6 Kids’ Room Updates You Can Do In Time For The New Year

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and there’s nothing better than seeing the faces of your little ones light up when they wake up on Christmas morning – even if you don’t normally like being woken at 5 am!

They get gifted so much over the Christmas period, that their rooms are often fit to burst with a mess of toys come New Year. And like us adults, kids like to hoard and have an aversion to throwing things away!

So, why not start the New Year with a complete room refresh for your little ones? You don’t need a huge budget to make their room look new and inviting. Who knows, they might actually be able to see what toys they have to play with! Unsure of where to start? Read on for some handy tips and helpful advice.


The kids’ rooms can look tatty and worn so quickly, so now is the time to do something about it. Whether the skirting boards are scruffy, battered and need replacing – check out ovolo skirting from skirtingsrus.co.uk – or perhaps your budding Picasso has taken to expressing themselves on the walls, if the wallpaper is peeling in places, if there are remnants from stickers on the walls or furniture then you’ll be amazed at what a difference a bit of room maintenance can make.

Little additions

From soggy towels, to coats, bookbags, dressing gowns and onesies. It’s amazing how much stuff ends up on the floor. Introduce some coat hooks or pegs into the room (at a height they can reach!) and they can take responsibility for picking things up off the floor and hanging them up neatly. It’ll certainly help when you’re late for school and can’t find their coat!

Soft spots

Kids usually end up playing on the floor with their toys, so it’ll be more enjoyable for them if where they play is comfortable and soft. Try adding a new rug to their room so when they’re on the floor they’ll comfortably play for hours – rather than spreading their toys out all over the house for you to stand on.

Don’t forget the windows

We all know how expensive curtains and blinds can be, so the trick here is to choose something that will last – and that they will like until they are old enough to leave home. Avoid things like curtains with cartoon characters on, or specifically girly or boyish colours. Kids change their minds so often – almost as often as teenagers! Consider some blackout curtains or blinds to help them get a good night’s sleep.


The same applies to the walls. If you want to update them, then you need to choose a design that they won’t grow out of. Stars, stripes and subtle patterns are usually best. If wallpapering isn’t your forte then see about painting a feature wall instead.

A reading corner

The joy of reading is something we should encourage as much as we can. So you could dedicate an area of the bedroom to reading. A bean bag or two, cushions and good lighting will set the scene perfectly.


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