3 Cruelty-Free Home Flooring Options

The husband and I love to watch Grand Designs.  It’s fascinating to watch the gradual transformation of a building into a stylish home and in particular how each couple approaches interior design with the fitting out of doors, windows, lighting and floors.

Now it might surprise you but some of your home floorings might not be cruelty-free. In particular, many carpets use wool in their production, though it’s fairly easy to find wool-free carpet if you do a little internet searching.

Generally, those who want to use exclusively cruelty-free flooring stick to classic natural hardwoods like Oak and Walnut, but if you want something a little different, here are three cruelty-free flooring options that will separate you from the crowd and intrigue your visitors.

Artificial Grass

Now, bear with me here. It might sound unusual but artificial grass is actually a great option inside your home and doesn’t need to be used solely for your artificial lawn. In the past, synthetic turf was coarse, rough and ugly but new developments have led to artificial grass looking and feeling much more like the real thing. Furthermore, the new softness makes it suitable for use as both an artificial lawn and as flooring, particularly if you have children and want to equip their playroom with something exciting and different.

As an added bonus, artificial grass is easy to clean and maintain. You can vacuum and wash it just like any other flooring solution, so there’s no need to worry about special maintenance fees or anything similar. It’s long-lasting and eye-catching, so what’s there to lose?

Obviously, the most important aspect of artificial grass is that it’s cruelty-free. All high-quality artificial turf is made using synthetic plastics or natural materials, from the nylon and polypropylene turf to the shock-absorbing, rubber artificial grass underlay. It’s a win-win.

artificial grass used inside the home.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a surprisingly versatile material that we don’t use nearly as much as we should. Cork has some exceptionally helpful characteristics that position it as one of the most underrated substances in humanity’s toolbox. It’s light, it’s flexible, it’s shock resistant and it’s fire retardant, just to mention a few things. It’s even hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for all, regardless of health requirements or needs.

In case you’re unaware, cork is harvested from a special tree called the cork oak every nine years This process does not harm the tree, making cork the perfect sustainable resource for your living room. Cork flooring is unusual, eye-catching and practical so there really isn’t any reason to avoid it. If you want to find out more of the advantages and disadvantages of cork, click here.

cork flooring used inside the home.

Glass Tile Flooring

Perfect for a bathroom or wall backsplash, glass tiles immediately give the impression of luxury and sophistication, but they definitely cost enough to be given these labels! Whilst glass tiles look incredible, they do require suitable maintenance to keep in top shape and can suffer damage quite easily.

Other than the downfalls of the high price and regular maintenance, glass flooring is great! Many tile options are actually made using recycled glass, most commonly bottles, so if this sounds up your street make sure to do a little research and you should be able to find all sorts of tiles, styles and designs.

Take note that glass is naturally hypoallergenic and easy to clean, so that’s an added benefit too.

These aren’t the only cruelty-free flooring options but they’re definitely some of the most unique and unusual. If you’re a fan of standing out and want your friends and family to be intrigued or impressed when they visit, consider implementing one of these options in your home. In the end, as long as it’s practical and you love it, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of it anyway – unless it’s Kevin McCloud!


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