How to Help Your Child Perform Well in their Tests

Exam season is a tough time for children, whether they’re going through their GCSEs or they’re still in primary school. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that parents can do to help their kids manage exam stress to ensure they perform well on the day of the test. I have teamed up with Banstead Prep, an independent school in Surrey, to offer parents some helpful advice on how they can help their children perform well in their exams.

If you’re helping your child with their exam revision, try to make it as enjoyable as possible for them, and let them know that they’ll be a reward at the end of it.

Get them some fun stationery for revision

Think about your child’s preferred learning style and factor that in when you’re working together, or if you’re supplying revision tools. For example, visual learners will like lots of coloured pens and highlighters, as well as books with plenty of pictures and diagrams.

Set aside time for practice papers

It’s worth encouraging your child to do some practice papers and time them so they can get used to the exam environment.

You can download past papers for example, for SATS from the Gov.UK website.  Past papers for the National Tests in Wales can be found here.

If they know what to expect, they’ll feel far more in control on the day and will be less likely to panic.

Talking to them about the exam procedure will also be beneficial. However, make sure you’re positive and optimistic when discussing the upcoming exams, so as not to put additional pressure on your child.

Keep them healthy

Make sure your child is getting plenty of rest during the exam period, and encourage them to eat healthily and exercise.

The stress of their exams might affect their immune system, so it’s important to do everything else possible to ensure they remain healthy.

What’s more, a well-rested child is more attentive, so their revision will likely be more successful.

You’ll find more useful ideas in my revision guide and some ideas for managing exam-related stress here.


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