31 August, 2018

Win The Cheese Box Hamper From Virginia Hayward

Food hampers are one of my absolute favourite gifts, both to send and receive and Mother Distracted readers are being spoiled this month because you have the chance to win a gorgeous cheese hamper from Virginia Hayward – The Cheese Box.

Virginia Hayward The Cheese Box hamper contents

Family-owned business Virginia Hayward began over 30 years ago supplying food and wine hampers for prestigious UK companies. Today they are a market leader in the hamper industry, supporting local producers by sourcing products for their hampers from as many local businesses as possible.

They offer a wide range of hampers including cheese, deli-style food, chocolate or sweets and if your loved one has specific dietary requirements, you’ll also find gifts suitable for those following vegan, gluten-free and diabetic diets.

For someone who likes indulge in a tipple, there are plenty of drinks hampers as well as non-alcoholic tea and coffee hampers for a cosy night in.

The hamper I have on offer is called “The Cheese Box” and inside you’ll find everything you need for one of my favourite snack combinations.

The Cheese Box (pictured above) contains:

Two waxed truckles

A wedge of creamy stilton

Water biscuits

Caramelised red onion chutney

All perfectly packaged in an attractive illustrated box.

The Cheese Box is one of a selection of luxury cheese hampers that Virginia Hayward supply. You can order these and many other types of hampers directly from their website.

The Giveaway

One reader will win The Cheese Box from Virginia Hayward worth £19.99.

Entry is via the Gleam app below and don’t forget to come back daily to increase your chances of winning.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants only, and ends at midnight on Sunday 30th September 2018. Full terms and conditions can be found on my giveaways page.

Virginia Hayward The Cheese Box Hamper Giveaway

Good luck!


144 comments so far.

144 responses to “Win The Cheese Box Hamper From Virginia Hayward”

  1. Louise Neal says:

    Cheese and crackers with caramelised onion chutney!

  2. MARIA ROGERS says:

    I love salted cashews, and sweet treat is always chocolate! yum!

  3. katie says:

    I love chicken pakoras

  4. bev says:

    I am partial to cheese and crackers!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    I enjoy a rich tea biscuit!

  6. Wise Ways says:

    Has to be a sweet snack Chocolate!

  7. Savoury for me anything cheesy I love cheese scones

  8. Solange says:

    I love cheese and crackers.

  9. pete c says:

    my favourite savoury snack is cashew nuts

  10. mick proctor says:

    Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch

  11. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Cheese and biscuits

  12. iain maciver says:


  13. Kevin_Honey says:

    I like a piece of fruit, preferably apricot

  14. Sarah Morris says:

    Crisps pringles especially

  15. Angela Treadway says:

    crisps for me x

  16. Ruth Harwood says:

    love Ritz with humous!

  17. Harriet Leonard says:

    I love both cheese & chocolate

  18. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I like chocolate best.

  19. Iris Tilley says:

    We have Jacobs cream crackers with pate cheese and branston pickle quite alot

  20. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Love a packet of crisps

  21. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love crackers and cheese with a home grown tomato.

  22. clair downham says:

    ready salted crisps

  23. JANET HUMPHREY says:

    been on a low carb diet for a while so cheese is a good thing for snacks

  24. Annabel Greaves says:

    I love cheese and crackers, I love to try different types of cheeses

  25. Janet Birkin says:

    ooh cheese & crackers for me every time

  26. Sarah-Jane Carter says:

    my favourite savoury snack is cheese and onion pasty x

  27. Helen Thurston says:

    I’m definitely in the ‘savoury’ camp – salted nuts or popcorn are my usual snack

  28. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Strawberries or a satsuma.

  29. andrea tinkler says:

    Cheese and crackers and a spot of relish please…yum yum xx

  30. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Cheese, with a bit more cheese to follow!

  31. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Cheese & Celery with Salad Cream is my favourite snack

  32. donna skelton says:

    Really like bombay mix and salted peanut and cashew nuts

  33. louise Clarke says:

    I love making and snacking on macaronni cheese bites.

  34. Ellen Stafford says:

    I love cheese and crackers

  35. gemma hendry says:

    crackers and cheese

  36. Rebecca Sutton says:

    You cant beat a bit of cheese! were cheese mad in my house.

  37. Sharon Lou Johnson says:

    sweet onion sauce with pringles (beef)

  38. Susan B says:

    I really enjoy dipping into a bowl of large cashew nuts.

  39. Laura Banks says:


  40. Terrie-Ann Wright says:

    I love baked Camembert with artisan breads, so indulgent but so tasty!

  41. Geri Gregg says:

    Crackers or crisps 😀

  42. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Salt and VINEGAR peanuts – love savoury more than sweet

  43. Abigail Cullen says:

    I do enjoy cheese on crackers as a savoury snack, especially when I have had a drink or two. ☺

  44. Charlotte G says:

    I love smoked cheese and crackers 🙂

  45. MARK HOPKINS says:

    Cheese & Onion Crisps

  46. Susan Smith says:

    My favourite snack is a couple of Cream Crackers with cheese and a packet of cheese and onion crisps

  47. betsy ferguson says:

    cheese and crackers are one of my favourite snacks, and i would love to share the prize with my family x

  48. Christina Palmer says:

    I love variety cheeses on biscuit assortment

  49. Chris Andrews says:

    What is your favourite savoury snack? Or do you prefer a sweet snack? always savoury, and my favourite is . . . cheese

  50. Lorna Ledger says:

    Savoury for sure, I love cheese and onion cobs! Phwoar!

  51. Jo m welsh says:

    I do like Bombay mix as a treat and also dry roasted peanuts .

  52. Kelly Hirst says:

    My favourite savoury snack is olives and feta eaten using a cocktail stick

  53. amy bondoc says:

    thats a hrd one, i like both equally but depends on my mood, cheese is my go to even better with biscuits

  54. Hayley Colburn says:

    I get bad cravings for salt and vinegar flavoured fish n chips (like the cheesey dibbles things) trouble is I could eat a sharing bag full they are that nice

  55. Tina H says:

    I’m a big fan of cheese on crackers with pickled onions uym

  56. deb barratt says:

    i love cheddars

  57. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Love crisps, cheese & chips, not all together though

  58. Ema J Lowe says:

    crisps and chocolate

  59. Sophie Roberts says:

    I love cheese and crackers!

  60. Tracy Newton says:

    I love sweet snacks. Especially squares of dark chocolate

  61. Natalie Newham says:

    Some mature cheddar!

  62. Angela says:

    I am definitely a savoury girl. You can’t beat cheese and crackers

  63. john prendergast says:

    chips and dips

  64. olivia Kirby says:

    I love savoury snacks! I love cheese, oatcakes, nuts and crisps!

  65. Christopher Read says:

    My favourite savoury snack is cheese straws – thanks for running this comp 🙂

  66. Carole Nott says:

    my favourite snack is chocolate hobnobs – or anything else that is chocolate!

  67. Catherine Bullas says:

    Definitely savoury and anything with cheese.

  68. Emma Jane says:

    Im a crumpet girl 😊 Just a smidge of butter! Or cheese just straight from the fridge lol x

  69. Carolyn E says:

    Not just saying this because of the cheese hamper giveaway. But I do like a few slices of cheese and perhaps a few slices of cured meat/chorizo. Spanish snacking – throw in some olives with it and I am in heaven. If it’s only one thing, it has to be cheese!

  70. Hayley Colburn says:

    I love the wednesleydale with cranberries, especially at Christmas

  71. JULIE WARD says:

    Wasabi peas or nuts

  72. Krzysia says:

    I generally go for chocolates or sweet biscuits first but sometimes I really crave savoury snacks and will choose cheese and crackers – particularly Stilton.

  73. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Favourite savoury snack is cheese straws

  74. Donna Loxton says:

    My favourite savoury snack is cheese and crackers.

  75. Kim Neville says:

    I like praline chocolates

  76. Susan Naylor says:

    Cheesy biscuits are my favourite.

  77. maria says:

    I’m love sweet snacks more I have a big sweet tooth

  78. Ursula Hunt says:

    I love crisps, especially prawn cocktail

  79. Kerry H says:

    I like salted peanuts and chocolate!

  80. Beth Owen says:

    I love sweet snacks like chocolate! Yummy!

  81. Claire Murden says:

    Cheese & crackers is my favourite savoury snack, but I’ll happily munch on carrot, cucumber & pepper sticks with a reduced fat houmous too.

  82. Val Pownall says:

    I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth so I prefer things like cheese, nuts, olives – although I absolutely LOVE very dark chocolate, which isn’t very sweet, but very addictive!

  83. charlotte says:

    salted cheese crackers mmm

  84. Sam Parkes says:

    Crisps and cheese. I’m definitely a savoury girl

  85. Ericka says:

    this would be very much used by my best friend – he’s a cheese addict!

  86. Tricia cowell says:

    I love cubes of Cheddar cheese and chunks of apple

  87. James Travis says:


  88. Emma Middleton says:

    Saint Agur cheese with garlic crackers and red onion chutney is my favourite

  89. I’m a massive cheese fan for a snack, with crackers and chutney.

  90. Sharon Saunders says:

    My favourite snack is salt and black pepper crisps! Love a bit of cheese though!

  91. Deborah Petherick says:

    I am a cheese monster 🧀

  92. Bruce says:

    Meaty flavour crisps

  93. Rebecca Taylor says:

    I do love a nice crunchy salted crisp!

  94. Judith Allen says:

    I do like crisps, but am trying not to eat so many. An apple and some Wensleydale makes a lovely snack.

  95. Carol Phile says:

    Olives with oil and balsamic vinegar with chunky bread

  96. sheri Darby says:

    I love nuts

  97. Rebecca Whatmore @0zzyhog says:

    Depends what mood i’m in. I like nuts, but then I have a very sweet tooth too!

  98. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    salted popcorn

  99. Laura Pyper says:

    crackers with cranberry cheese

  100. rebecca smith says:

    I love brie and crackers

  101. Kim Lam says:

    Plain crisps

  102. Victoria Prince says:

    Nuts! Any nuts, usually either “naked” or roasted. Almonds are probably my favourite, though I would struggle to choose. I’m on a bit of a cashew kick at the moment….mostly plain, but I’m also loving chili cashews

  103. Sarah Archibald says:

    Snackajacks are typically my go to. (:

  104. paula cheadle says:

    cheese and crackers

  105. A S,Edinburgh says:

    Mine is peanut crackers, with crackers with cheese a close second.

  106. sharon catterall says:

    i love sweet chilli and sour cream kettle crisp,but theyre so fattening

  107. Sharon Hirst says:

    Definitely savoury, cheese on toast is my all-time favourite

  108. Kim M says:

    Love chocolate wafer biscuits x

  109. carol boffey says:

    anything cheesy

  110. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I love Cheese Biscuits, Tuc are one of my favourites

  111. Hazel Rea says:

    I love crackers with almond butter.

  112. Leanne Bell says:

    My most favourite savoury snack is cheese on toast.

  113. Natalie Gillham says:

    I love eating salted almonds with quality green olives x

  114. Alice Colling says:

    Cheese and crackers.

  115. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I really like crisps and dip, especially sour creme dip and pringles.

  116. Christine Caple says:

    I do have a soft spot for crisps!

  117. Hayley F says:

    I’m quite liking ritz crackers for a snack at the moment, with peanut butter x

  118. Tess D says:

    my favourite snack is digestive biscuits smothered in brie

  119. Allan Fullarton says:

    Love cheese and crackers

  120. irene gilmour says:

    rich tea biscuits or crackers are my go to snack

  121. Victoria Thurgood says:

    I love crisps

  122. Charlotte Wilde says:

    i’m a sucker for a pringle …. or of course cheese and crackers yum yum!

  123. laura stewart says:

    love cheese and crackers x

  124. Lia Burns says:

    I love ritz biscuits with cheese and pickled onions

  125. Paul Roberts says:

    Savoury for me. Love Cheese and crackers with some antipasti ☺

  126. Denise walton says:

    Cheese and crackers

  127. Janine says:

    Can’t beat a chunk of cheddar with a packet of salt and vinegar crispa

  128. Andrea A says:

    My favourite savoury snack is a cheese scone.

  129. Mary Baldwin says:

    Cheese and crackers, although I have been known to just cut off a chunk of cheese and nibble on that plain.

  130. Susan Ocock says:

    Cheese and crusty bread with home made pickled onions

  131. Danielle sedgebeer says:

    Crackers and cheese are my go to snack

  132. CAROL PATRICK says:

    I love cheese with cream crackers, but I also like sweet things (chocolate & chocolate cake)

  133. Tammy Neal says:

    Salted cashew nuts x

  134. Lara Latchem says:

    Love roasted chickpeas

  135. Cheese and biscuits with Branston pickle

  136. Angela MacDonald says:

    chocolate or salted nuts

  137. tracy sinclair says:

    My favourite snacks are dips with crackers and cheese, I also love chocolate x

  138. Pauline Black says:

    I love peanuts! And crisps! Ready salted my favourite!

  139. Lynn Neal says:

    honey roast nuts!

  140. Jo Hutchings says:

    I love nuts as a savoury snack and chocolate coated ones if I feel sweet!

  141. Caroline says:

    My favourite snack is chocolate

  142. Fiona jk42 says:

    Sometimes I crave a savoury snack such as cheese and biscuits, and other times I want chocolate.

  143. Natalie Crossan says:

    I absolutely love cheese and crackers xxx

  144. Tee Simpson says:

    I really like breadsticks with humous

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