14 July, 2018

Share Your Tips For Entertaining Kids To Win £20 Nando’s Gift Card

It’s just 12 days till school’s out for summer here in Wales and already I am compiling a list of things to do to stop the inevitable moans of “mum, we’re bored” – plus there’s a chance to win with my Nando’s gift card giveaway.

Nando's gift card giveaway

You really need a plan, don’t you?  Otherwise, it’ll be a late start each morning, mooching around playing iPads or Xbox games till noon and then you’ll find it will be too late to make the most of the day.

One or two days like this for the kids to chill is entirely acceptable – but 6 weeks of it?  Not so much.

And that’s without considering the dramatic hike in the food bill and the need to provide lunch.  Believe me, I really appreciate school dinners at the end of July!  There are only so many sandwiches I can stand but if like me, you’re not a particularly gifted cook, the whole feeding thing can become a bit of a debacle.

Nando’s Gift Card Giveaway

The temptation to eat out occasionally becomes too strong to resist and with an eye on your budget, I have a £20 Nando’s gift card to give away to one lucky winner.

You could try their new Fresco Burger – PERi-PERi chicken breast, smashed avocado and tangy pickled cucumber, topped with rocket.  Then there’s the Butterfly Burger – two succulent chicken breasts joined by crispy skin, packed in a Portuguese roll and topped with tomato and lettuce.

There is a selection of veggie options to including the Supergrain Salad – a fresh mix of grains, greens and beans with avocado chunks and an avocado & buttermilk dressing, served on mixed salad leaves. Or what about the Veggie Cataplana?  Chickpeas, chargrilled veg and beans in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce are served on spicy rice and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.

All I want to know is your best idea for keeping the kids entertained – and preferably as cheaply as possible.

Entry to the Nando’s gift card giveaway is via the GLEAM widget and the usual terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.  No cash alternative and 1 entry per household.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 12th August.

I can’t wait to hear your boredom busting ideas and the best ones will be published in a post in a few weeks’ time.

Nandos £20 gift card giveaway

Good luck!


214 responses to “Share Your Tips For Entertaining Kids To Win £20 Nando’s Gift Card”

  1. Ask them what they’d like to do over the holidays, write them all on pieces of paper and pop them in a jar! Let them pick out two different things every day! Today we baked and going on a nature hunt!

  2. Maria Hackett says:

    we just bought the National trust annual pass and kids love it. lots of amazing family days out, bug hunts, garden visits and most places got amazing play areas.

  3. laura stewart says:

    ask them what they would like to do x

  4. Heather Hawley says:

    Days out.

  5. Naomi Williams says:

    Going to the local park always seems to work

  6. Tracy B says:

    I actually don’t think it hurts kids to experience boredom every now and then. It encourages creativity and imagination, in my opinion. I let them run off their energy in the park or out in the yard if they are driving me crazy (lol) and we like to bake, craft and my girls favourite at the moment is playing ‘mummies and kittens’ which involves a lot of crawling around the floor and meowing! hee hee!

  7. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Day trips , the park , colouring and my daughter loves her Amazon tablet

  8. Katie m says:

    Anything crafty

  9. Leanne perrett says:

    i make sure we have lots of games for both indoors and outdoors

  10. Kelly Simpson says:

    I work full time so during the week my daughter will spend time at her grand parents and we make up for it at weekends.

  11. Nick Hubbard says:

    Playdoh…..keeps them busy for hours!

  12. Tamsin Dean says:

    we do several day about a week apart and doesn’t have to be far away, just enough to stop the boredom setting in

  13. Sharon Boyd says:

    As a family we pretty much enjoy low coat/ free trips out weather it be a walk through the forest to the park or taking a drive to the local beach

  14. Adrian Bold says:

    Lots of day trips and walks / hikes with the family and dog.

  15. sue mcdermott says:

    Hire a beachhut

  16. Claire Sen says:

    Make sure you go out every day with them, even if it’s just a quick walk around the block.
    Google their favourite characters and include the word ‘print out’ – instant colouring in fun!
    And lastly, a big cardboard box provides more entertainment than a screen! Unless that’s just my daughter?! lol!

  17. Caroline Tokes says:

    Going on picnics to the local park

  18. Bram Mulder says:

    Have you tried the book with no pictures yet? It mightnot be great o entertain thekids all day, but it is really good! Works for every age!

  19. Sophie Foulds says:

    Books and games!

  20. Alison Clark says:

    Variety and mixing it up – we can’t afford to be out every day so we mix days out with visits to the park, crafting days and baking days we seem to be keeping amused.

  21. Ali Fanstone says:

    lots of boxes big and small glue, cellotape, string, wool, tissue paper and lots of craft bits

  22. Caitlin says:

    I don’t have kids myself but I’d probably say keeping them entertained with games whether board games, crafts or devices that have games on like IPads

  23. Amy Jo McLellan says:

    I don’t have any children but as a child myself I used to love colouring in!

  24. susan thornton says:

    Picnics in the garden, trips to the park, a walk to the shops. Lots of little things to keep them going

  25. Gemma Chantler says:

    For us, we make a list at the start of the holidays of things we want to do. This year it has involved walks along the canal, a bus and train journey, soft play (moans from mummy!), picnics, trips to the park etc. And we choose one thing to do each day. Around that we have visited car boot sales and charity shops and picked up new board games to play. Different crafts are always a winner too!

  26. Jess Berkeley says:

    Walks in the forrest!
    Free, environmentally and child friendly and not to mention hours of fun!!

  27. amanda greensmith says:

    we have lots of trips to park forest and beach etc but we do encourage them to find activitys for them selves we have a rainy day box craft box and we keep a box of toys for outside in the play house

  28. Andrea Lloyd says:

    Lots of crafts,baking,games inside and out day trips and bowling and cinema and parks and picnics

  29. Sara Coyne says:

    We plan in advance for rainy days etc, if it’s not raining heavily we go out and jump in the puddles

  30. take them moaning to the forest or the beach – they soon find some fun activity after they have got over their boredom

  31. Laura Pyper says:

    Lots of trips to the park, picnics, crafts and board games on rainy days

  32. Nancy Bradford says:

    We keep a lot of the same routine, practicing piano, doing homework (that I set) and try new things like painting, together.

  33. Sarah KNIGHTLEY says:

    I keep a summer holiday bucket list of things to do and let the kids take it in turns to choose one of them when we have a free day.

  34. Phil Darling says:

    Turn the wifi router off and say the phone people are trying to reconect you – in the meantime – put the tent up in the garden and get them camping

  35. Sarah Robinson says:

    Try and go out every day even if its just for a walk to break the day up. Have a few ideas for when kids are really restless crafts, cooking, gardening, painting stones etc

  36. Caroline Kelly says:

    Breaking up the days, days out, days with friends, baking, crafts, parks

  37. Ema J Lowe says:

    I am lucky, mine don’t get bored. my middle daughter lives on the computer, youngest daughter plays out with her friends and youngest son just plays with his toys and watch youtube on his ipad.

  38. Rebecca Powell says:

    We plan lots of fun days out

  39. Esme mccrubb says:

    limited screen time 🙂 and planned activities to keep them entertained

  40. Lauren Stebbings says:

    Lots of mini adventures to the park or river and collecting bits to use for craft activities another day. Doesn’t have to cost anything 🙂 also I’ve found that the kids are less likely to keep saying they’re bored etc when there are days labelled on the calendar with activities. They seem to be calmer when they have things to look forward to.

  41. Derek Wilson says:

    Baking and decorating simple items like biscuits and cakes. Not only is it creative, but you have an end product that everyone can enjoy together.

  42. Fiona Johnstone says:

    We have a look, before the holidays start, to see what everyone fancies doing. We are lucky to have quite a few free entry things round here. Picnics are always a favourite, even in the rain {that’s most of the time in Scotland. Not this year though} A tent in the garden is always a hit. It can be a den, or restaurant or where ever the children’s imagination takes them. I think that’s their favourite, especially when I join them

  43. Cara Holmes says:

    for the days we spend in i sift through their things and make sure we make or do any of the craft/experiment items that they often had for the previous christmas that we hadn’t got round to doing. it also helps make some extra space then ready for the next christmas

  44. Deborah Clarke says:

    Lots of walks out in the countryside to tire them out

  45. Laura Pritchard says:

    We go geocaching to alleviate boredom!

  46. Fran H says:

    Free local attractions and a packed lunch. Theres loads but how often do we visit them??!

  47. Elisha says:

    Give them a chore to do around the house each day and let them know why they need to do it and how it will benefit them in their future. Then hit the park so they use up the rest of their energy.

  48. janine atkin says:

    let them have picnics with friends in the garden. they entertain each other then

  49. Astrid C says:

    no boring shopping trips for groceries, days out tomparks etc…

  50. Gina M says:

    Making good use of the local library

  51. Sam Parkes says:

    Lots of days out to places even if it’s just the local park

  52. zoe brown says:

    walks ,games crafts works for us

  53. Hannah Scudder says:

    Create a bucket list at the beginning of the summer with outdoor and indoor home activities.

  54. greig alan james spencer says:

    Lots of picnics! is my idea

  55. Susan Naylor says:

    My children are grown up now, but I use to love spending time with them in the holidays. Our local council use to produce a newsletter at the end of term detailing all sorts of local events and activities many of which were free of charge. We were always busy in local parks, playgrounds, paddling pools and “fun days” and even stable days in the local riding stables. Happy days I really miss them.

  56. Anthea Holloway says:

    Keep them busy – in the garden, playing games, going on bus rides – just keep it varied and interesting for them.

  57. Alex Telford says:

    We have National Trust membership which helps with cheaper days out. We have a whiteboard with a grid for August, the children each chose a couple of things to put on, then a few things I have seen advertised and we have a fair few activities spread out. We always take a picnic and they also know I will not buy ice-cream when we’re out (mean mum) , but we always have one for pudding after a day out. An ice cream each can add £10 onto a day out, with the money we save we can afford an extra day trip.

  58. Marie Evans says:

    If near a beach we go shell or pebble hunting & kids of any age just love Rock pooling & you can while away an hr or two & best of all it’s free.

  59. Donna W says:

    I find the best way to keep boredom at bay is to let children be creative. My little ones are still quite young but they love just being given crayons and paper, it keeps them occupied for hours!

  60. stacey turner says:

    We have been painting rocks for our new garden. Lots of bright colours. We have some rocks painted as ladybugs, bumble bees and unicorns. It keeps us both entertained for hours

  61. Stacey says:

    A day of baking when it rains

  62. Gemma cross says:

    We have a big holiday planned this year so have a really tight budgets to cover the rest of the 6 weeks.
    My kids would watch TV or play on tablets all day long given the opportunity and it makes them super grumpy so definately want to avoid screen time as much as possible.

    I have spent £20 on some river cobbles, acrylic paint and some varnish. So then plan is some days decorating the peppbles then lots of walksnin country parks/down the river etc to hide them and also look for what others habe hidden. Maybe a little bit of geocaching too.

  63. Rebecca Smith says:

    Plan for all types of weather

  64. irene gilmour says:

    invite there friends over

  65. Rebecca Whatmore @0zzyhog says:

    Let them have a friend over at least once a week. Have a plan of things to do such as local attractions, also swimming and arts and crafts board games if raining.

  66. sheri Darby says:

    Lots of ideas, or last resort, suggest they help round the house.It’s funny they always think of lots of things they want to do

  67. James Travis says:

    Take them out to the park or going walking the country side

  68. Emma Gough says:

    Make a den/tent in the garden, use old sheets and chairs- make a special picnic to eat together in your tent too – kids love building dens

  69. MichelleD says:

    Have as many days out as possible!

  70. Debbie Finnerty says:

    Getting them out in the sunshine running around helps but failing that my good friend Xbox is great to get 1/2hr peace and quiet here and there lol

  71. donna l jones says:

    lots of activities planned

  72. tina Glover says:

    Our daughter has 9 weeks off in summer so its always hard trying to keep her entertained. I tend to organise catch up with other mums and their children and lots of visits to the park. We also have strawberry picking planned and yesterday our local baths had an inflatable fun session which is only £2.50.

  73. JULIE WARD says:

    Its not my problem, my grandchildren when I see them are happy to go up the park or play games

  74. chris bull says:

    Let them join in with everything even down to choosing and helping to prepare lunch/picnic/dinner

  75. Harriet Leonard says:

    Baking, den building, treasure hunting, water play, sand play…

  76. Christopher Read says:

    Board games – they are a great way to keep kids occupied for a long period of time 🙂

  77. Kerry H says:

    We spend a lot of time outside mainly at playgrounds and bring picnics.

  78. Emily Neasham says:

    A trip to the beach is always a good day out! I’ve crrsms all round

  79. Lauren Jeffs says:

    I always love to do a bit of cleaning / dusting to help my boredom. Organising helps clear my mind
    AMAZING GIVEAWAY – Love Nandos

  80. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    grandparents 🙂

  81. Monica Gilbert says:

    Have lots of craft supplies available. And be prepared for mess.

  82. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    We have the trampoline in the garden, try to cycle as much as possible taking in parks and sometimes an ice cream (or coffee for me) at McDonalds – hey, it’s cheap and there’s free wifi. Only thing is, my 2 are 11 and 14 now and too big for several parks which isn’t so good! Still. we have the trampoline in the garden and it’s not expensive to ride the metro all day, sometimes taking in Ocean Beach pleasure park in South Shields. I’s £1.30 for a child daysaver which takes you all over the network and includes the Shields ferry. Other times we go up and down all the escalators in the shopping centre or we have a treasure hunt in the garden.
    We also have wardrobe clearouts to do and (one I hadn’t included), washing loads of dishes as the dishwasher has packed in on us just as we have been able to afford to replace the old oven and hob!

  83. Carole Nott says:

    Trips to the local park to feed the ducks

  84. ADRIAN PRICE says:

    plenty of fresh air and exercise—a tired kid is a happy kid

  85. Tracy Gladman says:

    Get them to write a list of things they want to do!

  86. visit family and going on holidays

  87. paula cheadle says:

    take plenty of stuff to do, for the times that you are not doing/going things

  88. Ailsa says:

    Early morning beach swims and sandcastles before it’s too hot, 7-10am!

  89. When my kids get bored they also get hungry so to combat boredom we always make sure we have little baking kits in the house, cakes, cookies etc

  90. We’re enjoying mindfulness colouring books this summer. Even if the kids moan about joining in, I just start doing it and soon they come and join me too for a relaxing while.

  91. Paul Meulen says:

    Plenty of sports to tire them out

  92. Stevie says:

    We have got a radio controlled car for my nephew when he visits.

  93. Fiona Rennie says:

    Getting out and about even if it’s just to go for a walk or to the park whatever the weather

  94. Jodie Hailstone says:

    plan something everyday even if it is a walk or coloring fun and give them a list so they can tick off when they have done it

  95. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Just keep them busy and active

  96. Caroline Hunter says:

    A big climbing frame that keeps them occupied for hours 🙂

  97. Charlotte G says:

    Plenty of activities and plenty of charge on his tablet!!

  98. Danielle Pooley says:

    Have lots of arts & crafts ready, they are good for all weathers!

  99. Jane Brown says:

    A picnic in the park with friends and their kids followed by football, rounders etc

  100. Jayne Townson says:

    Walks in the park, treasure hunts, trips to the local museums, painting rocks, picnics on the beach, baking cookies and swimming in the local pool.

  101. Tess Davies says:

    lots of paper and pencils, crayons and craft stuff as well as a library card to get some greatbooks to read

  102. Alice O'Neill says:

    A days out jar, put suggestions for exciting days out on bits of paper and ask a child to draw one out !

  103. Distractions – exploring new environments and giving them tasks to do while your out.

  104. Geri Gregg says:

    My local library have summer reading challenges, that keeps the kids occupied x

  105. tamalyn roberts says:

    plan yout days of the week, have wet and dry days and pack your bags ready, a tesco meal deal is an ideal picnic too

  106. Clare Hubbard says:

    I have the holidays planned out, a small activity for each day

  107. Janet Birkin says:

    Take them to Grandmas 🙂

  108. Set a reading challenge it encourages them to get lost in the books

  109. Kat Lucas says:

    Have lots of busy crafts or get the kids involved with planning what to do together

  110. AMANDA W says:

    plan different activities to keep them entertained!
    My fave ideas are:
    A craft day
    A garden sports day (give sweets/ chocolate as prizes)
    a picnic at the local park!

  111. Lorraine Langham says:

    Plan ahead – some big expensive days out and other cheap or free days. Collect vouchers and coupon codes to keep costs down. And don’t be afraid to just do nothing some days – my kids love the lazy days!

  112. Carolyn E says:

    Ooh that’s a hard question…I keep them busy deciding on where to go or what to they most to do at the weekend and then get them to plan it!

  113. sharon catterall says:

    do something different every day,plan ahead,make arrangements for them to do things with other family members or friends

  114. Mel says:

    We make a list of 60 odd things to do throughout the hols. E.g. photo on a rock, go somewhere different, bake a cake, chippy in the park. We take the list with us everywhere we go and cross them off as we do then. Also we try and make each one as cheap as possible. My kids are 7 and 12

  115. Steff Wyatt says:

    Leave the thought of entertainment out of it. Teach them how to enjoy life, not just be entertained. To slow down and enjoy the sounds if what’s outside the window. Start early when they’re genuinely interested. I like to say (because it’s true) “ ah, listen, it’s started raining. I love the sound of rain…”
    Get them involved in daily stuff with you. My daughter’s currently cleaning the shower so excited because it’s so fun..plus it’s genuinely helpful and mummy has one less thing to do!!

  116. Claire Croft says:

    lots of outdoor fun – you’ll be amazed at home much fun they can have with a bucket of water and paintbrush! Also chalk, and flour water and colour water make fantastic tool for secret potion making 🙂

  117. Try to create interesting things to do like treasure hunts through the park

  118. Ryan says:

    Rounders in the park, they enjoy it and they are to worn out to cause to much trouble for the rest of the dat

  119. Christine Lockley says:

    Don’t overplan, leave some days for just to evolve. Have ideas for days in when weather’s bad – diy cinema with popcorn, choc ices, baking, crafting, talent show and ideas for days out – picnics, museum, sports day, fruit picking

  120. Alison Johnson says:

    I’m lucky that my kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained. But when my Granddaughter visits, if the weather is good we spend time together gardening. She is very proud of sunflowers she has grown from seed. If weather is bad we either cook cakes together or spend time colouring in.

  121. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    My tip is to have activities planned for them during the summer holidays like going to the park, having movie days, going to local museums and going out walks.

  122. Tracy Newton says:

    Weeks before hand I look for activities and holiday clubs. My kids love them

  123. Emma C says:

    It is difficult keeping them occupied! A trip to nandos always helps though 🙂

  124. R Amison says:

    Leave the house at every opportunity.

  125. ChampagneCharlotteuk says:

    Actually we live entering creative competitions. Writing stories, designing cakes. The prize is the motivation but the time it takes to a plan and perfect their enteries is priceless.

  126. Sarah-Jane Carter says:

    I always look at the local community section on the internet to look at free days out and activities for the kids x

  127. Yvonne Ritchie says:

    Good luck all

  128. Planning days out together – having a treat day to look forward to every week keeps mine happy x

  129. Kelly Hirst says:

    Get them to make the list of things to do fold up each idea (you can secretly chuck anything unrealistic/you don’t fancy) then at the beginning of each week pick out 3-4 ideas to plan into your week

  130. Michelle Jones says:

    We have three camping trips planned during the summer so thankfully it will take some time away from home. Other than that our days will be filled with family visits, bike riding in our local reserve park (We all made a deal to get fit together) and learning new skills

  131. I make sure the craft box is full of fun things to keep my girls busy x

  132. Amanda Baggott says:

    Crafts and baking are great

  133. Ryan says:

    Great giveaway

  134. Karen Barrett says:

    Set up a Whatsapp group for friends and parents at school to share events and ideas. Organise playdays, picnics at the park, game of rounders etc. Pick up flyers from the local library or community centre loads of free and discounted activities going on.

  135. Ann-Marie Gould says:

    lots of low budget activities like treasure hunts, den building and lots of play dates with other bored little ones!

  136. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Get out & about, doesn’t need to be expensive but gets them away from e-devices.

  137. clair downham says:

    plenty of planned activities

  138. julie f says:

    Walks to the park, plenty of toys to play with in the garden and trips to the beach, all free

  139. Sandra Bald says:

    i like taking the children on ‘safari’ at our local park, local countryside or back garden
    We get our binoculars and a magnifying glass, take a nature guide out of our local library and head out for some wildlife spotting.As well as keeping your eyes peeled for bugs and animals also search for evidence such as paw prints and habitats. We also look for different flowers, trees & shrubs

  140. Emma Hussain says:

    Crafting and baking

  141. Helen Stratton says:

    Make sure you have a plan for every day – access anything free eg parks, rivers, forests etc and make sure it is age appropriate. Older kids enjoy crayfish fishing.

  142. Sharon powell says:

    stock up on crafts 🙂

  143. Kay Sherman says:

    We do a lot of baking and put ideas in a jar then the kids pick them out

  144. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Lots of day trips out, there are lots of free of cheap days out

  145. gemma hendry says:

    loads of day trips such as zoo, swimming, football etc

  146. Simon C says:

    Yikes. Really not looking forward to the holidays. The boredom levels are going to be absolute carnage. We’ve booked as many summer clubs and activities as we can, but there’s still going to be lots of gaps and frazzled parents.

  147. Simone Griffin says:

    My son loves treasure hunts so we will design a map together and then he has loads of fun finding the treasure (which is things we already have around the house)

  148. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    Many days out, but I am trying not spend too much money (parks, museums, swimming pool, library, sometimes cinema). Also great entertainment for my kids is visiting friends and family (they can play with other kids and new toys)

  149. Alexis Newbery-Buckley says:

    love a Nando’s!!!!!

  150. Kim Styles says:

    Lots of walks in the countryside and collect items for collage and arts and crafts

  151. Michelle Smith says:

    Picnics in the park is always a fun thing to do.

  152. Andrea Fletcher says:

    I do lots of crafts, baking and spend lots of time in the garden with my grandson.

  153. amanda walsh says:

    Lots of planned activites and days out spread out over the holidays

  154. Ellen Stafford says:

    We love to go Geocaching. If you don’t know what it is it’s about using GPS to find hidden boxes. We even set our own up with lots of little toys in that kids can swap in and out.

  155. Laura Bryant says:

    Play with garden toys

  156. Caroline says:

    We do painting out in the garden or chalk pictures on the paving stones

  157. Tracy Hanley says:

    Make sure you have things in for baking and crafts , my grandkids just love to make things

  158. judy kennedy says:

    Days out to the coast, take a packed lunch, book train well in advance (cheaper).

  159. Alica says:

    Community resources like churches and libraries often have craft activity sessions or days during school holidays and they are likely to be inexpensive too! 🙂

  160. Lorna Ledger says:

    Get everyone to write 5 ideas and put them in a tub, when bored blind pick one!

  161. Louise McArthur says:

    I just get all the craft bits out with glue and paint and we just make stuff, always a winner.

  162. Donna Loxton says:

    Have a plan of what you want to do, also get the kids involved by asking them in advance what they want to do.

  163. Have a jar full of sticks with different activity ideas on!

  164. Suzanne Drummond says:

    love adventure mystery trips

  165. Iris Tilley says:

    I’d ask them what do they want todo and get them to write it down. If you think it’s an ok response fold in and put into a kitty so they can pick one out without them seeing what’s written down. If there’s more then one child they will take turns. You write stuff down too Perhaps get hubbies involved even grandparents.

  166. Laura Turner says:

    Simply putting up a tent in the garden – they’ll be playing cowboys and indians all day long.

  167. Rachel Thompson says:

    My son is looking forward to Pokemon

  168. Ruth Harwood says:

    we play board games and organise cheap days out at least once a week and the week hol at the end of the summer x

  169. Jessica Walker says:

    Days out are great but I find some jumbo chalk, picnic blanket and a watering can will keep little ones entertained in the garden for hours with very little expense

  170. Sheena Batey says:

    A plan for activities or crafts most days and TV and computers occasionally . Hard work but rewarding.

  171. Laura Banks says:

    planning day trips so there is always something each week to look forward too

  172. Alice Gilkes says:

    Plenty of days out.

  173. Hayley Colburn says:

    Take them out, it doesn’t have to cost money, even if its popping to the park or visiting cousins etc, as long as they are busy they’ll be happy

  174. john prendergast says:


  175. Tee Simpson says:

    Let them.set up a slime factory in the garden. We did this today. They had hours of fun!

  176. Lots of activities, games, crafts, etc. And when all else fails one of the kids’ tv channels…

  177. Sinead ORourke says:

    Wall climbing is always great for us

  178. Angie McDonald says:

    We bake, have in-home picnics and craft!

  179. Sarah Mackay says:

    Going camping in the garden.

  180. Fay says:

    I don’t have kids but my niece & I love doing arts & crafts together

  181. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Days out at the park, local woods and beach

  182. lesley renshaw says:

    The question all parents would love to know the answer to… We’re having a rough time with our daughter being BORED all time at the moment so who knows what she’ll be like during the holidays especially as we’re strapped for cash. I’m hoping me and her friends parents can take it in turns to have each them over – let them find something to do together. But she’s 9 now and parents are BORING, life is BORING (despite various clubs and activities they do) so may a trip to Nandos would make us all a little happier. Thanks for the chance x

  183. Rebecca Sutton says:

    send them to their nans for 2 weeks in the isle of wight! she will have the beach and be spoiled by nanny!

  184. Mike AMBLER says:

    The best entertainment I remember as a child was a home made treasure hunt. Finding everyday items thst can be found around the area. Obviously safety (roads etc) have to be considered.

  185. Hazel Rea says:

    To avoid the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored” prepare a pack of cards with a chore on each. If the child says the dreaded phrase shuffle the cards and they pick a card and do the chore. My top tip for entertaining them is always be ready to adapt the plan for the day – if e.g. it pours with rain then have the picnic on the lounge floor, and get them doing origami (lots of instructions on the internet), etc.

  186. Jo Hutchings says:

    Lots of picnics! They make even a trip to the local park special.

  187. We compile a summer bucket list and display it, with a list of things we want to do. It includes days out (ie zoo, aquarium etc) and crafty days, as well as things to bake and films to watch!

  188. abigail edkins says:

    I spend a few weeks collecting cardboard boxes, tubes ad bits and bobs then pop it all out in the garden under the gazebo with paints, glue and some other bits the let them make whatever their imagination comes up with

  189. Claire Woods says:

    Keep them busy with things they want to do.

  190. Katie says:

    take them outside – to the woods, the park, anywhere like that

  191. A S,Edinburgh says:

    A photo-a-day challenge can be great, because it naturally inspires plans of where to go and what to do to create fun pictures. It provides a bit of motivation to get out of the house!

  192. Alison Macdonald says:

    Try and plan a week ahead with something everyday (even if it’s only part of the day) to break up the day. Parks, picnics, beach, museums especially things that are free or cost little as these are often where kids have most fun. Rainy days save for baking/cooking, arts & crafts, colouring and watching movies

  193. mick proctor says:

    Just hang out in the local park

  194. Susan B says:

    Rewards and a good store of board games, card games, outdoor games and gadget games.

  195. Martina Pichova says:

    Paddling pool and garden games out on sunny days. Inviting their friends round so they keep each other busy. Local playgrounds.

  196. Emma Ferguson says:

    Plan lots of days out

  197. iain maciver says:

    plan some day trips if possible

  198. Annabel Greaves says:

    Getting out of the house can keep boredom at bay, even if it is just to the park

  199. Victoria Prince says:

    Try and space the activities out rather than going in hell for leather as soon as the schools break up, and suss out all the free activities – chances are there will be lots of venues locally that offer free admission that you’re not even aware of 🙂

  200. Julie Thomas says:

    Plan for wet days . . . collect materials (felt, paper, card), glitter glue and buy some card blanks and get the children to make cards for Christmas for friends and family. It may be out of season but they will get absorbed in their crafting and enjoy their makes!

  201. Kim Neville says:

    We visit lots of different parks, some with sand pits or paddling pool. Go to theme parks, zoo, farms, see family and have play dates. School holidays always seem to go fast for us as always something planned

  202. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Give them jobs to do, they will soon find something more fun to do instead!

  203. MARIA ROGERS says:

    fill a jar with folded bits of paper – the fun jar – write things like ‘picnic at the park’, build a den, messy play, un-birthday party, put on a show, once all the chores have been done they get to pick a fun thing to do!

  204. Dawn Samples says:

    I love taking the kids to farms during the holidays. You pay a fee in but you can always take a picnic. We also enjoy going to national parks which are free, some you pay for parking but then you can bring a picnic or a have a barbecue. My favourite is Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire which the kids love x

  205. stacy sorrell says:

    i started a craft box a few month ago, each week i buy a couple of things from the poundhsop, such as paint, glitter, or a colouring book, now the tub is full, with loads of activities for my girls to do

  206. Solange says:

    Lots of play dates and days out.

  207. Calvin says:

    Games.. also movies..

  208. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Rewards chores and praise
    Woorks a treat
    Teaches the value of things too

  209. cheryl hadfield says:

    I like to plan lots of day trips throughout the holidays, not to theme parks but to parks and musuems..entertainment does not have to mean money

  210. Helen says:

    This was so much easier when they are little, a picnic and any day out would do, or a crazy daisy and water fight in the garden, then we needed to get adventurous which involved searching for lots of discount codes, for goApe, kayaking, badminton, tennis, science museums, amusement parks. Now in teens he just needs me to bank roll tennis/badminton courts plus stock of ball/shuttlecocks, trainers for running, art materials for painting, camping kit.

  211. Tanya Camilleri says:

    We love bug hunts. We get our kit together – magnifying glass, bug pit, and bug identification book and head to local woodland areas

  212. Ren Taylor says:

    Any internet enabled device…..conttrsversial but true…..sozzles lol

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