31 January, 2019

Win 2 Gioteck TX-40 Valentine Edition Gaming Headsets

Leading gaming accessories brand Gioteck has created two red Valentine edition headsets.  If you are looking for an immersive gaming experience with accessories packed with the latest technology, take a look at these.

And – read on because I have two Gioteck TX-40 gaming headsets to give away!

These romanticred headsets make the perfect gift for gamers in love with their consoles or music lovers married to their mobiles.

Gioteck’s all new TX Range is built for a demanding new generation of gamers and music lovers. One year in research & development, all TX headsets deliver a great blend of features, quality and design.

Gioteck TX-40

First up, there’s the TX-40

  • Works with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, mobile& more - multi-format 3.5mm jack 
  • Slick styling – ice white with chili red finish or copper and matt black
  • Ultra-clear chat with minimal feedback – talk is pin sharp and crystal clear 
  • Powerful audio, via high impact 40mm drivers – incredible immersive sound
  • Robust, lightweight –solid, uncompromising build quality
  • Ultra-soft Alacantra® cushioning – because comfort is everything
  • Inline mic, mute and volume – for instant fingertip control

Gioteck TX-30

or how about the TX-30?

  • Works with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, mobile – multi-format 3.5mm jack 
  • Vibrant colour selection; pillar box red, funky-pink, electric-blue and neon-green
  • Ultra-clear chat with minimal feedback – talk is pin sharp and crystal clear 
  • Powerful audio, via high impact 40mm drivers – incredible immersive sound
  • Robust, lightweight – solid, uncompromising build quality
  • Ultra-soft Alacantra® cushioning – because comfort is everything
  • Inline mic, mute and volume – for instant fingertip control
Both the TX-30 and TX-40 are compatible with all major gaming and mobile devices. At only £19.99, the TX-30 offers funky red and black looks and impressive audio at an amazing price whilst the striking white and red TX-40 delivers high-end styling at an incredible £24.99.  Both headsets are now available at Argos.

The Giveaway

I have two TX-40 headsets to give away to 2 lucky winners (1 headset per winner).  Entry is via the GLEAM widget below and the usual terms and conditions apply which can be found on my giveaways page.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 24th February.

2 Gioteck TX-40 Gaming Headsets

Good luck!


324 responses to “Win 2 Gioteck TX-40 Valentine Edition Gaming Headsets”

  1. julie c says:

    Skyrim – i think its been played on various releases and platforms since its release

  2. Mario Party – it’s the one game we play all together as a family as we love the mini games x

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    I don’t play computer games but my older son currently loves Monster Hunter: World.

  4. Darrell Perry says:

    Bit of an old one, but I love Grand Theft Auto V. Once I start, I can’t stop ha ha

  5. Amy Simpson says:

    Fallout 3 is our most played game

  6. Karen Christmas says:

    Fifa – we get it every year and the boys in my holuse love it – especially hubby who tries to beat the big teams with one of the smaller featured clubs

  7. Sandra Fortune says:

    Think it has to be Matchington Mansion

  8. Warren Jacobs says:

    Counter-Strike Source – though I’ve not played it for a year or two I put around 3500 hours into it.
    Most played game currently is Assassin’s creed Odyssey with 128 hours in.

  9. Peter Watson says:

    I guess over the years Football Manager has occupied my time more than any other game.

  10. Natalie burgess says:

    Fallout 3 xx

  11. Annabel Greaves says:

    I love gaming and my favourite has to be The Sims

  12. Kim Neville says:

    Grand Theft Auto is a favourite game to play in our house

  13. kate kathurima says:

    at the moment my son plays roblox as much as he can but wants a PS4 to start playing harder games, he is a budding gamer

  14. Linda Ford says:

    My boys play alot of overwatch on their xbox. Back when I had a Nintendo 64 i loved to play mario!

  15. I went through a stage of being obsessed with World of Warcraft its actually how my hubby and I got together! x

  16. Lynn Hughes says:

    Nice Prize

  17. Emilia Nastaly-Howard says:

    Sims. I think I’ve played every season since the first one

  18. Emily Egan says:

    I’m too basic x I love the Sims and Minecraft ??

  19. Becky John says:

    Everyone in this house is SIMS crazy, with Minecraft coming a close second.

  20. clair downham says:

    has to be fifi which my son plays a lot of

  21. natalie bates says:

    Crash Bandicoot is my fave game, loved it as a child and love it as an adult although it seemed alot easier to play when i was a kid.

  22. Clifford Sherwood says:

    Im old school and was brought up with CRASH BANICOOT and my fav is N-Sane Trilogy which I still play most days

  23. Cprice says:

    I love mario kart – classic

  24. David M A says:

    I guess it’s either Football Manager or Call of Duty.

  25. Katie says:

    in this house it’s Fifa

  26. Amanda tanner says:

    Hate to admit it but I’m still a candy crush player I’ve not got bored yet and been playing since it came out

  27. Angela treadway says:

    mine is mario karts, old school but i love it x

  28. Susan B says:

    It used to be Minecraft the children have now moved on to other games.

  29. andrea tinkler says:

    we love grand theft auto. I am getting quite good at it now

  30. DJRexter says:

    Halo 3 has to be the best, right?

  31. Solange says:

    Our most played computer game is Fallout 3.

  32. george spedding says:

    i am playing world conquerer 4, it reset itself now back upto level 25

  33. Angie McDonald says:

    Has to be Spyro the Dragon

  34. Martina Pichova says:

    Minecraft – I love how creative it can be, no need for violence at all.

  35. Catherine Bullas says:


  36. Nigel Soper says:

    I think, if one looks back over the decades, probably Snake of various types on old fashioned Nokia phones, but there were some addictive games on the old DEC PDP11 series minicomputers in the medieval times that took hours to compile.

  37. Sean Eccles says:

    Grand theft auto lV

  38. Sean Eccles says:

    I am boring I still like playing grand theft auto lV would love this

  39. Anthony Harrington says:

    I don’t play but my Grandson enjoys a Star Wars Game on X-Box

  40. Laura Banks says:

    destiny in our house

  41. Laura Banks says:

    destiny is the most played in our house my son is addicted to it

  42. Ian Yates says:

    Over all time it would be the Resident Evil series on PlayStation.

  43. John Prendergast says:

    well at the moment it would be red dead redemption 2

  44. Lisa Everaert says:

    It would have to be `Minecraft` as we play it as family and are always building new creations.

  45. A S,Edinburgh says:

    Weirdly, probably Tetris! It’s just a good one to fit in for a couple of minutes here and there, and they add up.

  46. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Super Mario karts – still can’t win against the boys !

  47. Lesley Bradley says:

    The Old Fella is mad about a game called Doom

  48. I am currently playing Pokemon Lets Go On the Nintendo Switch and my most played video games are anything Pokemon.

  49. Angela Boucher says:

    Probably the mario games, I spent a lot of time playing Super Mario Bros and Yoshis Woolley World with my son.

  50. Donna Loxton says:

    The game I’m playing the most at the moment is Overcooked 2

  51. Rob Griffiths says:

    Most played has to Grand Theft Auto, although I still play the Civilisation series far too often….

  52. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I don’t play but my husband plays different versions of Fallout.

  53. Theresa Wakeley says:

    I was obsessed with Dota,World of Warcraft a very long time ago!

  54. Ruth Harwood says:

    My son loves playing spyro, but I’m a fan of online yahtzee with friends on my ipad! Love numbers! xx

  55. Kay Sherman says:

    Mario kart different game every time you play and so much fun especially with the kids

  56. iain maciver says:

    love call of duty

  57. Lynne O'Connor says:

    Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft fight for top spot in our house

  58. Laura Pritchard says:

    It has to be Zelda: Ocarina of Time – my brother & I spent 3 whole days playing that nearly non-stop!

  59. Nikki Hayes says:

    Currently Gardenscapes on my iPad – at any given time I’m usually playing several games on tablet, PC or phone 😀

  60. Chris Andrews says:

    What is your most played computer game?

    currently World of Warcraft, but as l am fickle, who knows what it will be next week ha ha

  61. Aaron Hopkinson says:

    Either RuneScape or Mass Effect. Or The Sims 3. They’re all favourites of mine!

  62. Laura Turner says:

    It’s always going to be Fortnite in our house. My boy is crazy about it.

  63. Jo m welsh says:

    Mario Kart is our most played game both my girls enjoy it and can get very competitive.

  64. stephen lossnitzer says:

    fianl fantasy

  65. T Brailey says:

    It would have to be Grand Theft Auto which has caused huge amounts of entertainment in our house.

  66. Susie Wilkinson says:

    The Sims, together with my partner, we discovered we could make them really hate each other and fight all the time, we spent many an evening beating each other up!!

  67. Lynn Neal says:

    Fifa is the most played game in our house!

  68. Ellen Stafford says:

    Mario Kart or Mario Party…..love them both!

  69. jacqui graham says:

    we love the deadly due Ratchett and Clank – we’ve played their games on PS2, PS3 and now PS4

  70. Laura Wheatley says:

    for me its kingdom Hearts, my other half plays Forza most and my daughter plays fortnite

  71. Lauren McIver says:

    Great for my husband who has just broken his ?

  72. Thomas Perry says:

    Silent Hill is my most played game. Even now when the radio starts to crackle when I play it fills me with terror knowing something is coming to get me.

  73. TRACY JAMES says:

    i love candy crush,once i start ,i cant stop .lol. its very addicting

  74. Kristyn Harris says:

    Fifa is the most played game in our home! My husband and both our daughter and son play it!

  75. Katherine Quinn says:

    Fortnite is the game of the moment but my all time fave is all the Lego games, I like the adventures and the solving

  76. Amanda w says:

    In our house it’s Cod and for a that gets played the most..in fact as I’m writing this my hubby is screaming obscenities at the tv during a game!!

  77. Alica says:

    I am not the gamer, my son is and play for hours at a time! He is 23 now and does it for a living too 🙂

  78. tony martin says:

    G1 Jockey and Fifa 19 are the 2 that get most playtime

  79. Christopher Read says:

    My most played game would probably be Pac Man 🙂

  80. Gemma Holland says:

    Fortnite is definitely the most played game in our house. My boys love it!

  81. holly harmsworth says:

    Sims 4! I’m a big kid at heart

  82. Sharon Everett says:

    I too love the sims. Used to play. It on my computer, now I enjoy it on my android TV box and phone. Fabulous giveaway ?

  83. Ailsa says:

    My twins still love minecraft. They play with their friends and make you tube videos about it

  84. Catherine Powell says:

    My son LOVES gaming. He mostly plays Fortnite and CODIIII on PS4 and he is very much into STEAM games on PC at the moment.

  85. Ollie Kemsley says:

    Great prize

  86. Amy Bondoc says:

    fifa – hubby brother and my four nephews all think its super and play it all the time

  87. Adrienne McGroder says:

    My son loves fortnite – he loves linking up with his school pals and talking on the headset

  88. Tina Cleveland says:

    It’s got to GTA, my son got me into it and now I love it

  89. El says:

    Assassins Creed: Odessey. Honestly such great graphics and I love the fact you get to choose what to do and it affects the story line!

  90. Mandy Doherty says:

    In our house it has to be Fifa and Fortnite

  91. Erica Tomlinson says:

    For me it has to be Sonic the hedgehog & Bejewelled

  92. Jayne Townson says:

    My son loves playing fortnite with his friends so he would love these, thanks.

  93. Kate S says:

    Minecraft is still the top game in our house!

  94. Iris Tilley says:

    We like playing Mario kart 8 on our new Nintendo Switch

  95. Rhiannon Hodge says:

    The Sims is the one I go back to again & again. I can spend days building the perfect house on it

  96. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I like playing Mario kart with my hubby even though he always wins

  97. Ash R says:

    Hmm tough one between the sims and theme hospital… think theme hospital just edges it 🙂

  98. Judy Kennedy says:

    It became Dragon Age: Inquisition by chance and I really got in to it

  99. Ursula Hunt says:

    My most played game is Grand Theft Auto

  100. melanie stirling says:

    The game I have personally played the most of is Crash Bandicoot but it’s been a while. My son plays a lot of games.

  101. Lorna Ledger says:

    My daughter plays the Last of Us … a lot!

  102. stacey turner says:

    I absolutely love playing spyro, and have been playing it almost every day since christmas

  103. Rachel Butterworth says:

    I love to play Minecraft with my nephews (who are so much better than me).

  104. Johanne Currie says:

    My favourite game of all time is toejam and Earl I loved that game as a kid and still do

  105. Jamie F says:

    Loookingggg good

  106. olivia Kirby says:

    They all play minecraft and super smash bros in this house

  107. Helen Stratton says:

    All the Call of Duties, but the older ones are better than the newer ones.

  108. Paul Green says:

    Matchington Mansion

  109. Yoyojammer says:

    It has to be Red Dead Redemption…. I have just completed it anything by rockstar is amazing, Any of Activision’s Call Of Duty as well…. 🙂

  110. STACEY EMMA SYSON says:

    Hey, great read and some useful links here! Ive just stumbled across your page, I will pop you a like over on Facebook… Now lets see if this comment thingy works as I have never commented on a blog before :/

  111. Ritchie says:

    The computer game I play the most is most definitely Mario Kart

  112. caroline willoughby says:

    Loved Tomb Raider. Love adventure gaming.

  113. Inga says:

    Mine was definitely Sonic the Hedgehog, I love playing it on my Sega Megadrive that I still have 🙂

  114. Kathleen marsden says:

    Minecraft is the one played most in our house. It’s so addictive

  115. David Nicolson says:

    Love The SIMS game – very engrossing and and had loads of fun with the different versions in with it over the years.

  116. Danielle Spencer says:

    The Sims 4 is my most played video game as I play it on the PC and the console.

  117. Victoria Clay says:

    My all time favourite and most played game has to be The Sims! Been playing those since I was 7!

  118. Fiona K says:

    I would say Mario Kart, it is addictive and hours of fun

  119. Hannah Wilding says:

    In our house, our favourite is Skyrim. It is an all time classic!

  120. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Mario Kart, so easy to pick it up and have a quick game.

  121. Charlene Aldred says:

    Minecraft and Battlefield are the most played games in our house 🙂

  122. Leeanne McInnes says:

    Undertale on the Nintendo Switch is yhe current favourite in our house.

  123. Bob Clark says:

    Lemmings – slowly worked thru every task of both Lemmings and Lemmings 2

  124. MM says:

    Resident Evil. I absolutely love those games, even though they do scare me.

  125. nicola dean says:

    Grand Theft Auto is the game most played in our house. Although I am rubbish at it.

  126. Pauline Hill says:

    it has to be Grand Theft Auto

  127. Rich Tyler says:

    I spend hours on BORDERLANDS roaming around the world

  128. Kelly Knowles says:

    Spent hours playing Lara Croft game, following the story, and online too

  129. Angela Briggs says:

    At the moment. it’s Fallout 4 in our house.

  130. Stacy L says:

    Crash Bandicoot on the PS4 is my favourite!

  131. Max Amos says:

    I’m another Skyrim fan, one of the few games I’ve actually played to completion

  132. Joanne Benham says:

    Me and my husband have spent years playing World of Warcraft!!

  133. Vivien Baird says:

    I only play games when my Grandsons visit but we love to play the Harry Potter game

  134. Sarah N says:

    I don’t play games much these days, other than on my phone, but my son is mad on Fortnite.

  135. Caroline cummins says:

    Well I play mariookart a lot, but I guess my most played game would be the old monkey island games, I still revisit them and love them soooooo much

  136. Jackie Howell says:

    I think it has to be Grand Theft Auto

  137. Scootergirl1 says:

    I love sonic the hedgehog.

  138. janeoholl says:

    we play destiny in our family, my brothers and partner all play at the same time and its great!

  139. Amanda Baggott says:

    I love Mario Kart! It is so much fun and the whole family can play!

  140. Helen Adams says:

    I really enjoyed playing The Division so did my hubby

  141. Karen R says:

    My daughter spends as much time as she’s allowed playing fortnite

  142. Lance Bellers says:

    Space Invaders (still)

  143. Marc H says:

    Dark Souls. I have spent many hundreds of hours of my life on that franchise. I regret nothing.

  144. Sarah Lambert says:

    Fall out 3 is the most played in our house 🙂

  145. lorraine kirk says:

    Our most played computer game at the moment is Lego City but it may be something else next month!

  146. Kate Fox-Pope says:

    I love Mario Kart…..such fun and so addictive

  147. Tracy Hanley says:

    Lego movies , we love all the lego games with super heroes as well

  148. JULIE WARD says:

    I don’t do games, grandsons is any lego games

  149. Maggie Coates says:


  150. Maggie Coates says:

    Just realised that my post above is less than eight words – so commenting again with more than eight – Runescape.

  151. Anna Wood says:

    Has to be Mario Kart! loved it on the Wii, love it even more on the Nintendo Switch, so addictive!

  152. Cherry Lloyd says:

    The game that is played the most in our household is Lego Star Wars.

  153. Claire woods says:

    We all like Minecraft because it is creative and you get to build whatever you want.

  154. Craig Austin says:

    Normally go on GTA but now new resident evil released it may change

  155. Jemma Dwyer says:

    age of empires on PC I use to play for hours!!! But loving all the far cry games on ps4 at the moment. x

  156. leanne weir says:

    Super mario odyssey on the nintendo switch. i am addicted

  157. Mark Johnson says:

    In our house fortnite seems to be played morning and night

  158. Hannah Igoe says:

    Minecraft is by far the most played, my two boys absolutely love it!

  159. Tom Carling says:

    Need this

  160. Ellie Fletcher says:

    Mario Kart!

  161. Andrew Tanner says:

    i play red dead redemption 2 the most at the moment what a game

  162. Isabel O says:

    I think that would probably be Minecraft.

  163. Hazel Rea says:

    At the moment it’s Super Mario Odyssey.

  164. Sharon Catterall says:

    fortnite at the minute

  165. debbi ruskin says:

    For myself it would be something basic like the Professor Layton mysteries but these would be for my son if I am lucky enough to win – he plays a LOT but I have no idea what, lol

  166. Joyce W says:

    I don’t play but Fortnite seems to be everyone else’s go to recently

  167. Katie Skeoch says:

    In my house it’s a draw between Assassin’s creed & Lego Star wars

  168. Sarah Swainsbury says:


  169. james h says:

    Most recently spyro, love the nostalgia!

  170. Wes m says:

    The game I play most often is Fallout 4 on the PS4

  171. justine meyer says:

    My favourites are mario, Candy Crush and Frozen

  172. Samantha Savine says:


  173. Samantha Savine says:

    I play mostly World of Warcraft, and have done for over 10 years!

  174. Jo Carroll says:

    Currently it’s Spyro the Dragon. x

  175. Ema J Lowe says:

    in the past its been grand theft auto series, but at the moment I am enjoying the far cry games

  176. Heather says:

    At the moment i’m loveing two point hospital which is a theme hospital re-boot!

  177. RichJ says:

    Solitaire on the computer and unfortunately in real life..

  178. Emma Morgan says:

    Love all the tomb raider games

  179. Jodi Hill says:

    I’m an old school Nintendo lover! Alex kidd in miracle world is my favorite vame . I could play it for hours 🙂

  180. Bridgette West says:

    Dungeon Keeper

  181. Caroline says:

    I play RPGs mostly, which can run into over a hundred hours of gameplay. I think the game I put the most hours into was Disgaea 4, which I played for about 500 hours!

  182. James Travis says:

    FIFA, we get every year when it gwets released without fail, great times playing with the lads

  183. Tracy B says:

    Oh, probably either Tomb Raider or The Sims; I’ve been a tad addicted to both over the years.

  184. Sara Louise Coyne says:

    I love crash bandicoot, it’s a classic. I enjoy playing against my kids

  185. nicola clarkson says:

    I love playing SIms

  186. betsy ferguson says:

    fortnite is a frim fave at the moment, but i still like to play lara croft

  187. Rebecca Somerfield says:

    Errmm it would either be fable (on my own) or left for dead(with my husband). We love games night each week x

  188. Leanne Perrett says:

    i play world of warcraft on a daily basis i enjoy teaming up with friends

  189. Katie B says:

    At the moment it’s Mario oddessey, we’ve just got a switch and I’m whizzing through it!

  190. amanda walsh says:

    For the kids its got to be minecraft but for the hubby its got the be call of duty

  191. Lauren Pilkington says:

    We love Destiny and Destiny 2 in our house

  192. MICHAEL CLARKE says:


  193. Liam Bishop says:

    Warframe, probably put in about 300 hours or so, eeek!!

  194. Emily Fraser says:

    It has be Assassin’s Creed on the PS4!

  195. donna l jones says:

    our favourite game at the moment has to be fortnite

  196. Natalie Crossan says:

    Definitely Legend of Zelda new game, Breath of the Wild – we love it in our house

  197. Victoria Prince says:

    At the moment it’s Sims 3! I’m spending far too much time on it…

  198. emma howard says:

    It’s probably a tie between my eldest playing Fortnite and my youngest on Minecraft!

  199. Leighton Bowd says:

    Great prize me and my son love fifa and XOD

  200. Debbie Jayne Davies says:

    My son is the gamer in our house he would quite happily play 24/7 if i let him! he loves all the call of dutys and assassin’s creed

  201. kimberley ryan says:

    I think that would have to be World of Warcraft, although Fortnite is a close second

  202. Emma Jackson says:

    My family plays Minecraft the most followed by Spelunky, another mining game. 🙂

  203. Sheri Darby says:

    My sons are always playing Fifa games on PS4

  204. Gaynor Vincent says:

    Does Smurf village count! It is slightly addictive and very very cute

  205. Christina Curtis says:

    Fortnite! Because it is Free and I play with my nephews online. So much fun!

  206. ellie spider says:

    I remember losing many hours of my time as teen playing micro machines v3

  207. Laura Williams says:

    The most popular game in my household (4 sons!) is minecraft – I really don’t understand what attracts people to this game! haha! Myself? I love Mario Kart! Much more fun! 😀
    Thank you! 🙂

  208. Adam Clements says:

    Right now its apex legends, just came out its awesome. But most played ever was probably the witcher 3.

  209. mr chris bish says:

    Awesome prize

  210. Ro day says:

    There are a few games that get played in my house all the time. My youngest plays FIFA religiously. My oldest son plays Fortnite with his mates, my partner plays Red Dead Redemption and for me… I am old school and I still play World of Warcraft.

  211. Jenna Lee says:

    In terms of hours, probably Fallout 4. Mainly because it glitched 70 hours in and had to restart it! Awful feeling, but still love the game.

  212. Craig Havery says:

    final fantasy 7

  213. Matthew Day says:

    Fortnite – The whole family now plays on a Friday evening so I enjoy the time spent with our boys.

  214. AnnaSSS says:

    Tomb Rider is my favoured. Thank you for great giveaway.x

  215. Paul Bye says:

    Spent far too much time playing Civilization back in the day.

  216. Alison says:

    Midnight castle, so additctive

  217. Jessica Hutton says:

    I don’t play a lot anymore but it would have been the sims or Pokemon but my little cousin lives on fortnite and fallout

  218. Gareth Owens says:

    Usually any type of driving game such as Forza

  219. Suzanne Sendell says:

    For me Its Sonic te hedgehog, I started and had to play this before Christamas as It was a present for my son

  220. Denise Wilden says:

    We always played Tomb Raider as a family great fun trying to work out the clues

  221. Sam Parkes says:

    I don’t get a look in on my daughters x box but she plays fortnite alot

  222. Mary Baldwin says:

    Call of Duty is still the favourite in this house – sometimes I have to ration screen time to actually get them away from the PC.

  223. Andrea Johnson says:

    my son plays Fortnite as much as he can. He’s never off the thing

  224. Caroline says:

    I love Mario games, I think my favourite is Mario Kart Wii

  225. Sharon Hirst says:

    Call of Duty, my husband, personally not interested.

  226. Chloe Cunningham says:

    Skyrim is my fav!!

  227. Phil Darling says:

    Call of Duty – I’d hate to think of the number of hours I played

  228. janine atkin says:

    crash bandicoot is the game ive spent the most time on 🙂

  229. The Sims is my most played game, but I also enjoy playing Fortnite and Lego games

  230. Stephen Little says:

    My most played game is Football Manager – the original 1980s game!

  231. Saran Benjamin says:

    Crash Bandicoot is always a favourite to play in our house

  232. Tricia cowell says:

    We play Mario Party a lot. My two Grandsons are the main players

  233. Rebecca Whatmore says:

    Sonic the Hedgehog – me and my friend would play it on the Sega Megadrive every weekend when we were supposed to be doing our homework!

  234. Kevin Johnson says:

    For me it has to be the Grand Theft Auto games. I remember getting the very first one for my birthday and I’ve loved them all since.

  235. MichelleD says:

    It’d be a close one in our house, between Spyro, Crash Bandicoot but the F1 game probably gets played most!

  236. Bradl says:

    Mario Party – it’s the one game we play all together as a family as we love the mini games

  237. Kim Lam says:

    Farm Heroes Saga. It is my favourite game and I am absolutely addicted!!

  238. Victoria Bazley says:

    Super Mario Kart is the go to game for us!

  239. Jenny Jones says:

    has to be Last of Us, roll on Last of Us too

  240. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Has to be Black Ops for my boys they have loved this game for a while, they said they could really use the headphones on that game.

  241. Simone Griffin says:

    My husband and I love to play WOW (World of Warcraft) x

  242. Troy Easton says:

    I enjoy playing Monster Hunter World it’s fun.

  243. Emma Davison says:

    I don’t play many computer games. Does Tetris count!?

  244. Amanda J Davis says:

    Ark survival

  245. Carol D says:

    I don’t play anymore but my son is obsessed with X-Plane 11. Great prize!

  246. Rachel P says:

    The most played video game in my family is Fifa!

  247. Donna Caldwell says:

    I think Skyrim as it’s been around for years

  248. Antonia Richardson says:

    it has to be tomb raider deffo been playing it for years

  249. Patricia Avery says:

    Sad to say I have to admit to it being Candy Crush. Played over 3000 levels now but I find it very stress-busting after a hard day 🙂

  250. Louise says:

    It would have to be either tomb raider or grand theft auto! Played them as a child and still love them now!

  251. Sharon Burroughs says:

    I think fifa is played the most in this house.

  252. Becki Johnson says:

    Mario Kart gets played on so much in our house! It’s on at least a few times a week, the kids have tournaments and all sorts!

  253. Sharon Saunders says:

    My most played game is Gardenscapes lol but my son (who would love this prize) is probably Beat Saber!

  254. jules Eley says:

    Has to be Fifa they are never off it!

  255. paula cheadle says:

    I love playing sims

  256. Jamie Millard says:

    most played? Probably Fifa. Always up for some COD too.

  257. Adrian Bold says:

    Grand Theft Auto V

  258. Kelly says:

    I don’t play but my brother does, he would love them. He plays call of duty

  259. Geoff Hibbert says:

    It was always any of the Tomb Raider games but now it’s Uncharted

  260. Danielle Pooley says:

    It’s most probably ‘DOOM’ I love playing that game, it reminds me of my childhood

  261. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    I love play with kids, all Lego series games.

  262. Richard Saunders says:

    Plants vs Zombies maybe, although my eldest played a lot of Minecraft at one point

  263. Simon Tinsley says:

    I’ve been known to spend many, many hours playing the various incarnations of Mario Kart.

  264. joanne casey says:

    My son is the gamer in our house! He’s loving Fortnite at the moment

  265. Deborah Worrall says:

    I love puzzle and logic games – I’m enjoying Woody puzzle at the moment – so simple but addictive! My son loves playing Fortnite with his friends – I’d love some headphones for him. Fingers crossed.

  266. Dawn Underwood says:

    Resident Evil – any of them but I still like the first

  267. Brian says:

    Great giveaway

  268. Samantha Bolter says:

    Anthem, its a cracking game!

  269. Allan Fullarton says:

    I really loved Final Fantasy – was a great adventure and such a great story.

  270. Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    Fifa for us

  271. amanda greensmith says:

    i’d say fifa is the most palyed closely followed by cod

  272. Charlotte Woodward says:

    My favourite game at the moment is god of war. My 12 yo loves burnout, he is car mad!

  273. melody cross says:

    Ive just started playing Skyrim and I love it

  274. Eilean Fraoch says:

    Skylanders – It’s at a good playing level for me!

  275. Martin Burley says:

    World of wracraft – been playing nightly since it came out

  276. Michelle Carlin says:

    I don’t really play computer games, but my son loves Minecraft and would love these headphones!

  277. Laura Avery says:

    Fornite here..They still also love minecraft, love they all play together x

  278. jackie curran says:

    super mario kart is the game my family play the most.

  279. sandy lynn ralph says:

    minecraft is a huge favourite with the boys in this house but as a family we all love any of the mario games

  280. Katy Bulcock says:

    Roller-coaster tycoon is one of our favourites

  281. Denise walton says:

    Sims is most played game in our house even though I’m rubbish at it

  282. SkillWisdom says:


  283. David Seale says:

    Brilliant prize good luck all 🙂

  284. Emma Fox says:

    My son loves Fortnight and Minecraft and would play these for hours if I let him.

  285. Sabrina Baldock says:

    My most played game is age of empires but currently it’s Forza horizon 4

  286. Georgie Wright says:

    Ratchet & Clank on PS4

  287. George Wright says:

    Ratchet & Clank on the PS4, we all love it! 🙂

  288. Marie Evans says:

    Grandkids love Minecraft ,But, they have just had a PS4 & some new games just been informed by the youngest the favourite of the eldest is Fortnight lol

  289. Samantha Buntain says:

    Destiny 2 is my most played computer game. I like to play it on the Xbox One S

  290. Emma Middleton says:

    Can’t go wrong with the classic Tetris

  291. Carrie-Lou Talbot-Ashby says:

    Without a doubt, Red Dead Redemption 2, I just got 100% completion (which is a big deal as I didn’t cheat lol) Gaming is a huge part of my life, Its how me and the husband relax when its been a tough week! (Love playing with the kids too, but kicking back with a game you can get lost in is amazingly relaxing!

  292. laura stewart says:

    call of duty! x

  293. Sarah Morris says:

    Call. Of duty in our house

  294. Chris Minko says:


  295. sarah burton says:

    Back in the day it was Mario 7 gold coins, on Nintendo Game Boy. I managed to complete it and was so pleased with myself!

  296. Heli L says:

    Mine would be Crash Bandicoot. Still love it to this day! My kids would say Fortnite.. obviously!

  297. Em S says:

    My husband absolutely loves playing Guitar Hero, this is the only game we can all have a go at.

  298. sharon martin says:

    Zela and mario are our most played games

  299. Harry Truss says:

    The Last of Us – played it through so many times! Such a great game!

  300. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Definitely final fantasy though also had a long time playing resident evil

  301. Sylvia Paul says:

    I don’t play computer games but my Daughter loves the Lego Harry Potter x

  302. Laura Lee says:

    I am a big GTA fan and I love to follow the stories rather than just running around the game LOL 🙂

  303. DAWN HULL says:

    I love playing Mario Kart. It is great fun and is ideal for playing against friends and family.

  304. Kate Davies says:

    Lego dimensions

  305. Kate Davies says:

    I love Lego dimensions, my husband plays call of duty and our son loves mine craft.

  306. Theresa THomas says:

    I don’t play computer games but my son currently loves Fifa 19

  307. Lucy Robinson says:

    My son loves Fortnite and I love playing Spyro and crash Bandicoot.

  308. Panda says:

    Daughter would love these ?

  309. Dean T says:

    World of Warcraft by a long long way, played it for ages

  310. Naomi Williams says:

    I am currently playing the new Tomb Raider, it is my favourite game

  311. Catherine Gregory says:

    We love playing Mario Kart best in this house. Only one I can win at

  312. CAROL PATRICK says:

    The favourite at the moment is Tomb Raider It keeps everyone happy

  313. Darren Collins says:

    I play grand theft auto v but my boy is into his Fortnite ?

  314. Wendy Stanger says:

    Currently it’s Fifa again thank goodness as was fed up with fortnite!!

  315. Danny Evans says:

    Mariokart, Fun for all the family

  316. AndiG says:

    My daughter loves Minecraft, my son loves Mario games, I love my ipad games

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