Review: Getting Creative With Hunkydory Crafts

This amazing carry roll contains 48 pencils, each with their own different 3mm coloured lead at the centre. There is just about every colour you can think of and they can be blended to create any number of colours in any tone or shade you could possibly want.

I have no previous experience of using watercolour pencils but, as Caitlin told me, you can create different effects by activating your pencils with water. It’s fascinating to see the colour almost come alive when you ‘wash’ over it with a brush.  Obviously, the more water you add, the less intense the colour will be, but there’s a lovely rainbow of colours here to play with.

When you’re using watercolour pencils you’ll find the new Premier Craft Tools Waterbrushes from Hunkydory pretty handy as they are designed for use with watercolour pencils.

There are three craft water brushes with a small, medium and large brush which you can use for the different watercolour techniques such as washing the colour more broadly or concentrating on intricate detail.

Rather cleverly, the brushes contain a reservoir for water which is released when you squeeze the brush.  No more cups of dirty water that usually get knocked over!  You can even ‘wash’ the colour out of your brush by just squeezing it.

Caitlin had no problem using these so they are definitely suitable for a slightly older child to use.

To go with the pencils and brushes, we received a pad of watercolour card.

The pad contains 30 sheets of A5 professional watercolour card (280gsm) which is heavy enough not to buckle or warp when water is applied to it.

You could easily use the pad to make cards and each sheet can be torn out separately.  The card is also suitable for die-cutting.

Caitlin’s first attempt isn’t bad at all and we’re looking forward to going a little wilder with the colour palette and creating some larger scale watercolour drawings to impress grandfather John with.

We were surprised how reasonably priced these items were with the pencils being £24,99, the brushes £7.99 and the pad of card £9.99.

Find out more at Hunkydory Crafts online. You can also join Club Hunkydory for free project ideas, competitions and there’s even Club Hunkydory TV.


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  1. 24 October, 2018 / 5:08 pm

    What a great set of things to get creative with. They would make fab Christmas gifts.
    Well done your girl. x

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