The Steps You Need to Take to Achieve Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s far-flung travels, superstardom or launching your business, having a dream is what keeps us inspired and motivated to achieve more in life. For some, however, having a dream is only that: a dream, which is why taking steps towards that dream can seem like an impossible task with an improbable outcome.

Achieving your ambitions boosts self-confidence and makes you happy

So, why bother? Because it doesn’t have to be like that! If you have waited for the right time to make your dreams happen, these are the steps you need to take to manifest your new reality. 

Get Specific

Having a vague idea of what you want to do is an excellent start, but you need to be much more specific. Nail down the specifics of your dream.

If you want to be a property mogul, for instance, you might want to start with the basics of buying your first home.

If you want to be famous, work out what you want to be famous for doing. Do you want to be a Hollywood star, an athlete, a musician or a theatre performer?

Having a specific idea of your intended destination will help you to take the first steps in getting there.

Visualise the Process

Visualisation is a hypercritical step in making your dreams into a reality, so believing in your dream and seeing the result is an excellent way to get yourself motivated and energised to see it through. But it’s crucial to include the process of achieving your dream in your visualisation practice.

That’s because it is the process that will make your dream happen — and the process usually involves a lot of hard work and commitment.

Indeed, leaving that part out of your visualisation makes it harder to see it through to the end.

Studies show that people who visualise the process, as well as the result, are much more likely to stick to their path than those who only visualise the outcome.

One Step at a Time

If your dream is enormous, the thought of achieving it can seem overwhelming. That’s why it’s critical to take the process one step at a time. That means setting yourself smaller, more manageable goals that help you work towards your bigger, overall ambition.

Each time you achieve one of your smaller goals, you move further towards your goal. It will also keep you motivated to work towards the result, as the little wins are great confidence boosters.

Isn’t it time you turned your dreams into reality?

Don’t Listen to Negativity

The beginning of your dreams can often feel like a lot of hard work without much reward, and there will be times when you feel like giving up. That perhaps your dreams aren’t meant to be. That people around you don’t believe in your goal. Don’t listen to these doubts!

There are plenty of people before you who achieved their dreams through hard work and persistence.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was too broke to afford photocopying fees when she was in the process of sending her manuscript off to publishers, so she got around the problem by manually typing up each copy on an old-fashioned typewriter.

Although she received dozens of rejections of her manuscript, she kept going until someone said yes.

Hollywood superstar Emily Blunt suffered from a stutter before working relentlessly to conquer it and achieve her dream of being an actress.

PSPC winner Ramón Colillas never gave up studying poker on the side while he worked as a personal trainer, a savvy move that led him to win a cool $5.1 million.

Start Now

Waiting around and twiddling your thumbs until you have the right amount of skill or the situation to pursue your dreams means you are less likely to achieve them. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, put the process into action now.

There will always be excuses and reasons to put off your plan. That’s how life works. Your goal is to find a way through those challenges and obstacles to give yourself the best shot at making your ambition into a reality.

The most important thing to remember is that there are millions of people who don’t take steps towards their dreams. Taking only one or two small steps towards fulfilling your ambition is a great achievement, so stay focused and work hard.

Achieving your goal of being a violin player or a circus performer could be right around the corner. And if it isn’t, then other doors will open in the process.


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