24 January, 2019

Smart tech to make your home life easier (and safer!)

Many of us now have at least one piece of smart tech in our homes and these little devices can be really handy. We’ve got a smart speaker and use it to check the weather, local cinema times and play our favourite songs on a whim. It’s so convenient and has so many practical uses that I wouldn’t be without it now.

Whilst we’re yet to add another smart device into our home, I’m currently eyeing up the Ring doorbell. And I’m definitely not the only one looking into purchasing more tech for the home. A recent study found that us Brits will spend a staggering £10.8 billion on smart home technology this year.

But smart home tech can seem a little daunting at first, particularly as some of the latest gadgets resemble items straight out of science fiction. To help introduce consumers to smart home tech Legal & General have released a video series focused on the latest gadgets. Featuring former gadget show host Suzi Perry, the series walks consumers through the latest tech in four short films.

In the first instalment, Suzi checks out options for home alerts, including smart home surveillance systems which can recognise whether somebody is a stranger.

In the second instalment, Suzi explains the benefit of IFTTT, an app which syncs smart devices together. For example, with IFTTT you can pair your oven timer with your lights, so your lights flash to let you know when your dinner’s ready.

In the third instalment, Suzi showcases the devices which alert us in the event of fire or water damage in our homes. Smart water detectors identify leaks before water has time to do major damage, whilst smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors send alerts to our phones as soon as they detect something is awry.

In the final instalment, Suzi takes a look at how we can achieve peace of mind when we are away from home for longer periods. These include a device which shuts off all electronics in the home and the smart doorbell I have my eye on, which shows you who’s at your door.

Do you have any smart home devices? What item wouldn’t you be without?

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2 responses to “Smart tech to make your home life easier (and safer!)”

  1. Barbara Finemore says:

    Definitely thinking about Ring.

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