25 September, 2018

Free And Bargain Books Linky – 25/09/2018

If you’re an avid reader on a budget, you’ll find loads of free and bargain books on this weekly book linky from Beck Valley Books. Here you’ll find a great selection of pre-loved reads plus all the new releases about to hit shelves and Kindles, all downloadable from Amazon.com.

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How are you all this week?  For us, everything seems to have revolved around the kids’ social lives as usual!  Caitlin is off on a school trip to St. Fagans National Museum of History, an outdoor museum full of restored old buildings to explore and a fantastic place to learn about the lives of people in the previous century.  She is now in Year 6 and this term’s topic is “The Victorians”.

Then, later on in October, it’s cycling proficiency time for Caitlin and she is looking forward to that with some trepidation! Currently, she hasn’t taken her bike on the busy roads surrounding us but has been practising in the safe (and more beautiful) grounds of Cosmeston nature reserve.  Anything that helps to keep our kids safe is OK by me!

The whole of the UK seems to have gone mad from Mrs Hinch and her cleaning tips.  I will say, in the defence of parents everywhere, that she does not have children but then again just yesterday on Facebook I saw a video of a lady with an immaculate house – and 9 children!  You can find lots of ideas on my cleaning tips Pinterest board and yes, I am off in search of some of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products!

Mrs Hinch’s Army seems to be divided, though, on whether too many seasonal decorations are a good thing or not – due to all that extra dusting but I’m still can’t wait for Halloween and the kids are already planning their outfits.  Talking of Halloween, I have a great giveaway from Red Candy – a Poison Whiskey decanter and 2 Doomed shot glasses. You’ll find some great ideas here for getting your home ready for Halloween.

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If you’ve a break in your own cleaning routine, you can find your own free and bargain books from Beck Valley Books on this link.

Have a great week!

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