14 November, 2018

Super Ski Jump Tabletop Game From Drumond Park Giveaway

When I was young, we’d gather around the TV every Sunday night and watch Ski Sunday.  I was always fascinated by the bravery of those attempting the ski jump – remember Eddie The Eagle?  Needless to say, I’m not brave enough to attempt it but this version I might.  Drumond Park has launched their Super Ski Jump tabletop game (rrp £19.99, age 8+).

Super Ski Jump Tabletop Game from Drumond Park box

Super Ski Jump is a game for 2-4 players over 3 thrilling rounds – and the aim of the game is to send your skiing character flying down the sizeable ski ramp to score the most points by doing tricks and nailing the perfect landing!

super ski jump tabletop game from Drumond Park box contents

Players take it in turns to jump once in each round, choosing which of the four characters and the playing piece (Sledge, Bath Tub, Snowboard, Skis) they would like to use. Once you’ve assembled and set up the ski jump ramp, you’re ready to go – although if you’re a competitive soul, you’ll want to have a practice session first.

The youngest player goes first – placing his or her character at the top of the ramp, and adjusting the height of the ski ramp to one of the three different levels.  To start your jump, turn the wheel to send your character whizzing down the ramp.  Now for the skilful part … press down on the lever to raise the lower part of the ramp and send your character off into the air!

Make sure you watch your jump closely to count the number of flips and the style of landing.  When you’ve finished your jump, count the points based on which playing piece you chose, how many flips you managed and how you landed.  Mark your points on the scorecard and it’s on to the next player.

Family playing Super Ski Jump Tabletop Game From Drumond Park

Repeat the process for all players over the three rounds to complete the game.  At the end of the final round, the players are ranked based on their single highest scoring jump, and of course, the winner is the player with the highest score!

If any two players have the same highest score, they must enter into a nail-biting ‘Jump Off’ competition against each other – with a single jump to determine who is the overall Champion this time round!

There are some nifty hints and tips included in the instruction sheet, with additional scorecards available to download online at www.drumondpark.com/superskijump

For example – why not try capturing your amazing, acrobatic ski jump feats on your phone (maybe even in slo-mo!)… and while you’re at it, you can also upload videos to social media using #superskijump!

Super Ski Jump is the ultimate trick challenge that’s set to have everyone hitting the slopes this Autumn – jumping, flipping and landing as skilfully as they can.

Perfecting your technique and gaining points is fabulous, addictive fun – and guaranteed to keep everyone entertained for hours!

For more information and stockists please visit www.drumondpark.com or get in touch on Facebook facebook.com/drumondpark or Twitter twitter.com/drumondpark.

The giveaway

I have 1 Super Ski Jump tabletop game to give away.  Entry is via the Gleam widget and the usual terms and conditions apply which can be found on my giveaways page.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 7th December.

Super Ski Jump Tabletop Game From Drumond Park

Good luck!


138 responses to “Super Ski Jump Tabletop Game From Drumond Park Giveaway”

  1. Natalie Gillham says:

    I love ice skating x

  2. Scott Fallon says:

    Ice hockey

  3. Laura Lee says:

    My favourite winter sport is ice skating, and love the fact that its so popular this time of year. Thanks for the chance

  4. Rosalind Blight says:

    Ice skating

  5. Claire Elizabeth Noke says:

    We Love Ice Skating

  6. laura stewart says:

    Ice skating! looking forward to dancing on ice x

  7. Angela Sharp says:

    Ice skating, really mesmerising to watch, can’t skate myself just yet

  8. Richard Saunders says:

    Ski jump would fantastic, although I would need to learn to ski..and then learn to ski jump.

  9. Lisa Pond says:

    Ice hockey

  10. Emma Gough says:

    I love the ski jump! I always close my eyes though lol!

  11. Carol Boffey says:

    ice skating

  12. Ryan Painter says:


  13. Katie McGinley says:

    Ice skating

  14. Karen Dixon says:

    I have always loved the gracefulness and ice skating but am yet to try it.

  15. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Snow-boarding. It looks oh so cool!

  16. Troy Easton says:


  17. paula cheadle says:

    I love to watch the winter games, love the ski jump

  18. I love the idea of ice skating, the elegance, the dance and the music – not so much the cold floor where I spend most of my time on the rink though!

  19. charlotte wilde says:

    I like winter walking up in the mountains!

  20. Rachael Sexey says:

    Ice skating ☃️

  21. Emma Hussain says:

    Ice skating

  22. Danielle Pooley says:

    Ice skating is always fun

  23. Lara Latchem says:

    Ice skating

  24. Adrian Bold says:

    I enjoy ice skating whenever I can. Thanks for the competition!

  25. Christopher Read says:

    Ice skating, but I like watching bob sleigh 🙂

  26. Emily Neasham says:

    Sledging!! So much fun then home for a hot chocolate after!

  27. ADRIAN PRICE says:

    you cant beat good old fashioned skiying

  28. LEE HARDY says:

    Ice skating

  29. Sheri Darby says:

    Making snowmen. Does that count?

  30. Amy Denney says:

    Ice skating is my favourite winter sport.

  31. Angela Elliott says:


  32. Geri Gregg says:

    Ice skating is my favourite winter sport

  33. donna l jones says:


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    Ice Skating but I need lots more practice!

  35. Ray Becker says:


  36. Laura Turner says:

    Does throwing snowballs count?

  37. Allan Wilson says:

    Biathlon – probably the hardest sport in the world due to the varying heart rates required.

  38. Rachel Craig says:

    Ice skating.

  39. JULIE WARD says:

    I like watching ice skating, don’t fancy trying it though

  40. sarah morris says:

    Ice skating

  41. Lorraine Stone says:

    Love to do winter walking and also watch downhill ski-ing on tv

  42. Amanda w says:

    Does curling up in front of the fire watching a film count?! I love baking the kids sledging when it snows too! Lots of fun!!@

  43. Clare Hubbard says:

    Ice skating

  44. Claire Willmer says:


  45. Jen morgan says:

    We love ice skating

  46. jules eley says:


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    ice skating

  48. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    I don’t indulge in winter sports, unless snowman building & snowball fights are winter sports

  49. Emma Fox says:

    My son loves iceskating – although I’m rubbish at it!

  50. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I don’t do any winter sports!

  51. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Snowboarding looks great on telly

  52. kimberley ryan says:

    has to be ice hockey

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    Ice Skating, its such fun!

  54. Ashleigh Allan says:


  55. Claire Woods says:

    Ice skating but I’m not good at it.

  56. stacey turner says:

    I like ice skating, although i’m not very good at it and spend most of my time on my bum

  57. Jo Hutchings says:

    I don’t take part in any but I like watching ice-skating.

  58. Chris Andrews says:

    What is your favourite winter sport? . . . . . figure skating

  59. Lorna Ledger says:

    Staying in bed 😉 I like watching the bob sleigh though!

  60. Jo says:

    Ice skating – haven’t done it for years but it was fun

  61. debbi ruskin says:

    Is hunkering down by a warm fire with a good book a winter sport? No? Ok then – ice skating 🙂

  62. Gillian McClelland says:

    Snowboarding is my favourite winter sport – they always make it look so easy

  63. Debbie Finnerty says:

    I love ice skating and sledging with the kids is fun too

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    Ice Skating

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    I love Bobsleigh.

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  75. James McLaughlin says:


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    I love watching the ice dance and snow boarding fab! X

  77. Lyndsey Cooksey says:

    My favourite winter sport has to be ice skating. I did it when I was younger but I adore watching it on the TV.

  78. TRACY JAMES says:

    i really like to watch the skiing on t.v,but i also enjoy the ice skating

  79. Rebecca Mercer says:

    i love watching ice skating

  80. Kelly Morgan says:


  81. Kellie McIntyre says:

    Snowball fights!!! & I don’t hold any prisoners

  82. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Ice skating.

  83. Christine Lockley says:

    Does walking count, if so I love a good winter trek in our beautiful countryside

  84. Ursula Hunt says:

    I love sledging, not down anything professional just a good hill

  85. Susie Wilkinson says:

    I have to admit, I’d rather stay indoors, but I do like watching the bobsleigh and skeleton in the Winter Olympics

  86. Shelley Jessup says:

    Ice Skating as it is so elegant & beautiful & requires a lot of trust & dedication!

  87. Angela treadway says:

    mine is probably going on a tobogan down the ski slope z

  88. justine meyer says:

    Sledging if and when we get snow

  89. Lesley Bradley says:

    I’ve indulged in a bit of sledging with the kids but that’s about my limit!

  90. Kay Sherman says:

    Snowboarding looks great fun x

  91. Amy Bondoc says:

    i just love to ski, not very good at it but we have been going every winter for 3 years now

  92. Jade Hewlett says:

    I like ice skating but I’m not very good at it, great to watch on TV though!

  93. Natalie Crossan says:

    Skiing xx

  94. Tracy Newton says:

    I love sledging with the kids, but love watching snowboarding on the tv. How on earth do they do that?

  95. Ruth Harwood says:

    we enjoy snowboarding

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    Love sledging x

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    does snowman making count 😀 or ice skating

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    My favourite winter sport has to be snowboarding

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    Ice skating is my favourite winter sport

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    Bobsleigh looks exciting!

  101. It’s got to be Ice Skating I think, I love doing it and watching it x

  102. Karen Barrett says:


  103. I like sledging I think best of all, I wasn’t great at skiing! x

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    Figure skating

  105. Adrienne McGroder says:

    Skiing is my favourite winter sport

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    Snow Boarding

  107. Tracy Clark says:

    sledging, but we have not had a lot of snow this last few years

  108. Karen T. says:

    Ice skating

  109. Sean eccles says:

    Ice skating ⛸ but shhh I only take the kids because I don’t look useless cause I can’t skate well ?

  110. Andrea Upton says:

    I like watching skiing, and sledging with the children is fun

  111. Samantha O'D says:

    Snow Boarding

  112. Susan B says:

    A brisk walk in wellies and a mac does it for me.

  113. Toni Pearson says:

    I love watching short track speed skating and ice hockey

  114. olivia kirby says:

    Probably ice skating

  115. Kelly leigh says:


  116. Victoria Lovell says:

    Ice skating

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    I love watching the ice skating

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    Ice hockey

  119. Catherine McAlinden says:

    Skiing looks fun, I’ve never tried it though.

  120. lesley renshaw says:

    Every winter we visit a Christmas Market just to go ice-skating as a family so that has to be my favourite. This looks like a really fun game for the family to play on Christmas Day x

  121. iain maciver says:

    love sledging

  122. Martina Pichova says:

    I only tried snowboarding once but would love to do it again.

  123. Annabel Greaves says:

    My son loves skiing

  124. MARIA ROGERS says:

    I could win a gold for snuggling on sofa with a hot chocolate as my winter sport

  125. Jo m welsh says:

    Ice skating although I’m not very good I do enjoy it

  126. Laura Pyper says:

    Ice skating

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    I like ice skating.

  128. Solange says:

    I love snowboarding.

  129. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Snowball fights and sledging

  130. melanie stirling says:

    I went skiing when I was 12 and really enjoyed it and I like watching it on tv.

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    Snowboarding 🙂

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    ice skating

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    I like watching the Snowboarding, always amazed by the height and speed

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    Snowboarding looks fun and very fast

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    Sledging! I enjoy watching ski jumping on tv!