Review: iKnow Family Quiz By Tactic Games

There’s always one, isn’t there.  The player in any family game who knows all the answers – or thinks they do.  If you’ve ever played Trivial Pursuit against someone who is fiercely competitive, you’ll know that they can practically implode if they don’t get a chance to answer.

iKnow Family Quiz by Tactic Games box

Which is why Tactic Games have come up iKnow Family Quiz – a brilliant way to, um, diffuse the situation with a quiz game where you bet on the likelihood of your nearest and dearest knowing the right answer to win ‘chips’ or points.

There are four categories of question to choose from: – Sport, Entertainment, Science & Nature and The 2000s and the questions are multiple choice – A, B, C or D so even if you don’t know the answer you can have a good guess – handy for the younger players.

iKnow Family Quiz by Tactic Games box contents

Load the question cards up in the iKnow box, allocate 3 chips to everyone (up to 6 players) to get going and then take turns to choose a category and answer the question.

It’s particularly good because, unlike Trivial Pursuit which can go on for hours, you can have a ‘normal game’ or simply choose fewer cards for a short game which could last around 15-20 minutes.

You need to answer your questions correctly, bet on whether the others know the answers to theirs and steal points by outsmarting them.  The player with the most point wins.  It’s an ideal after-dinner game for Christmas!

To give you a couple of examples of the questions:-

What did people collect money for by performing the ‘ice bucket challenge’?

A ALS research
B Child poverty
C Victims of Hurricane Harvey
D Cancer Research


Which country has won the most gold medals in sailing in the Olympics?

A United States
B Great Britain
C Norway
D Spain

Answers at the end of this post!

iKnow Family Quiz is suitable for players age 12+ and can be found on Amazon.  We love it because everyone can join in and it makes a refreshing change from the kids’ gadgets and gizmos.

It would also be great fun for the grown-ups with a festive tipple of something once the kids have finally gone to bed.


  • The ice bucket challenge was for the victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • Spain has the most Olympic medals for sailing

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  1. Richard Saunders
    7 December, 2018 / 8:20 pm

    What a great idea for a game..less controversial than monopoly as well

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