How To Budget For Designer Childrenswear

Both my kids have had their own sense of style from a very early age, and if, like me, you face the challenge of buying them clothing they will wear without actually going bankrupt, you may be wondering how on earth some mums kit their kids out in the latest gear.

Wonder no more.  You’ll find quite a wide selection of designer childrenswear online at sites like Strawberry Children.  You may be surprised at how many designers offer ranges for juniors, toddlers and even babies with names such as Armani, Kenzo, Moschino and Ralph Lauren vying to dress your kids as stylishly as the Beckham brood.

But before you unleash the credit cards, make sure you get maximum value for money with these ideas.

Subscribe to their newsletter to get an introductory discount

Lots of online retailers will give you as much as 20% off an initial order if you subscribe to their newsletter.  It’s a great way of making sure you get advanced notice of sales, special promotions and online deals that may be reserved for existing customers.

Just be aware that the introductory discount may be time-limited, so the trick is only to sign up when you know you’re about to buy.

Leave items in your basket

In case you haven’t heard of this one, here’s how it works.  Put your chosen things in your basket but don’t check out.  Then close the site down and continue browsing elsewhere.

The retailer may email you to offer you an extra discount to encourage you to check out.  They will only be able to do this, though, if you have subscribed to their newsletter or created an online account.

Worth a try though!

Use voucher sites

I don’t need to remind you to check websites such as still, do I?  Create an account (the basic one is free), search for your chosen retailer and see if they are offering a discount.

If they are, then you click through to their site via Topcashback to allow your cashback to track.

After a few days or weeks, you’ll see the amount of your cashback credited to your Topcashback account.

While it won’t be enough to fly you to Rio, you’ll be amazed at how the savings will mount up over time and then you can choose where to spend your cashback from a selection of the UK’s biggest retailers.

Invest in a few key pieces

Rather than kit your kids out from head to toe in designer wear, a more practical approach is to pick a few key pieces – perhaps for a special occasion, a christening, wedding, a party – or an item which will give you a lot of mileage, such as a coat or jeans.

Or you could add a designer touch with accessories such as a cute hat, bag or even a romper suit for tots.

I always buy the next size up too so there’s plenty of growing room.  I’m not sure my two tweens will allow me to get away with that one for too much longer though!

Consider preloved

Don’t forget to check out sites like eBay where you may strike lucky by finding a bundle of designer childrenswear up for bidding.

I used to regularly buy bundles of both girls’ and boys’ clothing when Caitlin and Ieuan were much smaller.

When kids are growing fast, it is often a practical solution to keep them kitted out in your favourite brands.

And, once your kids have outgrown their designer items, if they are still in good condition, you could always sell your own things to make a little cash back for your next designer investment.

Improve your laundry skills

If you are going to invest in some beautiful, high-quality designer childrenswear, make sure you read all the care labels carefully.  I don’t know about you, but my heart always sinks when I see “handwash only” on the label, and there is no ‘dry clean’ symbol.  Do you know your laundry symbols?

If you are strapped for time and prefer to throw everything in the washing machine to let it do its thing, make sure your gorgeous kids’ clothes will withstand a basic wash.

And to be on the safe side, invest in some laundry bags which will give added protection to delicate items.

These days designer childrenswear is easy to find and available at a reasonable price point as long as you do your research.

If the quality is good, you may find those designer items last longer than budget kids clothing making them better value for money.


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