and competent in your work. Therefore, whenever you go sailing, always have other members of your family with you as this could help open their minds to doing something new with their lives.


Learning to sail could be one of the most exhilarating moments of your life. Sailing comes along with lessons such as ocean history, oceanography, and ecology all in one scope. For this reason, sailing is one of the activities that you should consider doing together as a family. Wondering whether to have your family with you when you go for sailing lessons? Consider the insightful points above to understand why you need to have your loved ones with you when sailing.

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  1. 14 January, 2019 / 11:29 am

    Your article is so smart! Totally true in many ways, as a skipper-owner I offer sailing vacations in the Cyclades and many times I realized that for families this experience make them closer and when you are speaking about the adventure for kids it’s totally right. People don’t come back only with a love for Greece but also with improvement for themselves. Thank you for your article!

  2. Helen Moulden
    12 August, 2018 / 12:54 pm

    I’d love to go sailing as a family. I’ve always imagined it would be great fun! It just seems to expensive each time I look into it.

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