Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

People have different priorities when it comes to bathroom design. Some are after a sumptuous space which they can take to for some quality pampering time and relaxation. Others want to make their bathroom as functional as possible in a limited amount of space in order to maximise the room they have in the rest of their property.

Either way, what you are trying to achieve will be better if you follow the up-to-date design tips to get what you want.

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Alternatively, read on to discover some of the on-trend ideas you might choose to incorporate in your own bathroom design.

Ceiling Designs

Some bathrooms make nothing of their ceilings but it is an area that should not be undervalued.

A bright, strident colour rather than the traditional white makes a feature on its own. You could go for a false sky with clouds and an azure background, too.

Failing that, how about installing pinpoint LED fittings so you can gaze up at the stars?

Take the Bath Out

Baths take up lots of space. Sure, you can get a bit more out of the available space by opting for a P-shaped bath, but what about not having one at all?

Many bathrooms feel a good deal more spacious if you have an over-sized show tray rather than a bath.

Not only do you get step-free access, but the entire bathroom becomes less visually cluttered.

Use Diagonals

Not seen in interior design much since the 1980s, diagonals offer an on-trend look nowadays which is very appealing when used in bathrooms. Zigzags and chevrons look superb on a feature wall whether you use wallpaper or tiling.

In addition, you can use diagonals by setting your floor tiles out at an angle. Doing so looks chic and fools the eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is!

Natural Materials

There are plenty of natural materials that look good in a bathroom. Cotton and hemp are always great options for bath mats and so on, but have you considered the merits of something like bamboo?

Bamboo is used to make a superb alternative to hardwood flooring these days. It is warm underfoot, unlike ceramic tiling, and is moisture resistant making it ideal for natural looking bathrooms.

Focus On Glazing

Don’t ignore your windows and mirrors when redesigning a bathroom. Swirling designs in glazing often look great in bathroom glass rather than the cold, frosted look. You can replicate such glazing in your choice of shower door, as well, to coordinate the effect.

What tips do you have for improving the look of your bathroom?

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