How To Boost Your Energy For The Festive Season

If, like me, you are facing the festive season with something like mild dread at the thought of everything you have to do, you might find your energy levels seriously depleted. It may be time to consider boosting your diet with an energy supplement such as Pharmaton.

Those of us who juggle the needs of kids, elderly parents and our own health challenges may well be excused for wanting to lie down under a duvet and wait until January 1st.

Readers of this blog will know that I am constantly searching for natural ways to boost my energy levels and deal with my ailments because, as a tinnitus sufferer, I have to be careful about what I take or I risk a tinnitus spike.  It’s too easy to reach for medication or to self-medicate in various unhealthy ways, isn’t it?

I have recently been sent a multivitamin and mineral supplement called Pharmaton Vitality which is an energy supplement containing Ginseng G115, vitamins A, B group, C, D, E, Folic Acid, Biotin and minerals Iron, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium.

Pharmaton Vitality Capsules are designed to provide a temporary energy boost to get you through challenging periods where your immune system might not be functioning at its best.  Coping with fatigue on a daily basis is enough to suck the pleasure out of most things and makes enjoying life very difficult in my experience.

You simply take one Pharmaton Vitality Capsule a day with food for the first 4 weeks.  Then if you are feeling better, you can continue to take them for up to 12 weeks.  If you are not feeling better after 4 weeks or if you still aren’t 100% after 12 weeks then you should see your GP.

The Ginseng G115 combines with the other vitamins and minerals to enhance mental and physical performance to give you the extra oomph you need to get you through to bedtime.

I’ve been trying Pharmaton Vitality capsules for the last 4 weeks and have to say that I do feel much perkier for it.  That dragging tired feeling has definitely lifted.

It is important to remember, of course, that you need to improve your overall standard of nutrition and your water take, as well as prioritising sleep and self-care during periods of stress and fatigue.

You may well know what is causing your daily fatigue.  It’s no surprise that mums and dads wrestling with little ones’ sleeping habits, those who work antisocial hours and those burning the midnight oil to study will be feeling tired.

Sometimes though, fatigue creeps up on us and this could be due to low iron levels or the cumulative effect of poor food choices, too much alcohol or even stress due to heavy workloads or a relationship crisis.

Taking an energy supplement such as Pharmaton Vitality is a good way to redress the balance of vitamins and minerals in your body whilst you implement a ‘feel better fast’ plan and put your self-care first.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but if you are feeling under the weather you are more likely to fall prey to more serious illnesses so it makes sense to carve out some time for you.

Your feel better fast plan

Get an early night (or two)

We tell our kids this all the time – you’re tired and stroppy and you need an early night.  But how often do we put ourselves to bed before midnight?  Netflix will still be there in the morning.

Track your water intake

How many days a week do you drink the required amount of water for an adult?  You should be drinking 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day.  Set alarms on your phone if you need to, to remind you it’s time to rehydrate.

Cut the booze

Alcohol dehydrates and destroys important vitamins in the body, particularly the B-complex vitamins and we all know that we are supposed to be drinking no more than 14 units of alcohol a week (for example 7 175ml glasses of wine a week).

Your doctor won’t recommend this but, personally, in times of stress, I find a glass of wine with dinner to be perfectly manageable.  The trick is stopping at one.

Get more fruit and veg in you

This is all stuff your mother probably told you but it doesn’t matter how many times I tell my kids they ignore me so, on that basis …..

Try just adding 2 pieces of fruit a day – one for breakfast, one as a snack.  See where you can add in extra veg to a meal.  Or, do what the French do and make yourself a small side salad as a starter.

If you have a blender why not whisk up some simple smoothies (banana, strawberry and milk is a favourite with the kids) or some green juice which you can take to work with you if you’re rushed.

And you don’t need me to tell you that a baked potato with beans is far better for you than the 2000 calories lurking in a takeaway fish supper.

Go for a 30-minute walk a day

I think the trick with exercise is to pick something you know you can do without it adding to your list of things to do and making you more stressed.  A 30-minute walk at lunchtime to get some valuable fresh air and to boost your vitamin D levels with some sun will really help.

Am I going to tell you to ‘hit the gym’? My readers know me better than that!

Meet up with a friend

Loneliness can be a killer and we all know that a trouble shared is, hopefully, a trouble halved.  Talking to a good friend is very therapeutic and if you pick the right person to talk to, you’ll get an objective overview of your situation and the type of advice you really need to hear (and have probably been ignoring from everyone else).

Get it all down on paper

Journalling is enormously popular but it requires discipline and consistency.  That said, it’s easy enough to get a nice notebook and just write down everything that is bothering you.

You’ll soon notice recurring themes, situations or people and that clarity will help you to step back a bit and work out how to solve the problem.

Do you need professional advice?  A new job?  A relationship counsellor?  More help around the house?  All of the above!

Prioritise the help you need

When you’ve done that make a list of the immediate next steps you are going to put in place, together with the people you need to make that happen.

Diarise these action steps and commit to carrying them out.  Make them small enough to not add to your stress but to make you feel relieved that you’ve finally carried them out.

It might be something as simple as clearing out the spare room or booking the car in for a service.  I’ve been meaning to take the kids for passport photos and to get them re-registered since I married after having them.  Let too many of these accumulate and they’ll soon start to weigh you down!

So there you have it.  You’ve nothing to lose by giving these things a go and, in the meantime, why not give Pharmaton Vitality Capsules a try?

What are the things that contribute most to your daily fatigue?  Let me know in the comments below.


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