14 August, 2018

Free & Bargain Books Linky – 14/08/2018

If you’re an avid reader on a budget, you’ll find loads of free and bargain books on this weekly book linky from Beck Valley Books. Here you’ll find a great selection of pre-loved reads plus all the new releases about to hit shelves and Kindles.

Welcome to week 4 of the long summer holiday.  We are enjoying the rather patchy weather in the wilds of Devon and the kids are stuffed to the gills with goujons (the staple offering of 99% of British restaurants when it comes to kids’ menus) and ice-cream.

Ieuan has discovered bubblegum flavoured ice-cream which is coloured a blue so vibrant he spends the following 20 minutes looking like a Smurf.  His tasting challenge continues though and he has had a mouthful of belly pork and a sugar snap pea without needing counselling.  I have NO idea why both my kids will eat sugar snap peas or mangetout and pale at the thought of eating garden peas.  This usually leads to the embarrassment of having to whisper to waiting staff “do you have baked beans?”.

Trying to work with two children roaming about your holiday rental is, I can report, doubly tricky as it is at home.  The guilt ramps up even more and we mums are excellent at feeling guilty, aren’t we?  But I am making a concerted effort to put the mobile tech down and engage with my kids.  Obviously, I’m not as exciting as Minecraft but I can but try.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the mobile medicine cabinet has only been visited twice in the last 3 days – for antihistamine and antiseptic.  Well, it’s what a British holiday’s about, isn’t it?  Ieuan claims he was stung by a bee in the middle of the Kingsbridge Estuary whilst on a paddleboard.  He fears it was attracted by the bright orange of his lifejacket.  This stuff never happens to Bear Grylls, does it?

I hope you are having a great time and finding a bit of me time for some reading and, as usual, you will find some free and bargain books from Beck Valley Books on this link.

Have a great week!

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  1. Helen Moulden says:

    Thank you for the link! Just about to go on holiday so free books are very much appreciated!