How to Make the Most of Hallways and Landings

Hallways and landings. A necessary space in all our homes – but so often a waste of space or a gloomy area that’s lacklustre and constricted.

hall and landing ideas - white door set in wall covered in ornate black and white wall paper

So how do we make the most of these essential parts of our home, intertwining them with the overall décor and feel we’ve created throughout our other living spaces?

Hall and landing ideas

Here are some great quick and cost-effective hall and landing ideas.

Keep the Walls Neutral and Bright

First, it’s a good idea to try and create a neutral colour palette as this will help make the space feel bright and airy. Dark colours may look bold and dramatic but they also close in the space.

Furthermore, having a neutral scheme on the walls in your hallway enables you to create more impact with the design scheme you have in each room around your home. Walking from a neutral hallway to a room with statement wallpaper really packs a punch.

Introduce Runner Rugs

Whether the floor’s carpeted, wooden or stone, you can easily bring it to life (and contrast those neutral walls) with runner rugs. Patterned or in a bright colour, these really add a touch of panache to the area and may be all the colour you need to enhance the entranceway.

If you can, you can also continue these rugs up the stairs to create a harmonious feel around your entire home.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are perfect for making a space look and feel like it’s so much bigger. Cleverly hung in strategic positions they give the impression that the hallway is twice the size. Plus, they also help create a feature on the wall.

Opt for funky, quirky designs or understated, contemporary ones from places like Cox & Cox, and use these mirrors to inject personality and impact.

Create Your Own Wall Art

One thing I love about stairways is they give you ample room to get creative with your family photos. Nothing’s more personal, heart-warming and impactful than a whole wall of family photos.

Simply hang in an organised pattern or opt for various different sizes to create a unique look. You can choose matching or contrasting frames, alternating between black and white and colour photos to bring the space to life.

This also gives you the ideal place to get all those photos together (after all, there’s never enough surface space for all these around your home).

Ultimately, hallways don’t need to just be a ‘functional’ space. They can easily become part of your overall interior design, wowing guests as soon as they walk through your front door.

Which of these hall and landing ideas have you tried?


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  1. Helen Moulden
    21 August, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    Love these ideas! We definitely need to make the most of our hallway, it’s a completely blank canvas currently!

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