16 Top Tips To Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

How to get your kids to eat healthy is one of the constant battles of parenthood in my experience.  It can be a constant struggle if you have fussy eaters – and one that has been well documented in this blog!

How to get your kids to eat healthier - Caitlin & Ieuan laughing and drinking milk together

This useful infographic from www.familiesonline.co.uk  has some great ideas but bear in mind point 16 – don’t beat yourself up.

These things take time – and I speak as a woman whose 9-year-old son still won’t eat mashed potato on the basis that he hates the texture and whose 10-year-old daughter loathes peas.

how to get your kids to eat healthy - infographic from Families Online

How to get your kids to eat healthy isn’t such a complex problem as long as you’re prepared to be consistent and to apply these ideas daily.

It also really helps if your partner is on board too so that you can put forward a united front.  That just leaves Grandma and Grandpa to convince, doesn’t it?

What’s your favourite tip – and have you any to add?

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  1. Laura Findlay
    4 November, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing x

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