How Much Is A Stay At Home Mum Worth?

With Mother’s Day approaching (Sunday 31 March), it’s a great time of year to reflect on all the things our mums do for us and an opportunity to show our appreciation and say thanks. But have you ever asked yourself the question “how much is a stay at home mum worth?” Or, conversely, what would a stay at home dad be paid if he were an employee?

And let’s not forget the hours of unpaid childcare grandparents offer to support working parents or given by carers to look after the elderly, ill and infirm.

For us mums, Mother’s Day is often a special day of treats from our adored ones who value us endlessly following the constant picking up of socks, school runs, homework proofing and best friend fallouts that we embrace and support our children with.

The kids usually bring me my favourite breakfast of a mug of tea and a hot cross bun to my bed.  Sometimes I even get to eat the bun.

But have you ever stopped to think how many roles you assume on a daily basis?  And, if you gave up your job to be a stay at home mum like I did, what the job you are now doing would be worth in the marketplace?

It is often a bone of contention at home that, whilst I am holding the Hobbis fort, the husband is pursuing his career and travelling the world with his company.

Whilst I certainly don’t miss the grind of commuting, I fully admit I miss being able to leave the humdrum routine and responsibilities behind to travel to New York or Singapore.

The husband assures me he rarely has time for any sightseeing and generally goes from station or airport terminal straight to meetings and workshops.

Nevertheless, on my more grumpy days (any day with a y in it), I can’t help but wonder what being the Chief Operating Officer of Hobbis towers is actually worth, finance-wise.

There’s a calculator that’s been designed to give you a ‘parents salary’ of all of the duties that are taken on by parents around the world, should we be paid for our roles.

Funky Pigeon has looked into eight ‘jobs’ that are embraced when one enters the world of parenting; cooking, cleaning, taxi-ing, caring, nursing, organising, educating and mentoring.

With these eight roles taken on by a mother or father, the potential earnings a stay-at-home parent could make should they be paid for each has been explored.

The differences in regions across the UK are this:

If in London, a parent can earn a potential £263,587pa for undergoing the eight roles analysed, whereas, in Bristol, you’d only look to be earning £185,607pa.

In the city of Cardiff, a chef could be earning £44,749pa, though in Glasgow, you’d only look to be earning £22,310pa, so where might it be worth being the chef of the household for your family?

Nurses in Nottingham will earn an average of £50,828pa compared to the UK’s capital where the average salary of a nurse is £32,534 – a competitive price for grazed knees and Calpol administration!

A psychologist in London, however, has the potential to take home £61,312pa. Across the UK this dips; Leeds £30,709, Manchester £40,958, Liverpool £29,591, Edinburgh £33,640.

A cleaner’s salary is somewhat consistent across these top UK cities ranging from £13,385 in Glasgow to over £17,000 in other regions.

According to LinkedIn, 14,536 men have the Stay at Home Dad title, and surprisingly 5,062 fewer women are advertising themselves as Stay at Home Mums. 23,956 are listed as a Stay at Home Parent.

To find out how much you could be making as a parent in your town or region, see the Parents’ Salary calculator to find out how much you could bill:

Funky Pigeon Parent-Salary Calculator

According to the calculator, I’m worth £34,033 (a conservative estimate)!

I’m not sure the husband will be coughing up much extra, although I think I’m due several spa days and an enormous bunch of flowers.

I’m an absolute bargain!


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