Flexible Jobs For Mums – How To Become A Voice Actor For Animation

From Mickey Mouse to Power Puff Girls, animation has a place in our hearts and makes up a good percentage of our entertainment consumption. All mums know how important cartoons are to help you keep your little ones engaged while you work at home.

Animations may look like they were made in a few hours because they are pretty much drawings, but there is a lot of work that goes into bringing those drawings to life.

A great deal of acting goes into animated films, voice actors being at the centre of it all. Many mums are interested in becoming voice actors for animation on a part-time or full-time basis.

This post has some of the information that you will need to become a successful voice actor for animation.

The chances are that you already do some voice acting, especially if you read to your child regularly. You may have found yourself getting into character while reading, switching from one pitch to another to entertain your toddler.

In some ways, you are already practising your voice acting skills. But to use this same skill to earn some money, there are some tips that you might need going forward.


If you are serious about becoming a voice actor for animation, you need to read up on the history of voice acting.  A great place to start is to read up about Mel Blanc, who was the first great voice actor. He was a voice actor for world-famous characters such as Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck to name a few.

Find Your Role Model

One of the keys to success in any field is to learn from those who have already made it. This can make the journey less of an uphill struggle. Search for great voice actors that have made a name for their craft in animation and listen to their work. The Simpsons Tress McNeille and Nancy Cartwright are two great voice actors that you can study.

Get Into Character

Remember how you get into character when reading to your little one? That’s precisely how this works; the only difference is that you need to be more professional about it. It is easier if you have a creative mind that can create a voice that is perfect for the character in the script. Try to do most of the work in your mind, scan through several voices that feel appropriate, and try them out. You are bound to find the right one.

Get Professional Training

There is no doubt that professional training in the field of voice acting for animation will help. There dozens of online platforms that offer this service for free or at a cost. YouTube is another great resource where you can find seasoned voice actors for animation doing their thing and giving tips on how to be successful at it.

If you are ready to embark on this journey as a voice actor for animation, voquent.com is an excellent place to start. They have everything that you need to get started and land your first gig voice acting from your couch.

Who knows, the next time you take your little ones to a movie, yours might be one of the voices they hear from the big screen!


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