Could You Use Your Negativity To Win In 2019?

It’s that time of year when we find ourselves both reflecting on the year just past and the one to come. It’s time to evaluate everything that has gone before, to take stock and to make some changes.

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The problem with this, of course, is that, if we’re not careful, our focus can be on all the bad events, the unhappy moments, the things we shouldn’t have said and the things we should have done.

But if we find ourselves locked in a spiral of negative thinking, can we turn this around?  Could negative thinking actually be a good thing?

Clayton John Ainger, award-winning author of The Ego’s Code (£15.99, Panoma Press) shares why negativity is a powerful message from you, to you; a message to learn from rather than suppress you.

Because we all have this tendency to focus on the negative, we may find this causes so much uncertainty that we end up paralysed and end up doing nothing.

As you change, your life changes. Rather than look at negativity as an obstacle, it is better to see it a fuel for change and one which can motivate you to make important changes so that you reveal the real you, the you that is often hidden away!

Here are his three quick tips to help you start banishing your negative thinking in 2019.

Change the meaning of your negativity

Negativity is a natural and normal part of life and is a valuable resource for change. By treating negativity as innately bad or wrong, we give it more power over us and increase its impact in our lives.

Changing the meaning you give negativity and seeing it as something to serve you, rather than hinder you, allows you to approach uncomfortable and difficult situations in a new way, which enhances your ability to engage more fully with life.

Be Aware, Acknowledge and Act on your Negativity

It’s easy to allow ourselves to feel the weight of negativity. When we do this, our negativity anchors us to the past, causing us to literally relive our past in the here and now.

At that moment, we are prevented from making any true progress in life. It becomes easier to bail out and accept failure rather than to push through and pursue success.

Instead of dismissing negativity or sweeping it aside, become aware of it, because awareness pulls you out of the past into the present.

Acknowledge and express gratitude for your negativity! You are about to learn something about yourself to help you in life.

You then have a choice; you can react, in a way that could harm you or someone else, or you can respond by consciously acting in a way that serves you for your highest good.

It is this state of being that make lasting changes, not short-term fixes.

Set yourself up to WIN

Before you go into challenging situations, or have difficult conversations that may trigger negative thinking, try the ‘WIN’ technique to calm the mind, body and emotions; Focus on your intention and the desired outcome so that you feel confident enough to serve others and express your truth.

Here is the WIN technique:

W: Walk and Breathe

Deep, controlled breathing helps you to calm down, bringing clarity about the situation. Clayton always walks in a figure-eight; to access both sides of the brain – creativity and logic – and align his head and heart, powering up his intuition.

I: Intention

As you walk, focus on your intention and outcome from the situation. Clayton spends a lot of time front-of-room speaking, engaging with senior leaders in business, working with customers from all walks of life so being clear about his intention and how he can serve his clients or his audience at the highest level is of the highest importance to him.

Clarity and certainty of his outcomes bring confidence and puts him in the best mindset to help his clients win.

N: Nail it

Deliver, succeed and celebrate! So many people quickly move onto the next thing without thinking about what they just achieved.

Celebrating your achievements helps you to get a sense of your real value and real self-worth. When you value yourself, others will automatically do the same. ”

What do you think of Clayton’s tips?

Personally, I think it’s far healthier to accept your negativity and to actively channel it, rather than make yourself miserable by trying to suppress it – and becoming even more negative in the process!


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  1. Susie Wilkinson
    25 November, 2018 / 12:12 am

    I remember making my Doctor laugh a few years ago when I explained to him why negativity is a good thing – I still do a lot of studying and always expect to fail because I think very negatively about myself, so it’s usually a nice surprise when I get my results!

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