How to Keep the Kids Busy for the Rest of the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays have been in full swing for several weeks now, which can only mean one thing – your stress levels are high and you’re running out of ideas for the kids.

This is that dreaded moment when they start to complain about being bored and you’ve crossed off everything on that super-organised list you made before the holidays began (don’t worry, I didn’t do this either).

Where do you go and what do you do?  My number one goal is to drag my junior gamers away from the lure of their iPads and the Xbox!

Worry not because I’ve found a number of activities that are easy to do and keep my kids (and me!) occupied for hours on end:

Ready, Get Set, Bake

OK, so you might have already tried this, but have you had a go at involving the kids right from the start? I find this engages them far more as they choose a recipe, shop (or look in the cupboard) for the ingredients and watch as the baking masterpiece they’ve imagined comes to life.

While this can be a little more stressful for you, it’s the perfect way to show them what’s involved in cooking and baking.

Get Them Some Green Fingers

Another inspiring way to make them more interested in mealtimes is to give them free rein in your garden. Allocate them their own veggie patch, or, if you’ve not got much space, pots of plants are ideal.

From blooms of flowers to yummy vegetables, they’ll watch in awe as these tiny seeds that they planted grow right before their very eyes. Encourage them to find different veggies to grow and you might just be surprised at how adventurous they become at mealtimes!

Go on a Bear Hunt

So I don’t mean this literally, obviously, but if you go on a family adventure you’ll have so much fun. Head to a park, woodland or nature reserve and let their imaginations run wild as they build dens, look for animals and play hide and seek. You can join in or sit back and relax with a picnic and book while they run themselves ragged.

Find a New Outdoor Activity

If the kids love to try new things and you want to try and encourage them to get active, why not buy them something new that’ll encourage them to play outside? (This could be as a reward for baking or gardening!)  My best childhood memories all involve outdoor play.

For example, you could go all retro with a pair of roller skates or you might try a scooter or a skateboard.

Then Relax!

Finally, when the day’s adventures are over and you’ve planted your latest plants and seeds in the garden, take some well-deserved time out together and watch your favourite film. You could even enjoy an entire day under the duvet, especially if rain has stopped play.

For more ideas on entertaining kids, try this post:- How To Entertain The Kids In The Holidays full of helpful suggestions from my readers.


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  1. Helen Moulden
    24 August, 2018 / 7:07 pm

    Baking is a great idea! Thank you!

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