How To Avoid A Car Hire Horror Story Abroad

Airports, ferry ports, coach drop-offs and train stations. I love them all. Travel truly begins at the end of the line. Whether backpacking or driving is your thing, your chosen method of getting around should be kept as simple as possible so that you can spend your time planning destinations and taking in the must-see sights of your latest adventure.

Speaking from personal experience, the logistics and planning of on-the-ground foreign travel can sometimes be daunting. The public transport timetables (if they exist at all) aren’t always up to date. You may not be able to get a cab. And if there’s no 3G/4G internet signal, you can’t rely on your smartphone for hiking directions.

Hiring a car is a quick and easy way to get a lot done. However, there can be major pitfalls if you’re not careful. Using a credit card for important purchases (to ensure you’re covered) is a travel no-brainer, but there’s lots more to consider where car hire is involved.

Check out this list of top tips that could help you to avoid a car hire horror story abroad.


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