Playground Essentials: Your Outdoor School Clothing Checklist

It’s rapidly approaching that time of year again where you can’t venture outside in just a top and trousers. Any lingering sunny spells are going to quickly transform into showers, brisk breezes and possibly an early sprinkling of snow! With the weather cooling down, we need to start thinking about keeping our little ones warm. It’s a constant battle to get Ieuan to take any sort of coat and after much arguing, he usually agrees to take a hoodie. Which he then carries!

Kids love nothing more than going outside so a little bit of cold weather won’t stop them – especially during school time as they love nothing more than getting away from their desks and onto the playground. To make their outside experience that little bit more fun, and to stop you fretting that they are sure to catch a nasty cold, here’s a quick guide to the outdoor clothing you’ll need to keep them warm on the school playground this winter.

Thermal layer

A thermal layer is great for really cold days, as they help keep your little one warm under their normal clothes. With a good base layer, you may find your child needs layers on top. Consider a shirt and trousers without the jumper whilst in the classroom as you don’t want them to overheat.


A school fleece or jumper is generally a great purchase for those colder months, as they provide an additional layer of warmth for your child. They can be worn over the top of a shirt and are thin enough to be worn underneath a jacket for those really chilly mornings. Additionally, when it milder and dry outside, a jumper works as a perfectly good outer layer – ideal for Autumn and Spring.

Warm jacket

Your kids need a great winter jacket to keep them warm while out on the playground. There’s a whole range of suitable jackets and coats to choose from but make sure you choose one that’s waterproof with a good hood. With a suitable jacket, your child can enjoy playing outside with their friends while staying warm and dry.

Waterproof backpacks

These are a great idea for school as they can protect homework, books and other pieces of paper that get shoved into the school bag from showers. A waterproof backpack can handle rain and are great for water-based activities should the kids decide to play out in the wet and jump in puddles.


Getting chilly feet can bring on a cold, so a good pair of wellies is necessary for keeping little feet warm and dry. There are several options on the wellie front. A wellington boot with an internal fleece or wool lining provides an extra layer of warmth against those cold conditions and are perfect for puddle jumping.

With wellies like these you can remove the inner fleece lining should the spring bring milder weather or your child’s feet grow, meaning they can continue to wear these wellies well into the new season. These are the perfect shoe for walking to and from school in on the wet days and they can carry a pair of smart shoes to change into in their bag.

Hats, gloves and scarfs

It’s important to keep heads, ears, necks and hands covered in the cold weather. Ears get cold quickly, so hats are a must. Scarves provide that additional layer of warmth to your child’s neck on a cold day too.

Hands feel the cold pretty quickly as well, so gloves are also important. Make sure you opt for waterproof gloves for wet or snowy weather. For younger children, mittens are great, but they do limit movement so older children may find these uncomfortable.

Have your kids prepared for anything with these playground essentials and I’d pick them up early to avoid the winter rush.



  1. Nigel Soper
    24 September, 2018 / 1:21 am

    Great article, thanks. The problem with children is they grow. If the parents shell out on quite expensive winter gear it will soon not fit and the money wasted.

  2. Sally Collingwood
    17 September, 2018 / 11:37 am

    This list was really useful, thank you Linda

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