How to Deal with Your Child Moving to Another Country

Having your child move out is one thing, but knowing they are moving to a whole other country can leave you with many mixed emotions. We want the best for our children, but every parent worries; even more so when their children are in another country. Whether your child is emigrating, going travelling or studying, not having them close to home is difficult to deal with.

Talk It Through

When your child gives you a big shock such as this, it can be too easy to be overwhelmed with emotions and not listen to them. Finding out why they want to move can help you understand and realise that this decision may be best for them. If they are telling you, they are probably pretty serious about the idea and have good reasons for it.

Assist in Finding Them a Place

Knowing your child is living somewhere safe can really help to put your mind at rest. You could help them to find accommodation that is security protected and there are plenty of places you can view online to get an idea of what they are like. For example, you can find places to live at Collegiate such as this luxurious student accommodation in the centre of Lisbon or if you are investing in property for your children, use an experienced real estate company such as Bromley Estates in sunny Marbella. Choosing centrally located accommodation reduces the risk of having to travel after dark to the outskirts of the city, and is a great way for your child to make other friends, and most importantly, stay safe.

Look at The Positives

Having tunnel vision in this situation is no good for anyone, especially not for you. Instead of seeing this as your child leaving home and being far away, look at all the positives that also arise from this. If your child lives at home or is quite dependent on you, this gives you the chance to begin to move on with your life and start doing things for you. This could mean more nights away with your partner or even a chance to start a new career or start a new hobby. Having your child in another country also gives you the added bonus of being able to visit them. This doubles up as a holiday and a way to discover new places.

Talk to Someone

Many parents have been through similar circumstances and it is okay to be upset and anxious about this decision. Speak to your partner, if you are with your child’s parent, as they will probably be feeling the exact same emotions as you, even if they are not showing it. Talk to friends and express your concerns. Sometimes, having someone to vent to can help rid some of the anxieties that you are feeling, however silly they may feel. With great inventions such as Skype and Zoom, you will never feel too far away from your child.

It is natural to be upset, and you don’t need to hide this from your child, as long as you still support them with whatever decision they make. We all deal with news like this in different ways but bear these few things in mind if your child tells you they want to move to another country.


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