A Guide to Preparing Your Home for a Surprise New Pet

Some people believe that a family is never complete until they take a pet into their loving homes. For mums who are preparing to surprise their kids with a family dog or an adorable kitten, there is a lot of work to be done first.

As with bringing home a new baby, there are outlets to cover up, instructions to give the older children, and routines to change around.

Thankfully, if you do an excellent job of preparing for your new pet ahead of time, the transition will be extra smooth for your family.

Next up, learn how to get your home and your heart ready to introduce a pet into your family’s lives forever.

Getting the logistics sorted

So, when a mum decides that now is the right time to bring a new furry addition into the fold, there are lots of things that have to be added to her agenda.

Will it be a male or a female, a cat or a dog, an adoption or hand-picked from a high pedigree litter of dogs with royal blood?

Some things will sort themselves out in time but experienced mums know best that preparation is absolutely key.

For households that already own an assortment of pets, adding a new one might not be met with much fanfare.

On the other hand, families who currently own no pets might find their worlds turned upside down at the announcement of a new addition. So, go over the logistics, figure out when to purchase pet insurance, and get your home ready for your new four-legged bundle of joy.

Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Family

If you have had a revelation and just know that your family would benefit from owning a new pet, you also need to consider what that pet is going to be.

Families with small children might be delighted to take on a large dog, who could snuggle up with the kids at night and keep them safe during the daytime.

That same large breed dog is also going to eat a lot of food, take up a lot of space, and could be difficult to cope with when you want to go on a nice family outing.

This part of the process may cause you to pause and rethink your plans quite a bit. Try picturing how the perfect pet would fit into your home as well as your lifestyle before you make your decision final.

Keeping a tight lid on your plans

With as much excitement as you will feel while working on your plan to bring home a new family pet, you are going to need to keep a pretty tight lid on things if you want it to be a surprise.

That means no telling your friends or your chatty aunts and uncles about your amazing plans.

Keep your cat insurance paperwork out of sight, don’t let your spouse see that new leash you purchased and are hiding under the bed, and prevent yourself from blurting everything out.

Checking the details before bringing a pet home

Before you can open your front door and let your new pet get used to its surroundings you have to go through the fine print to ensure that everything is okay.

You will need food and water dishes for your pet, and more than likely a pet bed as well.

There are collars and leashes, treats and toys, scratching posts and pet gymnasiums.

Another big thing is insurance for pets. This is basically just an insurance plan for pets that helps to offset the cost of medical bills, injuries, preventative care and the like. If you wish to find a comprehensive selection of cat and dog insurance plans, visit https://www.everypaw.com/. Everypaw offers you a range of cover types so you can choose the coverage that suits you and your pet.

Bringing your new pet home

The last and best part of the process is when you actually get to bring your pet home and introduce them to your family.

That first pet meeting will be heart-warming to everyone as a lasting bond is created.

Smaller children might clamour at the chance to stroke and cuddle with their new pets while older kids will likely want to name it right away.

You will get to stand back with pride as your work pays off. Most of all, you will be able to take credit for being the one to have such a swell idea.

As you prepare your home for a new pet, don’t forget about all of the other details. You will need to buy some supplies, make your home safe, and get a pet insurance policy.

Decide if you want to bring your pet home at the start of a weekend so your family can get acclimated or after school one day for an extra big surprise.

No matter what, your entire family will be thrilled.


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