Different Ways You Can Spend More Time With Your Family

Family is hugely important, and spending more time together, not missing out on an important moment whether great or small, is important too. Yet it can be difficult. Work and other pressures seem to get in the way, and these essential things seem to reduce family time to almost nothing.

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It’s a great shame, and yet it’s something that happens to many of us.

It doesn’t have to, however.

We are in complete control of the time we spend with our family, and that is a key fact to remember. If it becomes difficult and you know you’re not making time for those who matter most, here are some ways you can ensure you change things up and give your family the time with you they want.

A Family Holiday

A great family holiday is the ultimate way you can spend time together without work or other commitments getting in the way. Holidays in Mallorca for example, can be spent by the pool or on the beach, exploring new places or simply relaxing and doing nothing at all. You’ll be able to spend as much time as possible with your family, bonding more deeply with them and getting to know them so much better. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have when there is no school, no homework, no chores, and no routine for a week or two.

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Regular Family Night

To keep up the momentum of a family holiday, or to prepare for one to come, try to introduce a regular family night each week. Pick a day that no one has any clubs or hobbies to attend to, when you can put aside a few hours to all be together. This night should be kept sacred and nothing – except for emergencies – should shake its position in your calendar.

There are many things you can do on family night such as:

  • Cooking and eating together
  • Playing board games
  • Going for a walk
  • Talking about your day
  • Going to see a film at the cinema, or watching one at home

This is the one night of the week you know you are going to get to spend time together, and it will become something that everyone looks forward to when it’s done just right.

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Everyone should take part in regular exercise if they want to stay fit and healthy, but what happens when your fitness class or time at the gym means you are missing out on family time? It’s nothing to worry about because you can combine the two; children need exercise the same as adults do, and learning how to stay healthy from a young age is an important life skill.

Therefore, you can do your exercising together. You might be able to find a fitness class that allows parents and children to take part together, but otherwise, you can go swimming together once a week, you can go running, even a brisk walk around the block or running about playing football is good for you all, plus you get to be together.



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