The Best Maternity Clothes For A Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever. Your body is creating life, which is miraculous and amazing. However, you’re off-balance, tired, hungry, and moody. Toward the end, there’s just not a lot you can do to get comfortable, and you’re ready for it to be over.

Once you’ve bought ALL the pregnancy books, there is one thing you can do to lift your spirits a bit. Buy maternity clothes! No, you won’t wear them forever, but if you’re selective about what you buy, you could. Plus, if you purchase comfortable maternity clothes, this will go a long way to making you feel just a tad better.

Comfortable maternity clothes ideas


Maternity dresses are some of the most comfortable things you can buy. Forget pants with that secret belly that’s supposed to be comfortable. It’s itchy, it rides down, and it’s just plain annoying.

Maternity dresses are loose, allowing you to expand as your baby grows. If you choose maternity dresses that are ruched on the side and provide a little bit tighter fit, they give your belly extra support and may still fit after you have the baby!


Sweatpants are so versatile. If you buy the right kind, you can definitely still wear them comfortably after the baby comes. Find sweatpants in cute colours that have an elastic waist meant to ride below your belly. That way you won’t experience the itching that comes from high-waisted pants.

With the athleisure trend seeming like it’s here to stay, you can get away with rocking sweatpants, even out of the house. You’ll fit in with all of the other mums who wear their yoga pants to the store.

Nursing Bras

Believe me; you can start wearing nursing bras now. You’ll need them later anyway, but as your breasts grow more tender, you will find the softness and lack of underwire a huge blessing. Stock up on nursing bras and tops that you continue to wear and get good use out of.

There are a lot of other maternity clothes you may find comfortable, and if you stick to things you can still wear after the baby gets here, you’ll get plenty of use out of your maternity wardrobe.


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