Men: Is Finasteride the Solution to Hair Loss and Does It Really Work?

Somebody may honestly tell you that you could do with a good cut, but the truth is you’re hanging on to the last bit of hair you have.

If you’ve got dull, thinning hair you may look at the magnificent lustrous tresses of a guy like President Donald Trump and wonder how someone of his age is holding onto those golden locks. You’ll be wondering how to solve your problem so that you can also have healthy looking hair again and get your confidence back. One solution may be a FUE hair transplant but if you aren’t ready for that there are other things to try.

Halt the production of DHT

You will no doubt not be satisfied to know that many other men like you also experience hair loss or bald spots. Male pattern hair loss isn’t caused by you not eating the right foods or using the wrong shampoo. True, a hair-boosting shampoo and consuming nutritious foods can help a lot, but hair loss essentially occurs when the hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) prevents hair follicles from getting vital nutrients. Finasteride works by stopping the production of this DHT.

There are of course other potential causes of hair loss but what you’re dying to know is ‘is there hope for hair loss?’ and the answer is a resounding yes! And yes, Trump’s doctor has revealed that the US president has slammed on the brakes to hair loss by taking a small dose of the prostate-related drug Finasteride to tackle male pattern baldness, and you can too.

Some General Information points on Finasteride

• It is considered the most effective hair loss medicine available.
• The main active ingredient is Finasteride. Each tablet contains 1 mg of Finasteride as well as a number of other inactive ingredients.
• Extensive research has gone into its production.
• Finasteride is not to be taken by women
• It can be bought through reputable pharmacies, always check they are fully verified before placing an order, is a good example of a licensed, regulated healthcare service provider. They’re a family business, employing skilled, experienced healthcare professionals and pharmacists who make patient safety a top priority. The Pharmacy is one of the few to have gained the Care Quality Commission stamp of approval.
• Finasteride comes in different pack sizes and therefore different prices. There is a 4-week pack as well as an 8-, 12- and 24-week pack
• Delivered safely and discreetly to your address

Perseverance is Key

Finasteride isn’t going to be some out-of-reach treatment for you. It’s available by private prescription in the UK and is as easy as popping one into your mouth each day and drinking it down with a glass of water. You will start to see the effects of the treatment within 3 to 6 months. This may seem a bit long, but don’t give up.

Persevere for at least 12 months. It’s an oral, prescription-only medication. Its brand name is Propecia and it is the generic equivalent. It will bring wonderful relief to you knowing that it can reverse your hair loss and that it is effective in 90% of men, especially when combined with scalp massages and microneedling.

Give your Hair another Chance

Finasteride is effective, slowing hair loss in men and stimulating regrowth. Good looking hair isn’t a matter of course – it needs constant care, and there’s an excellent chance that Finasteride works and cares for your hair and gives you a bonus too – feeling younger.

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