5 Signs That Your Love Interest Likes You

Having a crush or liking someone can be very exciting, but it can also make you feel anxious. This is because so many people, despite going on dates with their love interests, can still be unsure of the feelings of the other person.

Many of us would still go home after spending time with each other, and ask does he like me or does she really like me?

If this is you, read through the list below for some signs that may indicate that your love interest likes you back.

How to tell if they are really into you

1. They like spending time with you – one of the best ways to foster a relationship is to spend time with each other, and there are even theories that say that investing time in a relationship can indicate just how successful it will be in the long run. If you are interested in someone, it’s only natural that you want to spend time with them, and vice versa. Being together does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money. If you find that your love interest is just as happy just being with you at home, lounging around without having to dress up or spend a lot of money eating out, then you know that they are interested in you.

2. They pay attention to you, even when you are with a group – when you are on a date, your partner’s full attention is on you, so you may not be sure if they are really interested in you. Try to see what they are like when you are in a group setting, say a party for example. While there’s nothing wrong with mingling with other people, you might notice that they seem to hone in on whatever location you are in. It just goes to show that they are truly interested in you because they would always want to know where you are. They also listen closely to you even when you are surrounded by many people.

3. They make it a point to listen and know more about you – if someone truly likes you, they will want to know a lot of things about you. They are interested to hear about how your day went, or know about your embarrassing stories from high school.

4. They empathize with you – ever had a bad day at work or school and you just want someone you can air out your frustrations to? If your love interest truly likes you, they will listen, even if they are tired themselves, and they will make time to encourage you and be there for you.

5. They remember the little details and information about you – when you are interested in someone, you file away every little thing you hear, every tidbit of information. You’ll be surprised to find that you will receive your favourite coffee from them because you made a comment about it in the past. Even the smallest details matter to those who truly value you.

How to tell if he’s into you is a matter of doing your detective work and picking up on those vital clues.

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