Sell Your Home Fast With These Interior Design Tips

When it comes to selling your home, unfortunately, it means undoing lots of the hard work that you’ve put into making the place your own. However, the good news is that with a few simple and easy tips and tricks, you can quickly get the space ready for your first viewing. If you’re wondering how to present your house for sale, here are some top interior design tips you can easily implement before the estate agent calls round.

how to present your house for sale - blue front door

How to present your house for sale

Paint the front door

Painting your front door is the simplest and quickest way of adding instant curb appeal and will make the best first impression.

Popular colours include grey, black and steel blue; however, you may wish to opt for a brighter shade to let your house really stand out on the street (there’s a reason we all remember the ‘blue front door’ from the film Notting Hill). An absolute favourite is Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball – a real inky, petrol hue.

Tidying up the front garden and pathway is also an instant win. Ensure no rubbish has escaped from your bins and sweep up any fallen leaves; all of which will add to that all-important curb appeal.  If the volume of rubbish is getting to be too much then a clearance service can help. Whether that’s rubbish removal services Portsmouth and surrounding areas or anywhere else in the UK, do make sure that you hire a registered and fully insured company.

Let there be light

Make sure you’ve replaced any burnt-out light bulbs in case anyone comes to view your house in the evening.

Place standing floor lamps in any extremely dark corners (if you have any) or areas that don’t have any natural light, to show that the space can still be used as a reading nook or as a place for storage.

Placing mirrors on solid walls opposite to windows will reflect any natural light around the space and make it feel much bigger and brighter.

how to present your house for sale - large wicker framed mirror

Create a feature with furniture

A luxury armchair that draws the eye into the room provides an area of interest and can be used to highlight a particularly great feature of the room, like a bay window or fireplace.

A bright colour can be off-putting to some, so instead opt for luxurious fabrics like leather or velvet, and an exceptionally comfortable style so that your buyers can envisage themselves sitting in that very spot.

Make the buyers feel welcome and offer for them to sit and try out the space, the more tactile and enthusiastic they are about your furniture and living room, the more chance you have of getting an offer.

how to present your house for sale - chocolate brown sofa in a brown living room

Declutter and store

Decluttering and removing any personal trinkets and knick-knacks is another excellent preliminary step to getting your house ready to be put on the market.

If you haven’t got enough storage, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some smart storage solutions to hide away clutter and help your potential buyers move about the space freely. Underbed storage is an excellent choice and packing things away now will only assist you with your imminent move.

Depersonalising your space is also a smart move. Pack away your family photos and children’s artwork pinned to the fridge and replace with some calming artwork and posters. This will help your viewers see your home as a blank canvas and a place they can put their personal stamp on.

Are you thinking of selling your home? Do you have any tips on how to present your house for sale?  Fresh flowers?  The smell of fresh-baked bread or coffee?  Let me know.

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