17 July, 2018

Free & Bargain Books Linky – 17/07/2018

If you’re an avid reader on a budget, you’ll find loads of free and bargain books on this weekly book linky from Beck Valley Books. Here you’ll find a great selection of pre-loved reads plus all the new releases about to hit shelves and Kindles.

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There’s still no end to the heatwave and now the threat of a hosepipe ban is being mooted – currently up north but I reckon it’s only a matter of time before we southerners have to stop watering the garden. Mine looks like a barren wasteland most of the time but if you have invested lots of time and money in yours, I feel your pain.

I hope you’re managing to get some sleep because I’m not!  At least I’m comfy on the best mattress I’ve ever had – my SIMBA.  Check out my SIMBA mattress review here.

Don’t forget to try my tips for keeping cool during the day and for keeping little ones safe in the sun. Oh, and if your pet pooch is struggling, here’s how to keep dogs cool in the heat.

The Husband has gone off to New York on business so cooking has now completely gone by the wayside and it’s fish fingers ahoy! I suspect there’ll be plenty of breadcrumb covered foods now that the kids break up for the long summer holiday on Friday.  Still, even I can throw together one of these super summer salads!

A bit of good news for my blog this week too – Feedspot has recognised Mother Distracted as one of the top 100 family lifestyle blogs on the web.  Read all about it here.

Happy hunting for your free and bargain books on this link.

Have a great week!

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free and bargain books
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