5 Ways To Feel More Glamorous Today

I remember a time when I would always wear make-up when I left the house, and the idea of wearing anything on my feet other than a pair of high heels was a complete nightmare. Oh, how things have changed!

Now it’s all about getting the kids out of bed, dressed and fed and out of the house in time for school – makeup and hair ready or not. And as for footwear, you’ll usually find me in my Ugg-a-likes or flatties as I race out of the door for the school run.

Priorities change when you become a parent, and you find yourself yearning for a time when you were glamorous or just felt really confident, don’t you?

Well, don’t worry. Did you know that there are some super simple ways you can feel more glamorous without spending a small fortune?

Instant glamour is within your grasp with these simple ideas.

Head to the dentist

It’s true! So many of us avoid going to the dentist, but the truth is that when you have a bright, confident smile, you look instantly glamorous and your confidence takes a huge boost!

Readers of this blog will know I spend an inordinate amount of time at my dentist and wouldn’t miss my three monthly scale and polish for anything.  I really do believe that after a certain age you need your teeth to keep your facial structure.  There’s nothing worse than sunken cheeks and mouth due to missing teeth.  If you’re battling yellowing and worn teeth and are looking for a brighter, whiter smile, veneers cost less than you might think and are a great option for transforming your appearance without invasive cosmetic surgery.

If you’re not too keen on your smile, then speak to your dentist – click here to find out more about Weybridge Dental – about cleaning, and possible tooth whitening. A sparkling smile will make you look and feel glamorous both inside and out!

Introduce some heels into your wardrobe

Don’t worry; I’m not going to suggest wearing a pair of stilettos for the school run. But perhaps introduce a bit of height. A nice chunky heel on a pair of winter boots, or in the summertime, opt for a cute wedge or keep it simple with a kitten heel and jeans.

Heels lengthen our legs, and we tend to walk with more confidence with them on. Add heels to any outfit, and you get instant glamour!

Lady in red

I usually wear minimal makeup when I’m chasing after the kids or picking up/dropping off at school. But if you want a real pop of glamour, then introduce a gorgeous red lip. Red lips look beautiful with any outfit, and you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. Just make sure you get a shade of red that compliments your skin tone.

Bright eyes

Who said fake eyelashes are for reality stars or nights out? Speak to an eyelash technician and see what options they have available for a fuller, thicker set of eyelashes that will not only make your eyes pop but give you the WOW factor every day!

What’s underneath

We all have our favourite pair of trusty pants. And a bra that feels super comfy. But, if you want to feel more glamorous, then treat yourself to a new underwear set.

It doesn’t have to be racy and lacey! If you prefer something a little more subtle then treat yourself; a matching set of underwear that makes you feel good can do wonders for your confidence.

And while your partner might be a big fan of your new lingerie, remember to keep yourself in mind when you’re spoiling yourself and no one else.


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