Re-registering Kids After Marriage – Have You Done It?

Well, it’s only taken me 7 and a half years to get the kids’ birth certificates altered to state my married name rather than my maiden name.

If you have your kids unmarried and you then marry the natural mother or father, you are required to re-register the birth of your child.  It is a legal requirement under The Legitimacy Act, Section 9.

There seems to be no particular practical reason for doing so other than ‘looking married’ and yet you are expected to visit the registrar in person to make the necessary amendments.

The form (LA1) is simple enough to complete.  Mother and father fill in their respective sections and sign.  You take your marriage certificate and birth certificate(s) to the registrar who then makes the amendments and prints you out an updated copy of the certificate (£4 each).

It does seem rather an anachronism these days but I suppose dotting the i’s and crossing the ‘t’s is a good thing when it comes to any form of government documentation.

Why it took me so long I don’t know.  Perhaps a tiny bit of me wanted to hold on to my maiden name (Brooks) – the last vestige of my days of independence!

Whilst I can’t see the point of not taking your husband’s surname if you are going to all the faff and expense of marriage, I do understand why some feel reluctant to do so.

My recently remarried sister has hyphenated hers.  She is now Mrs Brooks-Nayar.  It sounds very grand, doesn’t it?

I did suggest the idea to Mat but he wasn’t keen.

Oh, I don’t know – I think Mr Brooks-Hobbis has a nice ring to it.

Still,  the kids, somewhat confused about what I was signing are reassured that I am keeping them.

At least until the next Minecraft related strop, that it is.

Then I just need to decide whether I get them christened.  As I haven’t quite got around to that either!


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  1. Barbara Finemore
    4 February, 2019 / 7:42 am

    Oooh I didn’t know that! Learn something new every day. Forget most of it by the next day! Bxxx

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