20 August, 2018

Free & Bargain Books Linky 20/08/2018

If you’re an avid reader on a budget, you’ll find loads of free and bargain books on this weekly book linky from Beck Valley Books. Here you’ll find a great selection of pre-loved reads plus all the new releases about to hit shelves and Kindles.

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Welcome to week 5 of the long summer holiday.  Our holiday is over and it feels like autumn is just around the corner.  Today we are enjoying grey skies and that fine drizzle which makes your hair go flat but doesn’t justify taking in the washing.

It’s back to home cooking (or reheating in my case) and the kids are both rather bored and grumpy now that they can’t wake up and go straight on to Kingsbridge Estuary to paddleboard. The distinct lack of ice cream this week isn’t helping either.

Ieuan’s mission to keep exploring new foods continues though and, amazingly, he requested a roast dinner yesterday rather than his usual breadcrumb covered favourites.  Let’s hope it lasts!

It’s school uniform time too and having sorted out shoes we’re now on to the rest of the kit, including Caitlin’s dreaded PE kit – green tee-shirt and blue shorts of a nylon so shiny she’s likely to create actual sparks if she runs too fast.  This is, it has to be said, highly unlikely.

I used to love the ‘back to school‘ time – all those new clothes and, best of all, new stationery and books.  In those days (the 70’s and 80’s), new textbooks used to be handed out on the first day of term and you had to cover them yourself with sticky backed plastic.  Of course, we had Blue Peter on TV to teach us the way to do it.

I hope you are having a great time and finding a bit of me time for some reading and, as usual, you will find some free and bargain books from Beck Valley Books on this link.

Have a great week!

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