Five Questions You Should be Asking Your Customers

Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on market research, along with countless hours of time trying to figure out how to please your customers, there is one very simple method of accomplishing it.

Ask them.

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People will usually tell you everything you need to know if you just ask. With that thought in mind, businesses ranging from ebooks online stores to sporting goods providers will benefit from learning the answers to these five questions you should be asking your customers.

What do you like about shopping with us?

You might learn the thing you thought was your most attractive feature doesn’t matter at all to shoppers. On the other hand, you might also learn that that thing really is the main thing. Either way, it’s a good way to find out what you’re doing right so you can build upon it and make your customer experience even better.

What do you dislike about shopping with us?

This one is pretty self-explanatory. However, be prepared to toughen your skin, you might hear some things you don’t want to hear. Which, of course, is the whole point of the exercise, facing facts you might have not wanted to face—or completely overlooked. Either way, it’s a question you shouldn’t shy away from asking.

How would you characterize your last experience with us?

One of the strange quirks about humanity is people will tell everyone around you how much they dislike you, but they won’t tell you—unless you ask. This question has the potential to elicit responses that questions one and two above do not. Shoppers could well love shopping with you for the most part, but the last time they had an issue with something, one of your reps left them feeling less than valued. This gives them an opportunity to vent to you, rather than all over social media. And, it gives you an opportunity to make the situation right.

If you could change something about our website, what would it be?

Let’s say you’re marketing ebooks. Even if you use one of the best e-commerce platform providers like Shopify for your ebooks online stores, you could have still overlooked some key feature shoppers encountered elsewhere and appreciated. Asking this question lets you get a peek at your competitors from the perspective of the shopper. It’s an invaluable opportunity.

What else do you think we should know—or do?

Placing this question at the end of the survey gives the respondent an opportunity to sum everything up in a nice neat package. It demonstrates your willingness to understand exactly where your customers’ concerns lie and it gives them a chance to tell you about anything else your questions may have overlooked.

The True Value of Customer Feedback

Asking for customer feedback from time-to-time—and acting upon the information you gather—is key to your continued customer satisfaction. Competition is very intense out there these days even though e-commerce is still in its infancy. This presents you with an opportunity to get well established while the wave is still building.

Seeking customer feedback in this manner will:

  • Improve your service
  • Enable you to provide a smoother customer experience,
  • Allow you to look at your business from a different perspective
  • Give you a foundation for better business decisions
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Help you identify your best customers

The value of these advantages cannot be overstated. And, the best thing of all is you don’t have to work that hard to acquire them.  All you need to know is these five questions you should be asking your customers.


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