4 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Small Space Cool Anytime

It’s no surprise that, when outside temperatures rise, the home interiors get hotter as well. Nobody wants to experience high temperatures in their own houses even if they are living in small spaces. High temperatures can really cause you some discomfort.

Below are a few tips that will enable you to beat the heat and keep your home cool despite the weather condition. You will soon find the temperatures in your house to impressive comfortable levels.

Keep the windows closed during the day

When you block outside heat and direct sunlight from coming inside, you will be able to control the hot outside temperatures at best. Although you may enjoy seeing the sunlight penetrate through the window, remember that this comes with increased heat as well. Henceforth, it is better to close the windows during the day. Alternatively, when the heat is at its highest during the day, you can consider draping lightweight comforters over the windows.

Open the Windows during the night

The outside temperatures will usually drop down far much better than the temperatures inside your house after the sun has set. This is now the perfect time to open your windows. In fact, remove any covers on the windows and open the windows to their best. If you like, you can open the door as well.

Avoid the use of hot appliances

As a matter of fact, most appliances give off some residual heat and this can increase the heat inside your small space. Furthermore, there other appliances that are merely designed to generate massive amounts of heat such as cloth dryers and the oven. In such cases, you should consider opting for substitutes. For instance, in the case of a dryer, you can use an indoor drying rack. If possible, you can skip cooking and instead explore the possibilities of no-cook dinners. This way, you will stay cool.

Remove hot air in the room

To cool down your house, you have to replace the hot air with cooler air. To do this, you can focus on creating a cross breeze. Therefore, make it possible for the air to move through your house from one side and out on the other side. Another way would be allowing any natural breeze from outside to flow inside and keep the door closed so as to allow a cross breeze to form in the house. Alternatively, If you live in a reliably dry climate, you can keep your small room cool with a Honeywell mn10cesww portable air conditioner so as to remove the excess heat in the room. This is actually the fastest way to add cold air to your small space.

The bottom line

Generally, too much heat and humidity are the main culprits of making your room to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there things you can do to change things and the above tips will help you keep your small space as cool as you would want it to be. More so, with these tips, you can be able to cool down any room fast and enjoy a more comfortable evening and even sleep cooler.




  1. Sandra Fortune
    30 July, 2019 / 11:39 am

    Thanks for the tips I have fans but they just circulate the warm air I never thought to get an air cooler. I really need one as I get too frazzled. The joy of being a red head doesn’t go down well with me in the Summer ?

    • linda
      28 August, 2019 / 4:42 pm

      I have the same problem!

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