1 April, 2019

Win A Year’s Worth Of Oilesen Vitamin D3 For the Family

Even though the sun is threatening to make a reappearance, it is still important for us to keep our levels of Vitamin D topped up.  Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin but, spending time outdoors is clearly not enough as it is estimated that 1 billion people worldwide, across all ethnicities and age groups, have a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D plays many roles in the body, one of the most important being to enable the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, both of which are involved in a number of essential processes that occur inside our cells.

Vitamin D also promotes the laying down of minerals in bone (bone mineralisation) and supports the function of nerves and muscles.

It is particularly important for infants and young children because it is needed for the development of strong and healthy bones and teeth and it is also important for the functioning of the immune system.

You may have an extra risk of a Vitamin D deficiency if you are in one of these groups:

– individuals with darker skins who cannot synthesise vitamin D efficiently from the UK’s
relatively weak northern sunlight;
– individuals who cover their skin whilst outdoors;
– Individuals with minimal exposure to sunlight.

That certainly describes me – and, I suspect, most of us whose employment keeps them indoors for the majority of the day.

Whilst Caitlin and Ieuan do play outdoors during school playtimes, at home like many other children they spend a large amount of time indoors in front of screens.  Yes, we do our best to drag them out whenever we can but, like many parents, it is often a herculean struggle!

Did you know that, according to national surveys, one in five people have low vitamin D levels which are associated with a higher risk of poor musculoskeletal health such as rickets, osteomalacia, falls and poor muscle strength?

Even more concerning, a report published in December 2018 by the University of Queensland, reported that new-borns with vitamin D deficiency had a 44 per cent increased risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia later in life compared to those with normal vitamin D levels.

In fact, Public Health England currently advises that in the UK all children under five take a daily vitamin D supplement year round and all adults throughout the autumn and winter months.

Sobering stuff!

We’ve been trying the Oilesen Vitamin D3 range from Swiss pharmaceutical company Valentis, containing high-grade natural ingredients including Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The products are vegetarian, family friendly and competitively priced.

The products are intended to provide supplementary vitamin D3 and there’s a format to suit each member of the family: pregnant women, babies from birth through to older children, adolescents and adults, as well as individuals who may be housebound or who avoid sun exposure.

The product range includes Oilesen Vitamin D3 500 Spray; Oilesen Vitamin D3 400 Drops; and Oilesen Vitamin D3 1000 Soft Gel Capsules.

OILESEN™ Vitamin D3 500 Spray – RRP £7.00 for 30 ml (320 doses)

Really easy to use, you simply spray directly under the tongue or on the inside of the cheek for fast absorption.  It has a pleasant orange flavour too. Children aged 4 to 10 years should be given 2 doses per day whilst children over 10 years and adults need 2 to 4 doses per day. Each dose contains 12.5 ug of vitamin D3.  This was Caitlin’s preferred way to take it as she could do it herself and feel very grown up (under supervision, obviously!).

OILESEN™ Vitamin D3 1000, soft capsules made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – £8 for a box of 80 capsules.

Children over 5 years and adults simply take 1 capsule per day during a meal. If there are issues with swallowing, the capsule can be chewed or the contents squeezed into a meal, a drink or directly into the mouth. 1 capsule contains 25 μg of vitamin D3.  Luckily Ieuan has never had a problem swallowing tablets and has lots of practice with his travel sickness pills.

The range also includes Oilesen™ Vitamin D3 400 Drops – RRP £6.00 for 10 ml. With a base of extra virgin olive oil which aids absorption, this product is intended to provide supplementary vitamin D3 for babies.

The dropper enables Mums and Dads to easily add a daily dose directly into the baby’s mouth or mix into food or drink.  Babies can be given 1 drop per day to be taken with a meal from birth. 1 drop contains 10 μg of vitamin D3.

The Oilesen Vitamin D3 range is available from local pharmacies nationwide and online

The giveaway

I have a year’s supply of Oilesen Vitamin D3 products worth £87 to give away, comprising 2 x drops, 5 x sprays and 5 packs of capsules.

Entry is via the GLEAM widget below and the usual terms and conditions apply which can be found on my giveaways page.  The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 26 April and is open to UK entrants only.

Please note any emails submitted will be used solely for the purpose of contacting the winner and will not be retained.

Year’s Supply Of Oilesen Vitamin D3 Products

Good luck


87 responses to “Win A Year’s Worth Of Oilesen Vitamin D3 For the Family”


    as a family, we spend about 4 hours a day outside.. more so at the weekends and in the summer on our bikes. Even during winter, we walk everywhere on a daily basis.

  2. Janet Johnston says:

    I love sunny days

  3. Danielle Cresswell says:

    I’m currently a SAHM but frequently go for walks around the village and countryside with my pre schooler xx

  4. Adrian Bold says:

    I spend about an hour each day minimum walking the dog. Thanks for the comeptition.

  5. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Not many if I’m out about 2 hours sometimes it’s about 5

  6. Troy Easton says:

    About one hour if lucky.

  7. Maria hackett says:

    We walk to school that is just over a mile away and when they don’t go to school We go for 20 minutes walk,

  8. Jessica Barber says:

    Only about 30 minutes when I get out for a walk on my lunch break! I also walk the dogs before and after work so that adds a bit of outdoor time!

  9. Julie Edwards says:

    I am lucky as I work from home so I can pop outside for my sunshine or even work outside! Its blissful

  10. paula cheadle says:

    being disabled I don’t get out much, has I need someone to be with me whenever I go out because I can’t lift my scooter in and out of the car

  11. LORNA WILSON says:

    I love my garden and try and tryand grow myown vegetable sin the summer!!

  12. jo liddement says:

    I have a large garden with a vegetable patch and i get out to tend it every day.

  13. Jayne K says:

    I’m not able to work and spend most of the day indoors

  14. Sharon Catterall says:

    i take care of 5 disabled people who spend a lot of time outdoors at various activities,i also walk my dog everyday

  15. Amy Robinson says:

    Only for about an hour a day when I walk the dog! What a fab giveaway, thank you for the opportunity xx

  16. Fiona Johnstone says:

    I take my dogs a walk for an hour before work in the morning, a wee 10 minute one at lunchtime and another hour or more when I come home. That’s in winter. Summer time I’ll be out for for much longer. I love being outdoors whether it’s raining or not.

  17. Pauline Wilson says:

    Not a lot at work but I finish early so do spend quite a lot of time outdoors in the better weather, not so much in the colder months

  18. astrid c says:

    i like to get out most days and i do a heck of a lot of walking x

  19. Laura Turner says:

    I’m a full time carer for my mum who has advanced Alzheimer’s I’m pretty house bound with my duties, but in the summer when the weather is nice I can get her out i the wheelchair most days. Winter is harder, but I do have a light box which has been utterly brilliant for my SAD. They really do work!

  20. Geoff Hibbert says:

    I spend at least six hours a day outdoors, depending on the weather of course!

  21. Elizabeth Smith says:

    2 hours a day, and I’m still vitamin D deficient

  22. emma howard says:

    During a working day, virtually none as I work 12 hour shifts so it’s often dark when I start work and dark when I finish!

  23. Rebecca roberts says:

    About a hour threw the week on a weekend we literally live outside my daughter is not happy unless she’s out side

  24. Jan says:

    I usually spend about one hour a day outside.

  25. lynsey poole says:

    We spend a lot of time outdoors in the warmer weather, not so much in the winter months. Although I was an archaeologist for years so worked outside in all weathers most days.

  26. I work indoors so the only time I spend outdoors is to and from the car and sometimes from one building to the next. It probably adds up to 10 minutes a day!

  27. Jodie W says:

    on the days I work i spend only about 10 minutes walking to and from the car, otherwise im in the office. However im part time and on the days I dont work if it is not raining I am in the garden the whole day

  28. Jemma Dwyer says:

    not as much as I should actually

  29. Margaret Wacey says:

    I work in an office so spend most of my day indoors, sitting down staring at a screen – not healthy I know!

  30. Carole Nott says:

    I try to get out as much as possible – the warm weather definitely helps!

  31. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev) says:

    During my working day about 10 minutes! Always try and get outside after work in the summer, but more difficult to find daylight in the winter

  32. natalie s says:

    I try and spend an hour or so outside but I’d like to spend more each day!

  33. Rebecca Townsend says:

    I sometimes have to do lunchtime playground duty, so I get to be outside for the hour, otherwise I barely see the outside during work.

  34. Peter Watson says:

    I have tried this and it has a nice taste.

  35. judy Kennedy says:

    Having sunbathed to the point of using olive oil. I realise how bad the sun can be for the skin yet essential for health and to ward of allergies. Tend to use a supplement in winter and then try and sit out as much as possible with a sun block though

  36. Nadia Josephine says:

    I honestly spend very little time outside during the working day because of the nature of my job! I know I should make more effort to get outside

  37. Rachel Butterworth says:

    About four hours ouside, including walking the dog.

  38. Claire woods says:

    I only get out at lunchtime for about 30 minutes.

  39. Nadine Holland says:

    I spend lots of time outdoors, walking to and from school and walking or running with the dog in the forest or the park. a good 1-2 hours a day.

  40. LOUISE craney says:


  41. Anthony G. says:

    I’m sad to say that I spend very, very little time outdoors 🙁

  42. Lynn Neal says:

    Less than an hour in Winter because it is dark by the time I finish!

  43. Theresa Wakeley says:

    Spend a lot of time working but enjoy my sunshine holidays and whenever the weather is nice, always spend time outdoors with my stepson and Pug Reddington

  44. I spend very little time outdoors. Some days I don’t go outside at all. Eek!

  45. Kim M says:

    I don’t work – I have Fibromyalgia and try and get outside but sure I don’t get enough sunlight x

  46. Jade Hewlett says:

    Whilst I’m at work about half an hour walking to and from school, it’s nice to get out for a bit but not something I appreciate when it’s raining!

  47. Lesley Bradley says:

    I work from home and break up the day with a two hour ramble around the fields with our four dogs

  48. Ruth Harwood says:

    I walk to work and back, which is about half an hour in total, and take a lunchrtime walk for 20 mins, plus an evening walk in summer along the canal, so probably two hours in summer and about an hour in winter!

  49. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I work inside but I do walk to work so get some time outside then.

  50. Sj straw says:

    I try to go out for a walk at lunch for up yo 30mins but apart from that I’m not outdoors at all during the working day.

  51. Jo m welsh says:

    We have a dog which helps get me out of the house more than I would so a round 2-3 hours .

  52. Nikki Hayes says:

    I don’t actually work per se – I’m my husband’s carer. We do try to get out as often as possible but he has COPD so this cold damp weather makes it difficult :o(

  53. Rebecca Beesley says:

    when i’m doing a long day at work (8-6) I don’t really get any time outdoors so supplementing Vit D is crucial. On a 10.30am to 6pm day I try to get outdoors first thing. And when I’m just on afternoon shift, that gives me my whole morning to go outside.

  54. janine atkin says:

    i work in an office so very rarely go outside

  55. Geri Gregg says:

    During my working day, minus travelling to and from work I don’t really go outside! I work in a coffee shop so unless I’m bringing a drink to someone outside I’m indoors

  56. Susie Wilkinson says:

    I am indoors all of the time at work, but I do get to walk the dog before I go

  57. Hayley F says:

    Um not that much. Due to chronic illness I spend a lot of time indoors. I’m trying to make the effort to get out and about in my village more though x

  58. Iona Cornish says:

    I try to go for a walk on my break, but normally only manage 20 minutes or so. I go after work for half an hour or so. I’m outside more in the Summer

  59. Helen Thurston says:

    Not enough in the Winter – once the weather brightens up though about an hour a day minimum (not counting any gardening, hanging washing out, etc ).

  60. Julia says:

    Like the sound of the spray quick & easy to use.

  61. melanie stirling says:

    I hardly ever go outside and I am always Vitamin D defficient.

  62. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I have a half hour break for my lunch when I am usually outside and 3 or 4 vape breaks during the day.

  63. Kelly Knowles says:

    I spend average 4 hours outside at the weekend, sometimes more, in the week just a hour or so

  64. Steven Knight says:

    I am disabled and rarely go outside at all.

  65. Heather Haigh says:

    Probably about half an hour a day

  66. Sandra Fortune says:

    During the winter not much and due to an anxiety disorder I don’t get out as much as I’d like to. I do have a vitamin d deficiency. Unfortunately can’t stand the hot sun as I have red hair and I think it doesn’t always do for red haired people. If it stayed around 20 degrees I would manage lol

  67. Angela treadway says:

    i dont spend hardly any time outdoors! x

  68. Joyce W says:

    Very little time in the Winter – I hate rain – but if the sun is shining as much time as possible

  69. Annabel Greaves says:

    I spend some time outdoors as I like to go for walks but probably less than I should when the weather is poor

  70. clair downham says:

    not a lot at all either doing the rubbish or popping to the shopor putting the washing out

  71. Jay says:

    Afraid I don’t get to spend much time outdoors during the week as work in an office and it’s early evening by the time I get home so usually stuff to do about the house, try to make up for it at the weekend by spending as much time as possible outdoors.

  72. Jay says:

    Afraid I don’t get to spend much time outdoors during the week as work in an office and it’s early evening by the time I get home so usually stuff to do about the house, try to make up for it at the weekend.

  73. Jo F says:

    I definitely don’t spend enough time outdoors during the week as my job is all inside. Try to get out for a couple of hours each day at the weekend though

  74. Laura Jeffs says:

    Must admit I don’t spend a much time, if any, outdoors

  75. Natalie Burgess says:

    Normally about an hour a day only as work is based inside

  76. lucinda duxbury says:

    i dont spend long outside while working as i work on a moving train so mostly inside and very warm!

  77. Caron Twyman says:

    Not long, really. We walk to school, which probably takes 25 minutes in total. Then I let the dogs into the garden a few times and feed the rabbit. If it’s sunny/warm, I’ll stay out longer. Thanks.

  78. Solange says:

    I spend about two hours outdoors during my working day.

  79. Sophie Roberts says:

    When I’m working I barely spend any time outdoors, but I try my best to do outdoor activities depending on the weather on my days off

  80. John Prendergast says:

    I have a heart condition so i’m not able to walk much but i do like sitting in the garden on a sunny day

  81. TRACY JAMES says:

    i dont spend alot of time outside. i go to the supermarket twice a week. its a pleasent coastal walk.

  82. christine goody says:

    Hi, I do not work. I don’t spend a lot of time outside in the winter. I play golf once a week. In the summer I play 3 times a week. a round of golf takes at least Four hours.

  83. Fiona jk42 says:

    I probably get about 30 minutes of daylight each day when I walk round the park.

  84. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Walking to the sandwich shop !

  85. Kim Neville says:

    I always go out for a walk at lunch times and when I can fit it in as I also walk for my Fitbit challenges to keep me fit

  86. maria ROGERS says:

    I do not spend much time outdoors as I am disabled and stuck at home, but when the weather is nice I try and sit outside and read a book

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