4 September, 2018

Review: The Teenage Girls Survival Bible by Jane Bradley

Caitlin may be 11 in November but she has all the attitude and anxiety of a teenager already.  I was intrigued, then, to discover The Teenage Girls Survival Bible by Jane Bradley which Caitlin has secreted in her room and is reading from cover to cover.  Inside the book covers all the most important teenage girls issues.

Jane Bradley is a highly successful make-up artist to the stars and she also shares her years of insider knowledge on make-up, skincare, hair care and style. She reveals the ‘behind the scenes’ secrets of a celebrity photo shoot and sheds light on the harsh realities of ‘fame’.

The book is absolutely brimming with tips, life hacks and advice and in its pages, you’ll find advice on boys and break-ups, friendships and love, bullying and panic attacks, depression and self-esteem. All the teenage girls issues are here.

teenage girls issues - Caitlin holding The Teenage Girls Survival Bible book

There’s plenty of advice about the developing teenage girl’s body too; from bad breath to B.O., periods, contraception and pregnancy.

Inside you’ll find tips about being streetwise including topics such as tattoos and body piercing.

In all honesty, it is, as the title suggests, more suitable for teens familiar with the facts of life and for whom dating and sex is looming large on the horizon, but there’s nothing here to scare the horses – just sensible, good old-fashioned advice that you might expect from a big sister or, hopefully, your mum.

You may not feel comfortable letting your tween read about some of the topics, but then again, by raising the topic you at least have a chance to discuss things with your daughter. Personally, I find that the lines between tween and teen are becoming increasingly blurred and ‘teenage’ issues seem to be raising their head far earlier than they did in my younger years.

We all know how uncommunicative teens can be and this is the sort of book that Jane hopes teens will buy for themselves. It is also, I would suggest, worth giving to a more sophisticated tween to discuss growing up with them. Teenage girls issues are rapidly becoming the problems of our tweens too.

I recently discovered that some of Caitlin’s peer group watched the last series of Love Island which, in my view, was totally unsuitable for girls of her age. At least with a book like this, you can open up some sort of dialogue in a way that might get you listened to.  Hopefully!

I particularly like Jane’s clear spelling out of the fact that, when it comes to sex, no means no – no matter what girls are wearing or how much they have drunk.

As a girl, Jane was extremely shy.  She thought was ugly and was bullied. Reaching puberty, she says her ears stuck out, she was goofy and lanky but her mum made it her business to instil self-love, self-belief and self-confidence into her.  Meeting her boyfriend’s teenage daughters inspired her to write The Teenage Girls Survival Bible to share this advice.

We really liked the book and it is now carefully hidden in Caitlin’s bedroom from where it appears from time to time as she shares another useful snippet of advice – e.g. how many calories are in wine.  I can’t think why.

There are also lots of really practical tips (3 basic meals to make, how to interpret washing instructions on clothing) and lots of advice that applies to any age – or gender!

The Teenage Girls Survival Bible is published by Troubador Publishing Limited RRP £15.99.  The book is available on Amazon.co.uk.

33 responses to “Review: The Teenage Girls Survival Bible by Jane Bradley”

  1. Tee Simpson says:

    Being liked by-friends

  2. Victoria Thurgood says:

    My boyfriend he was a real bad boy

  3. Charlotte Wilde says:

    fitting in and being liked

  4. sharon catterall says:

    kissing boys and being pressured to have sex too early,i think this applies to most girls today,luckily i got away with only kissing boys and never let the pressure get to me as it did with a lot of my friends who ended up pregnant and had to leave school early,

  5. carol boffey says:

    exam stress

  6. Kim M says:

    Having to stand up and talk in front of people x

  7. Paula Cheadle says:

    what my peers said about me

  8. Rebecca Whatmore @0zzyhog says:

    Exam stress.

  9. Stephen Little says:

    Failing exams.

  10. Sheri Darby says:

    Being too shy

  11. holly harmsworth says:

    Image and fitting in was my biggest worry as a teenager

  12. Jodie Green says:

    Body image

  13. maria says:

    I used to worry all the time and the funny thing is I don’t know what I worried about… it all seems so silly now

  14. Michelle Ferguson says:

    How I looked

  15. Caroline says:

    Self confidence

  16. Christina Palmer says:

    Getting good enough grades

  17. cheryl hadfield says:

    greasy hair and spots was my issue

  18. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Body image – I was a beanpole !

  19. Suzanne Gaulton says:

    Acne – still troubles me to this day!

  20. Ruth Harwood says:

    Being bullied x

  21. Janet Birkin says:

    My weight

  22. Solange says:

    What I wanted to do in the future.

  23. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Commented on Review: Will You Sleep Sounder With A SIMBA Hybrid Mattress?

  24. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Having no friends and feeling different and left out (I was later diagnosed with autism, which made sense of it all, would have been nice to have known at the time!)

  25. MARK HOPKINS says:

    Body weight.

  26. Ashleigh Allan says:

    How i looked

  27. Annabel Greaves says:

    I hated my greasy skin

  28. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    The Future

  29. clair downham says:

    puberty and periods

  30. Ellen Stafford says:

    Periods and spots!

  31. andrea tinkler says:

    getting acne. I was obsessed that i was going to be covered in spots and have scars

  32. Tracy Nixon says:

    Body image!

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