8 November, 2018

Free And Bargain Book Linky – 08/11/2018

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Happy November

If you’re anything like me you are warming up for the festive season and either wincing at all the Christmas adverts appearing on TV or embracing them with gusto.  Do you think it’s OK to feel Christmassy yet?

A recent survey said that 1 in 5 Brits has already completed their Christmas shopping by 1st November.  I am definitely NOT one of those 5!

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Every year I promise to get everything finished by 1st December and this year is no different.  Whilst it’s so easy to rely on Amazon, the British High Street seems to be so under threat that we are making a conscious effort to support our local retailers and the smaller businesses for whom this time of year is so important, profit-wise.

In any case, the kids haven’t got a clue what they would like for Christmas.  Kids really do have everything these days, don’t they?  I remember my sister and I were allowed to ask Santa for ONE main present and aside from an artfully stuffed football sock, put together by dad, the rest of our pressies were from relatives.  And we never felt shortchanged.  Nor was the magic dulled by lack of all things Apple and ‘i’.

That said, Christmas shopping can be a challenge for those of us in our menopause years and you definitely need stamina to navigate the crowds and the overheated department stores!

As much as I love the turkey and tinsel, for many of us, the festive season is often about making ends meet and saving cash for Christmas wherever we can.  The more diligent among us might have been saving all year round or have done their Christmas shopping in the January sales.  I’ve never been that organised!

All we can do is prioritise what makes Christmas special for everyone and focus on having the best Christmas we can with the money we have.  Nobody wants to start the New Year with a Christmas debt hangover, do they?

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If you do manage to find a moment for yourself, as ever, you can find plenty of free and bargain books from Beck Valley Books on this link.  Make the most of the pre-Christmas lull and carve out some time for yourself!

Have a great week!

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