Great Family Friendly Vehicles On A Tight Budget

Finding a vehicle that has everything your family needs at an affordable price can seem impossible at times. But as a gap in the market has emerged for such a car, the manufacturers have worked to make vehicles that provide just that.

Here, are some of the family-friendly vehicles that work for even the strictest of budgets.

Alpha Romeo Giulietta

One of the best cars for a family-friendly atmosphere without compromising on the speed or overall driveability is the Alpha Romeo Giulietta.

Not only does it have five seats for all the family and a spacious boot for all your luggage, but it also comes in a range of engine sizes in both petrol and diesel.

The Giulietta is ideal for the family as it is economical to run daily, as well as comfortable for a long hall trip. It is available brand new from Glyn Hopkin’s Alpha Romeo Range and is ideal for a family of any size.

Ford Focus

Another favourite for families of all sizes is the humble Ford Focus. This brand of motoring has been around for several years, with four generations of the model – dating back as far as 1998 to present, this pinnacle of Ford engineering has been the perfect family car years.

With several options on the fourth generation of the model, you can have your family car slightly sporty or with optimum comfort that works for your family. Much like the Alpha Romeo, this car is also equipped with plenty of space and five seats to give plenty of room for all the family without compromising on comfort and speed.

Volvo XC40

If you are a family living in a big city, then you can do no better than this compact SUV. With smart storage solutions and apply carplay built in as standard, as well as Volvo on call, you can use the multitool to stay connected to your car 24/7 without being close to it.

You can also control the cabin temperature remotely as well as locate where it is parked and unlock it all from the app. There are also a number of safety features that are in place with this car, with Volvo on call directly, contacting you should you end up in an accident, will be easy. This is ideal for families as the car can be set and monitored throughout the day.

Volkswagen Golf

Another family car that is highly affordable and perfect for the family is the Volkswagen Golf. Starting at just £20,000, this car has an ample boot space and standard five seats to cater for even the largest of families.

There is also CarPlay built in, allowing you and the family to have music even on the longest of drives.

With affordable finance plans as well as a number of models to suit almost any budget, this is the definition of the perfect family car.

Regardless of whether you are looking at what the market has to offer for a brand-new family car, or are looking to invest in a new car in the future, there are many cars both new and old available for you.

Which one will you choose for your family? CarExpert can give you options to make it easier for you in choosing the best car for your family.


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