Beautiful Flowers Delivered For Mother’s Day From FlowerBe

I love flowers, as readers of this blog will know and if your mum does too then I have discovered beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day from FlowerBe who offer online flower delivery throughout the UK.  Don’t forget – Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday 31 March.

FlowerBe offers the choice of a one-off bouquet or a monthly subscription box of specially curated seasonal flowers with the unique difference that the lucky recipient of the blooms gets to arrange them under the guidance of the FlowerBe team.  In fact, FlowerBe is a family affair, run by sister and brother Lisa and Sean!

If you know anyone who is interested in floristry and would like to learn, this is a great introduction.  Founder Lisa is at the forefront of creative floristry.

In the delivery box, you’ll find an instruction card which shows you how to assemble a display of flowers and foliage to rival anything you’d find in your local florist – and much better than the supermarket!

Everything was carefully wrapped in tissue and the plant stems protected in a special gel to ensure they are kept in good condition in transit.

You will need to take a little time to read through the instructions and get your creative juices flowing.  You’ll also need a pair of secateurs and the right size vase – although you can order a starter kit and vases on their website.

I was sent a selection of March flowers in the Colourful Place theme – seasonal stems designed to add a lovely pop of colour to any room.

The flowers came in a decent sized box via courier.  Inside there was a comprehensive selection of flowers and foliage, a mini magazine guide entitled “Stepping Into Spring” and an instruction card for assembling the flowers.

When you select your flowers you can choose between 4 different arrangements – Neutral Space, Colourful Place, Shared Space and Everyone’s Place.

It’s a clever idea as each of the 4 is designed to be displayed in different areas around the home.  For example, Shared Space is for hall table statements, whilst Everyone’s Place is for entrance and living areas.  It’s a great way of matching your floral display to the rooms in your home and you can even select the right height display for your room with blooms at either 60 cm or 90 cm high.

For March, the FlowerBe team has selected seasonal lemon-yellow and bright whites with touches of purple.

Some of the seasonal flowers will be found in all of the boxes except Neutral Space – for example Mimosa and Forsythia with Craspedia for a palette of pinks, lilac and lime.

Neutral Space is, as the name implies, neutral toned and includes Anemone, Trachelium and spikes of Lysmachia.

Another thing I particularly like with FlowerBe is that you are introduced to a variety of different flowers and you’ll find a picture guide to them in the accompanying mini magazine.  The pictorial guide also tells which of the arrangements that particular flower features in.

All of the boxes include pom-pom heads of Viburnum Roseum, spears of pale lilac Delphinium and papery white Ranunculus.

The mini magazine also includes a quick reference guide to arranging flowers and flower care tips.

Price wise, a one-off bouquet ranges from £40 – £100 depending on which of the four arrangements you choose.

Or you can opt for a fortnightly delivery or a monthly delivery ranging from £30 – £90 per delivery.

Specially for this Mother’s Day though you’ll find the option of a kids’ creative box so that your little ones can create their own display for mum.  There is also a special offer on bouquets, subscriptions and a 3-month bundle.

Existing members also qualify for a special discount.

If you opt for a subscription, you’ll be sent the Mother’s Day flower selection and thereafter your choice of Neutral Space or Colourful Place arrangements.

I really liked the concept of trying your hand at floristry.  I don’t think I’m a natural at it but I think I did the flowers justice.

As a gift option for a creative houseproud mum,  I think this one really hits the spot.

You can connect with FlowerBe on Instagram and Facebook at @flowerbepeople for more ideas and inspiration.

*I was gifted the March subscription box for the purposes of this review.


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