31 October, 2018

Free And Bargain Books Linky 31/10/2018

Hello book lovers! If you’re an avid reader on a budget, you’ll find loads of free and bargain books on this weekly book linky from Beck Valley Books. Here you’ll find a great selection of pre-loved reads plus all the new releases about to hit shelves and Kindles, all downloadable from Amazon.com.

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Happy Halloween!

We’re in the middle of half term here in Wales and are off to St. Fagans tonight for Halloween fun and the burning of the wicker man. If you live near Cardiff, the St Fagans National History Museum of Wales is always worth a visit.  Here’s how we got on last year.

If boredom has already set in with your kids you might find some ideas in my list of activities for the half-term but failing that, a good old-fashioned ramble in the countryside usually sorts out a bad case of the grumps and blows the cobwebs away.

If you’re celebrating Halloween I’m sure you have everything organised but if you’re going trick or treating keep your little ones safe with these tips and don’t forget that some pets find Halloween very stressful.

If you have carved a pumpkin, by the way, I recently learned that squirrels and other wildlife love them so popping the used shells to your local nature reserve or just putting them out in the garden might be more environmentally friendly than just throwing them into the food recycling bins.

It’s really cold here in Wales and time to embrace all things Hygge to get cosy.  If you’re interested in the Danish concept of creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, you’ll find lots of ideas on my Pinterest board.  We’ll certainly be investing in new hats, gloves and scarves as no matter how many I buy, I can never find them when the temperature drops!

I have some great new giveaways including Zuru Gross Smashers for kids and a lovely teen boys hoodie from GANT, as well as Wally The Washer, a fun tabletop game from Drumond Park so don’t forget to bookmark my giveaways page.

If you do manage to find a moment for yourself, as ever, you can find plenty of free and bargain books from Beck Valley Books on this link.

Have a great week!

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