20 December, 2018

Birthstone Jewellery – Which Gemstone Is Yours?

You’re probably aware that birthstone jewellery is extremely eye-catching, but did you also know that each individual stone has its own unique history?

This makes a birthstone the ideal birthday or Christmas present, as one that has real meaning for every individual recipient.

You can also buy birthstone-inspired presents in an ongoing series, allowing you to pair this type of diamond necklace with a matching (and equally stunning) earring set over time.

Still, it’s hard to head out and buy birthstone jewellery, at least unless you understand each stone and its own unique meaning.

To help with this, here’s a brief guide to each month’s birthstone and a breakdown of its meaning!

 January – Garnet: This striking red birthstone is certainly eye-catching, while it also symbolises devotion and loyalty and is renowned for its protective powers.

February – Amethyst: Next up is Amethyst, which is said to inspire wisdom, imagination and creative thinking. It also helps to clarify thoughts and decision making.

March – Aquamarine: Arguably the most beguiling birthstone, this promotes faithfulness and courage in friendship. It can also relieve stress and relax the recipient.

April – Diamond: Perhaps the most well-known birthstone, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and symbolise commitment and longevity in relationships (hence the popularity of diamond engagement rings!)

May – Emerald: Emerald is the birthstone for May, and this bright green jewel is famed for maintaining passion in relationships. So it’s a great gift to give your partner, especially if you’ve recently got married.

June – Pearl: Pearl promotes wealth and fortune, while it also symbolises success and luck in relationships. Pearl jewellery is also quite expensive, but it remains synonymous with luxury products.

July – Ruby: A true symbol of love and friendship, Ruby is associated with romance and passion too. It’s also a talisman against misfortune, making it one of the most popular stones!

August – Peridot: Can fight negative and destructive emotions, while some say that it attracts wealth and encourages personal growth.

September – Sapphire: Another extremely well-known birthstone, Sapphire is a deep blue colour and symbolises loyalty and promise. It also promotes inner peace and contentment.

October – Opal: Opal is closely linked to human emotions, while it symbolises love and the element of faith. Can foster creativity too, while helping to sustain feelings of hope!

November – Citrine: This is one of the most underrated and unfamiliar birthstones, and one that symbolises positivity, happiness and generosity. It can also bring balance to the restless, which probably applies to most people at this time of year.

December – Turquoise: Another bright and alluring birthstone, Turquoise has a bewildering quality that symbolises love and affection. The perfect gift for a partner, it also promotes wealth and success in all phases of life!

So there you have it; each month’s unique birthstone and a brief insight into its special meaning!

As you can see, each stone has different applications to suit people from all walks of life (and not to mention a number of different circumstances).

Just use this guide to inform your search and pick the right birthstone for your loved one, whether you’re commemorating their birthday or letting them know that you’re with them during difficult times.

2 responses to “Birthstone Jewellery – Which Gemstone Is Yours?”

  1. Kim says:

    Great post. I always remember my birth stone being Emerald as my Gran bought me a few Emerald gifts when she was alive. I do struggle to remember other birth stones though so this is a great reference point.

    • linda says:

      We share the same birthstone – Emeralds are my favourite although I recently learned they are quite soft stones and will chip easily if not taken care of.